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Micro-Interactions in a 2.0 World (v2)

  1. Micro-Interactions In a 2.0 World David Armano, VP, Experience Design Critical Mass / Blog: Twitter:
  2. Some Things Don’t Change
  3. Meet Randy Pausch Dad Husband Scientist Author Living With Cancer
  4. Disney’s $100,000 Salt + Pepper Shaker
  5. “If I sent a child into one of your stores with a broken salt and pepper shaker today, would your policies allow your workers to be kind enough to replace it?” ~Randy Pausch
  6. “…the executives squirm at the question. They know the answer: Probably not.” ~Randy Pausch
  7. Some Things Do
  8. #3
  9. The Marketing Funnel Isn’t Linear (heck, it’s not even a funnel)