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Семинар NEW MEDIA для В2В. Кейс Dell


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Жанна Богуславская, маркетинг менеджер компании DELL

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Семинар NEW MEDIA для В2В. Кейс Dell

  1. 1. Go Social Influencing B2B Buying Decisions through Social Media Zhanna Boguslavskaya Marketing Manager Dell Ukraine, Baltic and Iceland EM-EMEA Commercial
  2. 2. 2 Confidential Global Marketing
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  16. 16. Take Your Own Path
  17. 17. Question: What do LinkedIn, Jagex, Debang Logistics, and Lonely Planet have in common? Answer: They are all Dell customer heroes and are serving as brand ambassadors in Dell’s inspirational, game-changing “Take Your Own Path” marketing campaign. 17 Confidential Global Marketing
  18. 18. Monsters, demons and downtime. Enemies that we defy every day. His business: Mark and Jagex is committed to staying close to their roots as a community-based games developer, and every employee is passionate about creating great games. • His story: Mark became CEO with a vision to build on Jagex’s phenomenal success as the UK’s largest independent games developer and publisher, and take it forward into exciting new R&D projects • RuneScape, a multi-player online role- playing game, is their most successful game. With over 10 million active players around the globe, RuneScape is a true 24/7 business. Mark Gerhard CEO & CTO of Jagex Global Marketing
  19. 19. I have over 70 million users. And one reliable technology platform. • His business: LinkedIn is a global web site that help users to power their career by connecting through different professional networks. • His story: The strongest passion for Reid is how you can improve life for hundreds of millions of people. • “Technology helps us solve these problems by quickly collaborating with the wide variety of people around us.” Reid Hoffman Co-Founder and Executive Chairman LinkedIn SMB Event Marketing
  20. 20. Sun, rain and secure data all empower my business. Her business: Dedicated to produce 100% renewable electricity, with the majority of its energy coming from wind power. • Her story: When she started the company, Juliet wanted to make it easy for people to engage with the issue With over 25,000 customers in the UK, her approach has proved remarkably successful. Juliet Davenport CEO & Founder Good Energy Global Marketing
  21. 21. We could not revolutionize a $20 trillion industry with out the right technology. Their business: Cloud-based software application for helping companies analyze and manage pension liability risks Their story: Transformed risk management practices in a $20 trillion industry, helping their customers cope with financial uncertainty Timothy Lyons, CEO and Fiona Page, CTO Pensions First Global Marketing
  22. 22. 22 Confidential Global Marketing
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  24. 24. Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network June 20-22, 2010 The TYOP Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network was intended to be an elite gathering of female CEOs and innovative leaders who run businesses in the world’s top markets and are on the verge of breaking through to the next level. This was invite-only and intentionally capped at 75 participants to allow for meaningful dialogue and networking. Speakers included Elaine Chang of Intel China, Kay Koplovitz of USA Network, Geraldine Laybourne of Oxygen Media, Cindy Gallop of IfWeRanTheWorld, Maria Pinelli of Ernst & Young, Sabine Irrgang of, Belinda Parmor of Lady Geek, Yue-Sai Kan, Chairman of L’Oreal China, Michelle Garnaut of M on the Bund, Chris Shipley of Guidewire Group, and Debra Ruh of TecAccess, Brenda Foster, president of The American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai and Beatrice Camp, US Consul General. Social media played a huge part in developing a tailored agenda and we used build excitement for the event before meeting in Shanghai and then ran all sessions over which we will soon turn into a virtual white paper. 24 Confidential Global Marketing
  25. 25. 25 Confidential Global Marketing
  26. 26. Dell has pulled in more than $6.5 million in revenue from its Twitter accounts. That's only a fraction of the more than $60 billion Dell made in revenue last year, but it proves that the micro-blogging social network can be a moneymaking machine -- even though it has a relatively small user base. Twitter's user base can't compete with that of Facebook, which was at 350 million at the last count, but the 18 million-strong Twitter community is looking like a more lucrative market for companies such as Dell. 26 Confidential Global Marketing
  27. 27. 27 Dell Confidential Emerging Markets EMEA Marketing
  28. 28. CEO communication goes social 28 Confidential 10/1/2010 Emerging Markets EMEA Marketing
  29. 29. 29 Confidential 10/1/2010 Emerging Markets EMEA Marketing
  30. 30. 30 Confidential 10/1/2010 Emerging Markets EMEA Marketing