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Ten Job Search Attitudes that will Get You More Interviews


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Brian Massey presents the ten job search attitudes that will change the way you look at your job search, empowering you to turn your career into a wealth-building activity for life.

This is taken from Brian's book "The Market for Me: Surviving Job Loss and Building Your Lifetime Career Network."

Presented at Austin's Launchpad Job Club.

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Ten Job Search Attitudes that will Get You More Interviews

  1. 1. Ten Job Search Attitudes that will Get You More Interviews at the Places You Want to Work Brian Massey, Author The Market for Me Surviving Job Loss and Building Your Lifetime Career Network 512.961.6604
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. “Corporations hire without joy and fire without remorse” Photo
  4. 4. “There is a market for my skills and I will decide who can buy them.” Photo
  5. 5. “A career is a great way to build professional and financial freedom.” Photo
  6. 6. “My Job Search is a positive activity that will be a central part of my life.” Recruiting is a central part of a corporation’s life. Photo
  7. 7. “I’ll never stop looking for my next job again.” Your employer is always looking for their next you.
  8. 8. “It is not disloyal to look for work when I already have a job.”
  9. 9. “I can create an opportunity even if there isn’t an opening.” Joshua Persky
  10. 10. “I will be more successful if more people know about my search.”
  11. 11. “Helping others find work is a great way to for me to find my next opportunity.”
  12. 12. “I will search as if I don’t need a job.” Provision for the journey ahead. Deal with your feelings. Don’t let money or health-related issues derail your search.
  13. 13. Deal. Don’t Suppress. Dream Build Thank your old coworkers Cry Volunteer Inspirational Biographies Journal Tell the Truth Exercise Commit to Something Professional Network Get Up and Dress Eulogize your old job Tell your story
  14. 14. haloocyn via Provision for the Journey Don’t let money or health issues derail your Job Search.
  15. 15. Health Coverage danjaeger via woodsy via High Deductible Emergency Credit •Be a Smart Consumer of Health Care •Consult an Insurance Professional
  16. 16. You Qualify Get a free copy of the electronic book. Request yours at:
  17. 17. On the Web Blog: By Email Twitter LinkedIn By Phone Brian: 512.961.6604