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Deliver a Flexible, Engaging Customer Contact Center Experience - Mitel


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Brian Spencer, General Manager, Contact Center

Published in: Technology
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Deliver a Flexible, Engaging Customer Contact Center Experience - Mitel

  1. 1. Deliver a Flexible, Engaging Customer Contact Center Experience
  2. 2. The Consumer Buying Process – Not Long Ago • Buying experience was completely different • Involved many people, lots of person-to-person contact • Required huge time investment – both for business and consumers • Lots of opportunities for things to go WRONG • Customer experience was localized - WOM was limited to 5-6 people
  3. 3. The Mobile Consumer Today
  4. 4. Industry Examples: Banking Teller MobileInternetATM
  5. 5. Who is Today’s Consumer 1/2 of the worlds population are considered unique mobile users, expected to grow at 5% per year 1/3 of all web pages are now being served to mobile devices 1/4 of the population now has active mobile social accounts Mobile Engaged Connected Source: We Are Social
  6. 6. The Future of Customer Experience • Businesses have to respond to customer’s needs at - • Increased pace • During new hours • Using new methods • Consumers are demanding the flexibility to interact with companies through the digital channel of their choice • Consumer choices have broadened • Customer experience will be the new battlefield for competitive advantage 89% of businesses will compete mainly on customer experience Source: Gartner
  7. 7. Customer Experience Drives Sales… Source: Medallia Analysis
  8. 8. World Population by Generation Worldwide and in the U.S., millennials are the largest generation yet – some 2.3 billion strong Source: Source: US Census Bureau
  9. 9. Digital Channels are on the Rise Source: Aberdeen Group
  10. 10. The Evolution of Customer Engagement Single Channel Multi-Media Omni-Channel
  11. 11. Business’s View Customer Journey Map 12 Fill in online form Receive email asking for docs Take call discussing docs Schedule closing Sign closing docs Customer’s View Getting a mortgage
  12. 12. Summary of Ingredients of a Successful Digital CX • A comprehensive understanding of what drives customers, the communications methods they want to use and their schedules. • Offer service across every channel and effectively manage the channels your customers prefer. • Provided anytime, anywhere, any device services that offer seamless interactions. • A personalized CX throughout the customer journey, learning and collecting new customer information from each interaction. • A transparent and flexible CX, guiding customers to the fastest service.
  13. 13. Technology Vendor Checklist Make anywhere, anytime, any‐device interactions easy Provide a seamless, consistent experience across all channels and all touchpoints in the business Build upon existing infrastructure to create revenue‐generating, differentiated customer experiences
  14. 14. Keys to Delivering a Good Digital CX 1.Consistency creates loyalty, and relies on internal IT being up to scratch 2.You need to be relentless in capturing customer intelligence 3.You need to share, leverage and maximize this customer intelligence across all customer touchpoints 4.Be in a position to spot untapped opportunities to increase revenue per customer Remember
  15. 15. Join us October 11 to learn how to determine the potential impact on your organization from transforming your customer experience. Attendees will learn how to construct a business case and prioritize actions.