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How To Think Like A Marketing Machine By Christopher Penn


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From the MarTech Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, August 19-20, 2014. SESSION: Algorithmic Thinking: The Foundation of Marketing Technology. PRESENTATION: How To Think Like a Marketing Machine - Given by Christopher Penn, @CSPenn - VP of Marketing Technology, SHIFT Communications

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How To Think Like A Marketing Machine By Christopher Penn

  1. 1. THINK LIKE A MARKETING MACHINE MarTech Conference Christopher S. Penn Vice President, Marketing Technology
  2. 2. #MarTech14 For Slides & Notes:
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  5. 5. If web traffic declines by more than 5% (week over week) for 3 consecutive days in a row Tweet 5 times a day with 2 links back to the site
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  7. 7. While the number of people following us on Twitter is less than 1,000 Follow influential people on Twitter, one at a time
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  9. 9. For the next 4 weeks, 1/per week Send an email with some marketing content to your prospects
  12. 12. LEARN MORE
  13. 13.
  14. 14. THANK YOU!
  15. 15. AGENCY OVERVIEW BOSTON NEW YORK SAN FRANCISCO SHIFT is among the top 5 firms that “will feature heavily in a future where PR is at the hub of a new era of brand communications that transcends marketing.” ESOPEMPLOYEE STOCK OWNERSHIP PLAN 100PROFESSIONALS TECH& CONSUMER VOTED “SAVVIEST SOCIAL PR AGENCY” BY 500+ B2C AND B2B MARKETERS SMALL AGENCY OF THE YEAR DIGITAL/SOCIAL AGENCY OF THE YEAR 2013 2012
  17. 17. SERVICES 29 Digital Properties Management Media Outreach INTEGRATED MARKETING STRATEGY Marketing & PR ROI Analysis ENGAGEMENT Launch & Event Execution Digital & PR Technology Auditing Crisis Strategy Brand Messaging Creative Development & Production Paid Advertising Thought Leadership Programs Discovery & Research RESEARCH & ANALYTICS CONTENT CREATION Digital/Social Communications
  18. 18. ANALYTICS 30
  19. 19. ANALYTICS 31
  20. 20. SHARED VIA INTERNAL CHANNELS like corporate email, so employees see 3rd party endorsements POSTED TO INTRANET for offsite teams to share in business meetings PROMOTED BY INVESTING in best hits with Tweets and Facebook posts POSTED ACROSS SOCIAL NETWORKS Referencing the author EARNED MEDIA • VALUE OF INTEGRATED APPROACH We believe it is our fundamental job to position corporate messaging among audiences that will perpetuate positive discussion, earning credibility across any channel and leveraging success into new, earned opportunities. The new news cycle works like a roadmap of relevant content, and we work to extend the use of coverage and develop new opportunities as a result. 32
  21. 21. ANALYTICS • HOW WE MEASURE SUCCESS SHIFT’s marketing technology team is specifically designed to identify the measures which will define success for you, and we are able to set clear benchmarks that will translate into metrics for the team to meet and exceed as well as make it easy to develop KPIs for your efforts. When we measure, we do it with an eye on setting goals that will drive strategy. With access to internal systems and data, SHIFT can drive measurement and engage processes and tools along the entire program chain. 33 Bolster growth with data- Driven marketing Mitigate weakness Enhance earned media Technologies & systems Strategies & methods Baseline performance What to fix/improve Identify areas of growth Identify weaknesses
  22. 22. YOUR TEAM
  23. 23. PROPOSED SHIFT TEAM VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT 3 5 JOEL RICHMAN VICE PRESIDENT High level strategy Total account ownership Client satisfaction DAN BRENNAN ACCOUNT DIRECTOR Strategy Account direction Initiative execution ALICIA CERASULOU ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Media – proactive & reactive opportunities Social media execution EMILY ADAMS ACCOUNT COORDINATOR Media Social Speaking / awards discovery SCOTT BALDWIN ACCOUNT MANAGER Primary contact Strategy/tactics High level media & social
