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Mobile Unified Communications - Mitel


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Daryl Reva, Vice President of Cloud Marketing

Published in: Technology
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Mobile Unified Communications - Mitel

  1. 1. Unified Mobile Communications
  2. 2. Your Speaker Ryan Smith Cloud Advocate, Mitel • • Twitter: @ideas211 • Linkedin: linkedin/in/ryantsmith Highlights • 6 years IT and Application Development • 10+ years Technology Marketing • Father of three • Football and UFC fanatic
  3. 3. #tech2endzone
  4. 4. 4 What we were told to expect. Unified Communications: #tech2endzone
  5. 5. What we actually got. Unified Communications: #tech2endzone
  6. 6. Service workers 45% workers Knowledge 20% Information workers 35% #tech2endzone
  7. 7. The Rise of Shadow IT #tech2endzone
  8. 8. The Path of Least Resistance of workers admit to subverting security protocols to get the job done of people admit to using covert cloud technology to save time self proclaimed offenders didn’t want to deal with their IT departments 35% 38% 33% #tech2endzone
  9. 9. #tech2endzone
  10. 10. Aligning Communication into Your Business Process #tech2endzone
  11. 11. Forced IT Influence User Behavior Influenced #tech2endzone
  12. 12. Caution Free Range Humans Ahead #tech2endzone
  13. 13. The Digital Workplace #tech2endzone
  14. 14. The Digital Workplace is Never Static #tech2endzone
  15. 15. “I stay just as active as my business. I need to ensure I stay connected whether I’m at the office, working from home, or visiting with a client.” To me, work is an activity, not a location. #tech2endzone
  16. 16. They do almost everything on a mobile device. of the world are Millennials.33% #tech2endzone
  17. 17. “With my businesses poised for growth, and I need a communications system that is able to keep up without being a financial burden.” Technology should help drive simplicity. #tech2endzone
  18. 18. will conduct business on personal mobile devices by 2018 of mobile professionals70% #tech2endzone
  19. 19. “We must continue to grow without sacrificing the agility that sustains our competitive advantage.” Think velocity, be nimble. #tech2endzone
  20. 20. IDC predicts mobility will reach 37.2% of global workforce. of the US workforce is mobile.75% #tech2endzone
  21. 21. It takes more than an imagination #tech2endzone
  22. 22. Mobile First A solution that enables you to optimize the one tool you depend on to stay connected. #tech2endzone
  23. 23. Cloud Enabled It has all the features you need, is easy to maintain, and costs a fraction of the price business phone systems do. #tech2endzone
  24. 24. Millennial Focused A solution that keeps your business productive by supporting the variety of ways you, and the digital natives you employ, work. #tech2endzone
  25. 25. 26 Mobile Collaboration #tech2endzone
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. THANK YOU
  28. 28. 10:45-11:30 AM Breakout Session HPE Breakout Room: Delta 360 Club “Benefits of Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure” Timm Ideker, Director of Sales, Enterprise Group CANON Breakout Room: Interview Room “Learn How to Efficiently Manage Your Print and Scan Environment” Dana Mawn, Business Development Consultant – NT-ware USA NIMBLE STORAGE Breakout Room: Guest Locker Room “Overcoming the App-Data-Gap using a Predictive Flash Platform” Mitch Gram, Sr. Sales Engineer M-FILES Breakout Room: Main Field “What You Don't Know About Document Management – But Should” Corey Candela, Channel Account Manager