The Job Attitudes That will Get You More Interviews at the Places You Want to Work


Published on Things have changed in the job market, and this is actually good. Why? Check out the job search attitudes that will make the difference in your job search.

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The Job Attitudes That will Get You More Interviews at the Places You Want to Work

  1. 1. The Job search attitudes that will get you more interviews at the places you want to work Brian Massey, Author The Market for Me Surviving Job Loss and Building Your Lifetime Career Network
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  6. 6. Job Seekers… Skills Holders… Need a job. Have valuable skills. Exchange time for money. Exchange value for money. Expect security from their Expect security from their skills and employers. experience. Are expected to take a fair salary. Negotiate the best price and other terms for their skills. Are expected to be grateful for Are always in the market, searching their jobs and loyal to their for new opportunities, yet are employers. dedicated to their current employers. Do not anticipate an end to their Fully expect to complete a number of current employment, and are often transactions during the course of unprepared when their services are their lives as the value of their skills no longer needed. improves.
  7. 7. Recruiting is a central part of a corporation’s life.
  8. 8. “I’ll never stop looking for my next job again.”
  9. 9. Joshua Persky
  10. 10. “I will be more successful if more people know about my search.”
  11. 11. Simplify. Unimployment Insurance. Provisional Work. Freelance.
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