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Cmb analytics review session 3 scorpion software (1)


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Cmb analytics review session 3 scorpion software (1)

  1. 1. CMB Analytics Review Session 3/19/2014 Scorpion Software
  2. 2. Company Profile • Scorpion Software produces “user authentication” software that provides numerous for determining that a user is who they say they are. • Can sell globally. • Their software helps with a ton of industry compliance laws such as CJIS, HIPAA, and PCI DSS • The only sell through their channel partners.
  3. 3. Engine Snapshot (Blueprint) • Buyer Persona – IT service provider or managed service provider • Info Categories – password security, multi factor authentication, compliance • TOFU offers – approximately 15 • MOFU offers – 10+ • Sales offer – Product demo, assessment, and pricing
  4. 4. Historical Results • Successes – Phenomenal YOY growth in lead volume. – Over 50% growth in leads generated per month. – Many of our leads are sales qualified (request pricing) – Organic is our primary driver of SQLs and sales – Rounds of A/B testing have proven successful – LinkedIn advertising campaigns convert at very high rates (some above 20-40%) which means a low CPL
  5. 5. Historical Results • Successes – Overall keyword performance has been strong since we started blogging in July. – Our section of the blog “Insights in IT Security” has had long-term sustained growth • It only grows “organically”. We pull in traffic from highly targeted keywords. • Traffic to Insights converts at higher rates than the same sources to the main site. – We’ve been able to push from 1.1% (prior to working with us) to 1.5%+
  6. 6. Historical Results • Problem Areas – A few months ago, a new client contact took over. He was the VP of Sales and is now the VP of Sales and Marketing. – Our blog is “hidden” from view. You can’t find it from the main site. The only way to find it is through organic sources of traffic. – The site is built on wordpress, of which we don’t have access. There’s little we can do to adjust individual pages. They have yet to find an internal web dev after losing theirs in January.
  7. 7. Historical Results • Problem Areas – Content demands are heavy. They require two whitepapers per month, and 12 blogs. – We’re working towards a 2% sitewide conversion rate, but 50% of their traffic goes to pages not meant for marketing. • Software tutorials • File downloads • Help documents – Despite strong long-term growth, client will get concerned about monthly, and even weekly, fluctuations. – Our social media partner is not hitting their KPIs
  8. 8. Lead Quality Report • All time
  9. 9. Lead Quality Report • Feb
  10. 10. Q1 Insights • We’re up 6.5% in traffic and 4.16% in leads over last quarter. – Paid search and AB testing has paid off. However, conversion is down 0.03%. Content production has increased this quarter (10-12 per month) vs. much of last quarter (8 per month). • In the short-term, moving towards our goal of 2% conversion is heavily dependent on paid search due to it’s high conversion rate
  11. 11. Q1 Insights • We’re not receiving the volume we need from paid search. If we can increase linkedin ad traffic, while maintaining a 10%+ conversion rate, that will really help in driving up our site- wide conversion rate. • How can we increase social media results along the following KPIs: – Fan/follower counts – Leads – Customers
  12. 12. Q1 Insights • Our hands are partially tied in regards to conversion rate. We have plenty of offers, we do A/B testing, but we’re subject to the following limitations: – Can’t adjust internal site pages for conversion due to lack of access – Half of our traffic is not meant to convert (i.e. downloading essential software files or accessing help documents • Despite these conditions, are there other things we could be doing to push conversion rates up?
  13. 13. HubSpot Deeper Dive • Traffic, landing pages, CTAs, leads
  14. 14. Final Recommendations for April