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8 little things to make your blog post better

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8 little things to make your blog post better

  1. 8 Little things To make your blog post better
  2. You’ve written your blog post
  3. You’re ready to publish
  4. Hang on
  5. You can still do a few little things
  6. Little things can make your readers love you
  7. Little things can make your readers share you
  8. Little things can make your readers come back
  9. These things take a few minutes
  10. Here goes:
  11. 1. Simplify your language
  12. I love Hemingway Editor
  14. If you can, have a person read your post, too
  15. 2. Proofread
  16. Pretty please. With sugar on top.
  17. Grammarly works well
  19. Get a human being to read it, too
  20. 3. Get smart (quotes)
  21. Smart quotes are those curly cue things like “”
  22. Straight quotes are those sad little marks like ""
  23. Don’t paste curly quotes!!!
  24. They get all screwy. That’s a technical term.
  25. Learn to create smart quotes in HTML
  26. To get this smart quote Type single right quote ’ single left quote ‘ double right quote ” double left quote “
  27. (Wordpress Visual mode will do this for you)
  28. A few other symbols
  29. ellipsis … & (ampersand) & em dash — en dash –
  30. 4. Use lists
  31. This text
  32. Looks like this on a web page
  33. On the other hand, this text
  34. Looks like this on a web page
  35. That’s much easier to read
  36. If you don’t know HTML, don’t panic
  37. Your tools probably do this for you
  38. Want bullets instead? Use “<ul>” instead of “<ol>”
  39. 5. Resize images
  40. Make all of your images the same width
  41. Make sure image width = column width
  42. That’s my personal taste. Yours may vary.
  43. On the Mac, just use Preview Handsome devil, isn’t he?
  44. On the PC, try Paint
  45. 6. Compress images
  46. Smaller file sizes load faster
  47. Faster pages get more readers and shares
  48. On the Mac, try imageoptim
  50. On the PC, try Caesium
  52. 7. Control your text
  53. Max 5 lines/paragraph (I prefer shorter)
  54. This is terrifying
  55. This is not
  56. 8. Use headings
  57. First, use real headings
  58. This is bad
  59. This is good
  60. Using <h1></h1>, <h2></h2> means cleaner layout…
  61. …and may be better for SEO
  62. Second, use headings to organize your prose
  63. Scary
  64. Friendly
  65. It doesn’t take much
  66. A few little errors can erode your audience’s trust
  67. A few little improvements can build it
  68. Do these 8 little things, and see what happens
  69. By Ian Lurie @portentint CEO: Portent
  70. Learn more cool stuff at