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Wavelength Reconnect 2: Leading in a Connected World


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Wavelength Reconnect 2: Leading in a Connected World

  1. 1. September 18 – 19 | Reconnect 2 doing business in a connected world Connect 2012 RECONNECt
  2. 2. September 18 – 19 | Reconnect 2 doing business in a connected world Connect 2012 | 2 > DOING BUSINESS IN A CONNECTED WORLD Digitisation. Personalisation. What does all this mean for us as Social media. Facebook. Twitter. leaders, managers of supply chains, LinkedIn… We lead in an recruiters, consumers, innovators? increasingly connected, disrupted and immediate world. Relationships What about our “personal brands” with consumers, employees and as leaders? Should you be on peers are being revolutionised. Twitter? Is Facebook just for your Entirely new business models and teenage kids? Will Facebook even technologies are being created be here in two years time? which threaten extinction for many traditional ways of doing business. Adrian and Liam have been busy again scouring the world for people who can inspire, educate and challenge us.
  3. 3. September 18 – 19 | Reconnect 2 Doing business in a connected world Connect 2012 | 3 > FROM SILICON VALLEY Lisa Gansky is a FROM LOS ANGELES For two decades Silicon Valley has been the pioneering tech Hamilton Chu is engine room of the digital revolution. We are entrepreneur, angel Director of Strategic delighted that two pioneers of the Valley are investor, social Initiatives at Blizzard. jumping the pond to join us. innovator and author This phenomenon and has a passion for how the internet can would simply not exist George Anders is a be used to encourage sharing and new without the technologies of a connected world. Pulitzer Prize winning business models. journalist and best Founded by three UCLA graduates in 1991, it selling author who Traditional businesses follow a simple formula: is now a huge online video gaming business writes for the New York create a product or service, sell it, collect probably best known for its World of Warcraft Times and Harvard money. But is a fundamentally different model and Diablo games, which between them Business Review. taking root? One in which consumers have have tens of millions of monthly subscribers. more choices, more tools, more information, Hamilton is a self-confessed geek who took George will share his insights in to how social and more peer-to-peer power. Lisa calls it the his bedroom passions to world domination! media is transforming the ways top companies Mesh and she argues in her book The Mesh: are recruiting talent and how leaders use (or Why the Future of Business Is Sharing, that it do not use) Twitter and other platforms to will dominate the future. She is the “instigator” manage their public profiles. He should know, behind the Mesh Directory (http://meshing. because he recently interviewed the CEO’s of it) which now lists 7,000 ‘meshy’ businesses America’s top 100 companies. @georgeanders around the world. @instigator
  4. 4. September 18 – 19 | Reconnect 2 DOING BUSINESS IN A CONNECTED WORLD Connect 2012 | 4 > FROM NAIROBI If you think all roads digital lead to Palo Alto, John Waibochi is one Erik Hersman, a Senior think again. Kenya is fast emerging as a hub of Africa’s new breed TED Fellow, is a globally of invention and creativity where necessity of highly successful respected technologist, in the face of massive social problems is entrepreneurs creating blogger and innovator the mother of digital innovation. We will be businesses in the spaces specialising in the joined in Hampshire by two of the leaders of opened by the explosion impact and application of this revolution. in use of mobile phones technology throughout Africa. amongst all strata of society. John is founder and CEO of Virtual City in Nairobi. Erik runs two popular websites – WhiteAfrican and AfriGadget – and is based at the iHub In 2010, he was awarded Nokia’s Growth (which he created) in Nairobi, which connects Economy Venture Challenge £1,000,000 8,000 entrepreneurial innovators across prize – beating entrants from 54 countries. East Africa. He is Co-Founder of Ushahidi The challenge set by Nokia was: “To build a (“testimony” in Swahili) a groundbreaking product, which will be a profitable business, crowd sourcing website created to map that improves the lives of people who live in a incidents of violence during the 2007–2008 part of the world where they make less than Kenyan crisis. Ushahidi has since been used $5/day”. @johnwaibochi around the world in a wide range of initiatives from reporting violence in Madagascar to election monitoring in Afghanistan. @whiteafrican
