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Learn How to Efficiently Manage Your Print and Scan Environment - Canon


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Dana Mawn, Business Development Consultant

Published in: Technology
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Learn How to Efficiently Manage Your Print and Scan Environment - Canon

  1. 1. Learn How to Efficiently Manage Your Print and Scan Environment Dana Mawn Business Development Consultant NT-ware USA a Canon Group Company
  2. 2. Canon has a single platform solution to address the following: • Control and reduce your print and copy costs • Heighten your document security • Increase your employee productivity • Improve your environmental performance • Manage your print room
  3. 3. One platform for all your print, scan, and device management, designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices to your organization
  4. 4. What is uniFLOW? • uniFLOW is an open platform to manage the print, copy and scan processes in an organization • Key functionality includes: • Secure Printing • Mobile Printing • Copy/Print Accounting • Print Job Routing • Advanced Scanning • Device Management • Print Room Management
  5. 5. • How can uniFLOW help to control your Print and Copy Costs?
  6. 6. • Built-in reporting system to track and assess current print, copy, fax and scan costs • Internal costs can be charged back to cost centers, client matter codes, departments, etc • Current usage can be audited Control and reduce Print & Copy Costs Printing Intelligence Report
  7. 7. • Reroute jobs from expensive laser printers to more cost effective MFD’s • Or even to the print room Route Jobs to the best Device
  8. 8. How can uniFLOW help to heighten your Document Security?
  9. 9. • Grant access rights to the use of various device functions • Secure access to your devices • If necessary, audit the content of the documents • Encrypted print jobs over the network Heighten Document Security
  10. 10. • Authentication at the device using e.g. a proximity card, username/password, PIN code or job code • LDAP connection to Active Directory • Self card registration • Temporary card policy Flexible Authentication
  11. 11. Username & password “jsmith” ****** PIN code ABC1234 Flexible Authentication
  12. 12. • uniFLOW Release Station is a vendor-independent touch screen terminal with embedded card reader for releasing personal secure print jobs uniFLOW Release Station
  13. 13. How can uniFLOW help to increase your Employee Productivity?
  14. 14. Print from anywhere
  15. 15. • One Universal Driver for your entire printer fleet • Print jobs follow you around the company, irrespective of make or model • Device-independent routing and mobile printing uniFLOW Universal Driver
  16. 16. • uniFLOW app for iPad®/iPhones®, Android™ and Windows Phone® • Apple AirPrint Certified • Google Cloud Print • Email submission Print from Mobile Devices Android is a trademark of Google Inc. iPad® iPhone® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries Windows Phone is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries
  17. 17. • Certified Apple AirPrint® Support Driverless printing from Mac OS X® using Apple AirPrint® Submit jobs directly from the iPhone® or iPad® using Apple AirPrint®
  18. 18. Release from anywhere
  19. 19. Release secure jobs from anywhere
  20. 20. • One user interface and the same identification method for printing & scanning • No need to teach the user how to access the device Unified Secure Print & Scan Interface
  21. 21. Scan to anywhere
  22. 22. Scan to anywhere
  23. 23. How can uniFLOW help to improve your environmental Performance?
  24. 24. uniFLOW can help you waste less paper and save valuable trees by: • Forcing users to print in double-sided mode • Deleting jobs that have not been picked up Improve your Environmental Performance
  25. 25. How can uniFLOW help to improve your Print Room Experience?
  26. 26. • Print Room operators using a modern print management system expect: • Clear information about end-user requirements • Good overview of all incoming orders • Convenient Make Ready tool to prepare jobs • Simple system to get the job done • Increase of volume in the print room Print Room Operator Expectations
  27. 27. Printer Driver Submission • Documents are printed to the CRD using a PostScript printer driver • After printing a digital job ticket opens up • Specify requirements quickly and accurately • Convenient way of submitting jobs • Reducing the risk of errors
  28. 28. Central Management of all Jobs Sort on any criteriaCheck the original job ticket Open a PDF preview and/or check the preflight result
  29. 29. • Simple drag & drop of print jobs to printers • Automatically match Job Ticket attributes • Automatic media sync • Get device status information • Load balancing and color split Printing Jobs in Operator Dashboard
  30. 30. • Automatically re-route print jobs from the MFP to the print room • Show the cost of printing in the CRD and offer that as alternative • Bring more volume to the print room • Create awareness of the print room services • Reduce cost for the company as jobs are printed more economically on the right devices Automatic Re-Routing of Print Jobs
  31. 31. The uniFLOW Advantage
  32. 32. uniFLOW Advantage • Fleet wide centralized device management and configuration • User authentication (Card, PIN, UN & PWD) • Device and document security • Statistical Reporting (based on what is output, not what was submitted) • Secure Printing (follow me printing) • Mobile Printing (all mobile devices and platforms) • Secure Scanning (follow me scanning – by user, dept or group) • Desktop Scanning support (with ScanFront Scanners) • Rules and Routing for behavior modification • Desktop Accounting for tracking locally attached printers • CRD integration for electronic job ticketing and submission
  33. 33. How can we help you? • Scan documents to the applications you use every day • Print documents from anywhere to a secure queue • Secure documents and devices with existing authentication methods • Measure and manage the cost associated with document output • Route jobs to the appropriate device
  34. 34. One platform for all your print, scan, and device management, designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices to your organization
  35. 35. Find out more: