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  1. 1. What is Adarsh scam?Who was its creator?What black-mark it create on Mumbai?What did the concerned person reply on this?What amount of loss did it make?
  2. 2. What is Adarsh Scam  LOCATION: It revolves around a single building named Adarsh Housing Society located in Colaba, a posh area of Mumbai  AREA: a large plot (over 6,000 sq.ft) in the military complex in Colaba was released for residential use.  Supposed to be a six-storey building that would house Kargil war heroes and widows. But the building ended up being a 31-storey tower.  Allotment to Senior Army Commanders, former environment minister, legislators & bureaucrats.
  3. 3. Stages in Adarsh Scam  First proposal of the came up before the Shiv Sena- BJP government with Narayan Rane as the Chief Minister.  Second application came up the following year,when was Vilasrao Deshmukh as Chief Minister.  At this time, the allotment application was sought in the name of providing homes for war widows and veterans  On the list of beneficiaries who got flats were Ashok Chavans relatives, including his mother-in-law.  In September that year, the MMRDA had given the occupation certificate to Adarsh Housing Society.
  4. 4. What was found?? Adarsh was granted additional floor space index of an adjacent plot that had been reserved for a bus depot. The Adarsh building flouted environmental laws. It was found that both the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests and the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority were in the dark about who exactly gave clearance to the 31- storeyed building Flat of cost between Rs 6 Crore to 8.5 Crore , however members of Society paid Rs 60-85 Lakh for each flat.
  5. 5. Shri Kanhaiyalal Gidwani (Congress MLC)Shri Kailash K Gidwani (Son of Congress MLC Gidwani)Shri Amit K Gidwani (Son of Congress MLC Gidwani)Shri Kanishka J Phatak (son of former Municipal Commissioner JairajPhatak)Ms Kavita S Godbole (related to Cong MLC Gidwani)Smt Seema Vinod Sharma (Relative of Ashok Chavan)Mrs Bhagwati Manoharlal Sharma (Ashok Chavans late mother-in-law)Mr Madanlal Milkiram Sharma (Ashok Chavans relative)
  6. 6. Recommended civiliansOccupationcertificate Ashok chavan
  7. 7. cleared Adarsh Society file, paving way for issuing a Building height increased
  8. 8. gave dubiousCRZ clearence. The land wasfinally allotted Flat ownersincreased by 51
  9. 9. Allowedto include non- defencemembers..
  10. 10. Maharashtra CM ASHOKCHAVAN denied that the societywas meant for kargil martyrsfamilies
  12. 12. Letterwritten toshri. Ashoks chavanThe thenrevenueminister
  13. 13. LETTE ROn the basis of alloting houses by retired persons from defence services
  14. 14. Not a single action right. Broke law. Still no one caught. Raising of questions.
  15. 15. RESIDENT’S COMMENTS ON THESCAM. Savings of all lifetime. Paid dues and got possession after receiving Occupation Certificate. Defrauded by government. Caught in Adarsh storm. Not a simple story. Hit an emotional cord. There is smoke only if there is fire.
  16. 16. Social activist ,
  17. 17. What did the concernedperson reply on Adarsh scam?
  18. 18. What Mr. Ashok Chavan said in his Affidavit? Ashok Chavan in his 8 page affidavit said land was sanctioned by Union Rural Development Minister and his predecessor Vilasrao Deshmukh. He had made all procedural clearances. Allotment of land took place more than 16 months after he ceased to be the Revenue Minister. The file was put up before him as a revenue minister. He had called a meeting and after meeting people he had passed on the file to the collector to check up all the position of the land to question and let him know. By the time everything came on his table he was not the revenue minister. He was not involved with any recommendation to include civilian members in the building meant for armed forces personnel in upscale Colaba area. At that stage the matter relating to allotment of land was still only at the stage of verification of the proposal and there was no question of the Revenue department having taken any decision on allotment of land.
  19. 19. What Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh said in his affidavit? Deshmukh had filed an 15 page affidavit before the two-member Adarsh inquiry commission on June 17 claiming that the Adarsh Housing Society land in Mumbai belonged to the Maharashtra government and was never reserved for defense personnel or Kargil war heroes. While allotting land to Adarsh Society he had acted on the proposal sent by Revenue Department and Mumbai Collector. The records maintained with the office of the Collector of Mumbai clearly show that the land belonged to the state government. The ownership of the land was never an issue at any stage so far he’s concerned. He blamed the revenue department, whose minister was Chavan, and the Mumbai collector for okaying the real estate project. There was no reservation on the Adarsh Society land for housing of Defense personnel or Kargil war heroes either under the Development Plan for Greater Mumbai or under any of the policies of the state government. He denied on the insistence of Gidwani that the Revenue department was asked to put up the case of allotment of land to Adarsh. He approved the proposal to relax the domicile norm/condition in the case of Generals Vij and Kapoor. This decision was fully justified and fitting considering their eminence and distinguished services to the nation, he said.
  20. 20. Video…
  21. 21. SOME FACTS (conclusion)1.DOES THE SOCIETY POSE ANY THREAT TO THE DEFENCE ESTABLISHMENTS?? 1.Brigadier Deepak Saxena from the Army Headquarters stated that Adarsh society posed great threat to defence establishments. 2.After his above report to the Inquiry Committee he changed the above statement.
  22. 22. Did the society members make a windfall by getting flats at onetenth of the cost as alleged by the media??? The current market price of the flats is 8.5 crores. But the relatives of the politicians,bureaucrats and army officials bought the flats for 60lakhs to 85lakhs that is barely 10% of the growing rate in that area.
  23. 23. Was the road widening projectdropped to accommodate thesociety?? The road widening project on 3758.82sqm of land on Captain Prakash Pethe,Colaba was dropped so as to accommodate the society and it is now where adarsh stands.ISSUE RELATED TO FSI1.FSI- Floor Space Index2.MOEF(Ministry Of Environment Forest) contended to HC that Adarsh co-operative society had violated norms pertaining to FSI i.e society has utilised the FSI of the adjoining plot reserved for Brihunmumbai Electricity Supply And Transport (BEST Depot).3.FSI of the adjoining plot measuring to 2,669sqm was utilised for Adarsh.
  24. 24. India observed 47 major scamsafter independence This clearly shows that all the indian political parties are united when the matter comes to corruption NOW WHAT NEXT?????? BLAME GAME WILL START RULES WILL BE CHANGED NO ONE WILL GO TO JAIL COMMITTEES WILL BE FORMED WHICH WILL GIVE REPORT AFTER 10 OR 20 YEARS
  25. 25. Can we live a scam-free life in India for a while now?
  26. 26. yes n o