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Walt Disney's Magical Approach to Big Data


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International Keynote Speaker Mark van Rijmenam gave the opening Keynote during Big Data World Insights 2015 in Medellin, Colombia. He shared the story how Walt Disney has a magical approach to Big Data, combining analytics, Big Data and the Internet of Things in a fantastic concept.

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Walt Disney's Magical Approach to Big Data

  1. 1. Big Data Meets Walt Disney's Magical Approach
  2. 2. Mark van Rijmenam Founder Datafloq Twitter: @vanrijmenam Big Data Strategist International Keynote Speaker Author Think Bigger
  3. 3. Agenda   Accelerated Change   Walt Disney   The MyMagic+ initiative
  4. 4. There was 5 Exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every 2 days and the Pace is Increasing
  5. 5. Accelerated change is the only constant
  6. 6. Well, Walt Disney took the right approach…
  7. 7. A Supreme Magical Entertainment Experience
  8. 8. Walt Elias Disney: First cartoon in 1923
  9. 9. Steamboat Willie: first appearance of Mickey Mouse - 1928
  10. 10. 1940: Release of the movie Fantasia
  11. 11. 1955: opening of 1st Disneyland in California
  12. 12. 1971: opening Walt Disney World Florida – the world’s most visited vacation resort: 52 million visitors annually
  13. 13. 2006: Walt Disney buys Pixar for $ 7,4 billion
  14. 14. 27 themed resorts 9 non-Disney hotels 4 theme parks 2 water parks 4 golf courses 2 miniature golf courses 1 camping resort 1 shopping mall 1 ESPN Sports complex
  15. 15. Walt Disney World Resort is BIG – 111 km2
  16. 16. 2013: Introduction of the MyMagic+ system: a $ 1 billion Big Data system
  17. 17. MyMagic+ - A Multi-Channel, Multi-Platform Digital Experience Initiative
  18. 18. A Revolu)onary Device that enables customers to:   Enter the park   Unlock hotel room doors   Pay at shops and restaurants   Be recognized by Disney Characters   Priority access to experiences
  19. 19. Fully customizable and personal
  20. 20. The Wrist band: Waterproof RFID chip 2.4GHz transmitter $ 12.95
  21. 21. Walt Disney collects a lot of data As much data as Scrooge McDuck has money
  22. 22. A Data Management Platform based on Hadoop, Cassandra and MongoDB to process, analyze and visualize all data Source: Cloudera presenta1on
  23. 23. Making Magic with Digital Technologies Key Digital Levers Deployed by Disney Source: Capgemini Consul1ng
  24. 24. Data mining enables Disney to understand past behavior and make personalized offers using predictive analytics Source: Capgemini Consul1ng
  25. 25. 80.000 cast members have 240.000 shifts and they need to be at the right place and time serving the right customer Source: Capgemini Consul1ng
  26. 26. 70.000 employees trained 28.000 hotel rooms with RFID and scanners installed across the parks Source: Capgemini Consul1ng
  27. 27. Disney strives to find new ways for its customers to digitally interact: High-tech kiosks Source: Capgemini Consul1ng
  28. 28. 4 key Ingredients How Disney Delivers a Magical Big Data Experience Source: Capgemini Consul1ng
  29. 29. Jack Dorsey Executive Chairman Founder of Twitter Sheryl Sandberg Member of the Board COO Facebook John Chen Member of the Board CEO Blackbery Walt Disney has very digital-savvy leadership
  30. 30. “I really believe the company should look at technology as a friend” Bob Iger - CEO
  31. 31. The Disney Analytics & Optimization Summit: Sharing and exchanging insights & ideas
  32. 32. Disney Research: collaboration with academic labs Disney Accelerator: supporting startups 15 weeks
  33. 33. Disney’s MyMagic+ initiative is a $ 1 billion investment in the future Source: Capgemini Consul1ng
  34. 34. “Analytics helped improve Disney’s accuracy in managing labour resources at its parks by 20%” Bob Iger - CEO
  35. 35. “Disney’s call centre analytics project paid for itself ‘10 times over’ in the first year of operation” Bob Iger - CEO
  36. 36. “The MyMagic+ initiative helped Disney accommodate 3000 additional daily visitors” Bob Iger - CEO
  37. 37. “Disney’s store designs, including usage of digital kiosks, helped it boost sales and profit margins by 20%” Bob Iger - CEO
  38. 38. Collecting different data sources, from social media data to structured GPS data
  39. 39. Data is received and analyzed in real-time and enables personalized offers to the customer
  40. 40. With 100 million annual potential users, Walt Disney creates massive amounts of data
  41. 41. A Data Management Platform using Hadoop, Cassandra & MongoDB ensures data governance
  42. 42. Thanks to data from a wide variety of sources, they understand the context and can act upon
  43. 43. BI helps Disney to improve their parks, services and products to offer the best experience
  44. 44. A $ investment, but with a BIG Return on Investment
  45. 45. The possibilities of Big Data are endless
  46. 46. Thank you! @vanRijmenam Available on Amazon