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  1. 1. Many have asked; which is better, texting for real estate agents or using a QR code. Bothoffer distinct advantages and it really depends on what your desired, end result is. Fact is,they are similar but remarkably different in theway they work. We will discuss the benefits of text marketing and how you can implement texting in to your real estate stuff
  2. 2. How a real estate agent/broker can use text marketing Within the dashboardof a text marketing account you configure your text auto-response to send outa text immediately upon someone texting in the keyword you choose In thattext you embed the link to that property What I did was I created a YouTubechannel then created a slide show of the property, uploaded to YouTube thencopied the URL in to the auto-responder text That way when someone textd"Len1 to 41242 it automatically sent to them the link to view the propertyPretty handy hey? With QR codes you cant do that If a person scans the QRcode then they are redirected to the QR code providers site where theprofile/information on your property resides Also, with QR codes you cantcapture the inquirers cell phone info
  3. 3. What service to choose? There are a lot of text messaging services out thereMost are fairly competitive and basically do the same thing as the othersThere really is no great difference The texting service I have used is calledYep Text Pricing: Depending on how many texts you want to send eachmonth determines the plan you want to choose Prices range from $9 a monthto $149 a month and there are additional, higher volume packages as wellThe $9 a month package allows you 150 texts per month + one yep word and$149 package allows 4000 messages a month + 3 yep words Additional Yepwords can be purchased and added to any package for $8
  4. 4. Billing: You are only billed for outgoing texts and that rate is about 5 3 centsper text What is a keyword for texting? Texting services have a dedicated 5digit number associated with their service For example, Yep Texts designatednumber is 41242 You dont own the number, they do What you would own iswhat they call the "keyword" or "Yep Word" Essentially, your Yep word is yourkeyword So, lets say you have a listing on East Broadway
  5. 5. Then you would enter that "yep word" in to the dashboard and see if thatkeyword is available If so, then you now own "East Broadway" for the 41242number What keyword do you choose? Weve all seen something like thisbefore: "text the word Subway to 41242 to receive our weekly specials" Youcreate your key word and add the word to your website, business cards and,what I did was that I even created a sticker to attach to my signs I wouldntrecommend using a specific name or number associated with each property Iwould use something like "YourName1, "YourName2, etc , for each of yourproperties and here is why Once that property sells you want to reassign thatYep word to your next property
  6. 6. And, if your keyword is something like "East Broadway1" and your property ison East Broadway then once you sell that property and reassign the keywordto a property say, on 7th Street, then youll be stuck with the sticker on yoursign saying "Test East Broadway1" to 41242 That may become confusing toyour potential buyers Benefits: Text marketing allows you to capture theinquirers cell phone number so that you can re-solicit to them a property thatmeets their criteria at a later date Much like an email data base, you arecreating a "text data base" which is the most important thing in real estate; alist QR codes, at this point, do not allow you to capture information So, thejury is out on this one Really depends if you best stuff want to create a list andre-solicit later or if you want to just offer QR codes so that the customer cangain access to the relevant information for the property
  7. 7. best stuff