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A Blank Sheet for Orgnaisational Structure in a Digital, Consumer Centric World By Ashley Friedlein


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From the MarTech Conference in London, UK, October 20-21, 2015. SESSION: A Blank Sheet for Organisational Structure in a Digital, Consumer-Centric World. PRESENTATION: A Blank Sheet for Organisational Structure in a Digital, Consumer-Centric World - Given by Ashley Friedlein - @AshleyFriedlein - CEO - Econsultancy. #MarTech DAY1

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A Blank Sheet for Orgnaisational Structure in a Digital, Consumer Centric World By Ashley Friedlein

  1. 1. Copyright © Econsultancy @AshleyFriedlein A Blank Sheet For Organisational Structure In A Digital, Customer- Centric World October 2015 Ashley Friedlein President, Centaur Marketing & Founder, Econsultancy
  2. 2. @AshleyFriedlein 2
  3. 3. @AshleyFriedlein 3 Digital Transformation •  The journey towards being a digital organisation •  “Digital” means: –  Focusing on the customer experience irrespective of channel –  Having a digital culture
  4. 4. @AshleyFriedlein 4 The 7 defining characteristics of a digital culture 1.  Customer-centric 2.  Data-driven 3.  Makers & Doers 4.  Transparent 5.  Collaborative 6.  Learning 7.  Agile
  5. 5. @AshleyFriedlein 5 “Organizations are structured around control mechanisms and reporting, not around capabilities and outcomes." “Organizing Marketing in the Digital Age”, Econsultancy, 2015
  6. 6. @AshleyFriedlein 6 How to organise?
  7. 7. @AshleyFriedlein 7 How to organise?
  8. 8. @AshleyFriedlein 8 How to organise?
  9. 9. @AshleyFriedlein 9 The rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO)… Now 1,000+ CDOs globally and the number has doubled every year for the last few years. Gartner predicted 25% of businesses would have a CDO by the end of this year. According to the CDO Club salaries for a Chief Digital Officer range from $89,000 to $600,000, with the median falling between $250,000 and $300,000.
  10. 10. @AshleyFriedlein 10 …and the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Source: The CCO Council 2014 CCO Study
  11. 11. @AshleyFriedlein 11 What I learned about CDOs •  ‘Ambassador’ CDO vs ‘Transformer’ CDO •  CDO + CMO not a great idea •  CDO runs marketing, digital/tech, product •  CDOs next job? CEO.
  12. 12. @AshleyFriedlein 12 What I learned about CCOs •  Strategic driver = competitive advantage through customer-centricity and integrated channels •  Big teams and P&L responsibility •  CCO combines CDO and CMO roles •  CCOs have significant, if not complete, control of technology, data, digital, insight, innovation. In some cases customer service and, depending on company size, all the physical (store, branch, call centre etc) operations. •  CCOs next job? CEO.
  13. 13. @AshleyFriedlein 13 The five stage of evolution towards true multi- channel customer-centricity 5 Job done CEO (and CMO, CTO, CFO etc) 4 Business Transformation Chief Customer Officer 3 Digital Leader ‘Transformer’ Chief Digital Officer 1 Digital Team Head of Digital 2 Digital Figurehead ‘Ambassador’ Chief Digital Officer
  14. 14. @AshleyFriedlein UK Government Digital Service 3.4
  15. 15. @AshleyFriedlein Tate 3.7•  Published in 2013 •  Third iteration of digital strategy •  Published under Creative Commons •  “Digital as a Dimension of Everything”
  16. 16. @AshleyFriedlein Capital One 3.9•  A bank creating differentiated experience through digital •  “Digital is who we are and how we do business.” Richard Fairbank, CEO •  100% agile adoption
  17. 17. @AshleyFriedlein House of Fraser 4.1•  CCO with digital and multichannel chops •  Head of “Find it” •  Head of “Research it” •  Head of “Buy it”
  18. 18. @AshleyFriedlein Burberry 4.3 •  A vision from 2006 •  Financial and customer success •  From the CEO throughout the business •  Continual innovation
  19. 19. @AshleyFriedlein “I will focus on … the convergence and integration of our retail and e-commerce, digital, card and mobile assets around the world … develop "next-generation retailing" Starbucks 4.6
  20. 20. @AshleyFriedlein 20 Future competitive (martech) advantage? 1.  Join up data and systems, then… 2.  Deliver experiences that are consistent, synced and responsive across devices/channels, then… 3.  Make them personalised, proactive and contextual “The era of living services” FJORD
  21. 21. @AshleyFriedlein