  24. 24. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT TRUE PARTNERSHIP Proactively provide well-conceived ideas, recommendations and counsel Work as an extension of your team 3 6 OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE Dedicated team with no “anchor” accounts Day-to-day team members work on the same 3-4 accounts Monthly retainer billing versus hourly/time-and materials SEAMLESS One team email address – reach everyone at once, we’re all in the loop! DETAILS COVERED Weekly action documents & status calls Metrics-driven quarterly plans and recap reports
  26. 26. CLIENTS 38
  27. 27. CASE STUDIES
  28. 28. Click to edit Master text styles RAISING THE BAR OBJECTIVES Build pre-show hype via photoshoot with Instagram influencer Host live “reveal” press event to secure top-tier media coverage Introduce social influencers to the 2014 Highlander via intimate events at the show Host street team events to build buzz & social media engagement Host LIVE “REVEAL” press event to secure top-tier media coverage Secured 25 UNIQUE pieces of feature coverage WSJ, CNBC, USA TODAY, NEW YORK TIMES 150M total media impressions 10M total social media impressions Set new standard for auto show event support STRATEGIES RESULTS Drive awareness of Toyota’s presence at the New York International Auto Show to unveil the new 2014 HIGHLANDER
  29. 29. Click to edit Master text styles STARTING UP OBJECTIVES Drive content and relevance for increased social sharing Target keywords for improved search results Test site design to push conversion above current 3% Test social framework to push midrange conversions Weekly email program to attract weekend audience Conversion increase to 4.2% from mid 3% 10+% increase in net new audience 15 lagging keywords now listed in the top 10 ranking Mashable contributed article based on leveraging existing content New York Times reposting of blog content STRATEGIES RESULTS Lead Gen acquisition against deep pocketed Legal Zoom Leverage pre-existing library of out of date content Reinvigorate dormant community and drive additional engagement and conversions OBJECTIVES Content needed
  30. 30. Click to edit Master text styles LAUNCHING OUT OF STEALTH OBJECTIVES Thought leadership campaign built on educating organizations and users about the dangerous behaviors of mobile apps Content-focused approach where a single piece of content could be leveraged across multiple channels Strong focus on Twitter as a mechanism to engage with IT and security professionals More than 130 articles in Q4 2012, including 40+ business press placements Regular camera interviews with Bay Area press on mobile app security 52 million impressions via online, print and broadcast media 5x increase in Twitter followers STRATEGIES RESULTS Create strong brand awareness for new company in mobile/app security Build a social fan base from scratch, focused on IT, security and developers
  31. 31. WHAT IF… 4 3
  32. 32. •ON-PACK CREDENTIALS A CHANCE FOR A CLEAN SLATE 44 Nina Leigh Krueger with her dog at her home. The tone is conversational, genuine and uplifting
  33. 33. SAMPLE SCRIPT 45 My dogs are part of my family and, like you, I go to great lengths to make sure they are happy and healthy. I’d never want to give them any product that could put them in harm’s way and as a manufacturer of dog treats, I would never want you to either. Earlier this year, we at Nestle Purina decided to pull Waggin’ Train products from all store shelves after finding out some of our chicken treats contained traces of an antibiotic that we, of course, don’t want in our pets’ food. We couldn’t sit and wait to see if our products were the cause of any harm. We needed to take action. I would be devastated if one of my pups become sick. And I am truly sorry for anyone who has experienced the illness or death of a pet. We’ve taken these months to get back to basics. We’ve reformulated all Waggin’ Train treats, stopped sourcing our chicken from China, and got our products to a place where we can say, with certainty, that they are healthy, natural treats for your dogs. We hope you and your pets enjoy the new and improved Waggin’ Train. Nina feeds a Waggin’ Train treat to her dog. Video ends.
  34. 34. •LOOK-A-LIKE SWEEPSTAKES DOG/CELEBRITY MATCHING 46 Does your dog look like a famous rock star or reality show diva? If so, we’d love your video or photo submissions. Upload to Waggin’ Train’s Facebook page with your dog’s name and who he/she looks like. The submission with the most likes wins a year’s supply of Waggin’ Train and other Nestle Purina foods.