  5. 5. September 18 – 19 | Reconnect 2 DOING BUSINESS IN A CONNECTED WORLD Connect 2012 | 5 > FROM VANCOUVER AND, FINALLY, FROM BRACKNELL! Aaron Magness is in charge James Leeson is Head Before he joined JLP, of marketing for coastal. of Online Category James was a director at com, an online business Management at John selling spectacles around Lewis. John Lewis has He will be joined by Nick the world. Coastal aims to executed one of the most White – Connect alumni disrupt and capture what successful transitions from – Head of Commercial at it sees as an unnecessarily expensive and offline to online retail. But, responsible complacent market. the challenges - technical for growing online at this and cultural - were huge. hugely successful retailer. A real, warts Aaron previously served as senior director of and all insight into doing business in a brand marketing and business development Would online sales damage store sales, would connected world. at, based in Las Vegas. The in store partners promote the site, would wildly successful Zappos is widely seen as John Lewis’s traditional customer base use it the first online brand created through social and could John Lewis’s legendary customer media. Aaron created a culture in which any service standards be maintained? James has employee can tweet, Facebook whenever they the answers. like about whatever they like, customers can have direct access via those platforms and the CEO has 2.5 million followers on Twitter: “If you are scared to let all your employees use social media to interact with customers, you have a culture problem not a social media problem”. @macknuttie
  6. 6. September 18 – 19 | Reconnect 2 DOING BUSINESS IN A CONNECTED WORLD Connect 2012 | 6 > When By Train: A few stations service the venue. The Coach Transfers: We will provide coach Starts: 12:45 18 September 2012 nearest main station is Fleet, with two smaller transfers at the following times: Ends: 16:30 19 September 2012 stations being Crowthorne and Sandhurst (Berks). Travel time is about 50mins from 18 Sept – At 12.15 prompt a coach will depart Venue London. We suggest that you arrive into Fleet from Fleet station and each of the hotels to Rivervale Barn, Mill Lane, Yateley, Hampshire as we will be providing coach transfers to the bring you all to Rivervale Barn. GU46 7SS venue and it has a taxi rank unlike the smaller 18 Sept 21.30 – Rivervale Barn to Hotels stations where you will have to pre-book a taxi. 19 Sept 08.00 – Hotels to Rivervale Barn Getting there 19 Sept 16.30 – Rivervale Barn to Fleet By Car: Rivervale Barn is easily accessible Station and Hotels. from the M4, A30 and the M3 and is near the town of Yateley, in the northeast corner of Hampshire. It is approximately an hour from London. RECONNECT 2
  7. 7. September 18 – 19 | Reconnect 2 DOING BUSINESS IN A CONNECTED WORLD Connect 2012 | 7 > Hotels Hotel The Casa Hotel HOTEL THE BROOK WATERLOO We have held rooms at the following two Price £70 / night Price £70 / night hotels. Please ensure you book your own Ref B ook by phone quoting reference Ref Book by phone quoting reference accommodation and quote the reference Wavelength BK21896 listed to ensure you get the rates Wavelength Handford Lane, Yateley, Camberley Duke’s Ride, Crowthorne, has negotiated. Please note that for any West, Hampshire, GU46 6BT Bracknell, Berkshire, RG45 6DW cancellations, please confirm with the hotels Tel: +44 (0)1252 873275 Tel: +44 (0)1344 777 711 E: E: by email. Web Web Important: The deadline for booking with waterloo-hotel-bracknell these hotels is COP Monday 13 August, after this point we cannot guarantee room availability or the Wavelength negotiated rate. What to wear This one may involve wellies again…! As the start time has changed for the 18th We’ll keep you posted! Sept to 12:45 some of you may wish to cancel your room for the evening of the 17th. We suggest that you do this as soon as possible via email. RECONNECT 2
  8. 8. Connect 2012 | 8 Reconnect 21 econnect 2 will take place at the Rivervale R 5. Food: Wavelength will provide light refreshments 7. There is no minimum number of persons Barn, Mill Lane, Yately, Hampshire GU46 lunch and dinner on day 1, and light required for the event to take place. 7SS. Please note that this is a fairly remote refreshments and lunch on day 2. Members will location within Hampshire and it is very unlikely need to organise their own breakfasts. 8. As Connect members are responsible for their that there will be any reception for mobile own outward and homeward transport no communication devices. 6. assport and Visa requirements: any Connect P arrangements have been made by Wavelength members who do not hold a British or EU in the event that those outward or homeward2. onnect members are responsible for organising C member state passport should contact the journeys are delayed. their own transport to the venue for the appropriate consulate authority in their country beginning of Reconnect 2 on day 1, and their of residence for full details of the relevant 9. The proportion of Connect members’ return transport home at the end of the event visa or travel authorisation requirements, membership fee attributable to Reconect 2 will on day 2. Please note that we do not accept any and any health requirements that apply for be held in a trust account. liability to Connect members if they are unable to travel from that country to the UK. Connect enjoy part or all of the event because of the delay members who do not hold a British or EU 10. n exceptional circumstances Wavelength may I or failure of transport that is not provided by us. member state passport should ensure that need to alter the details given in this brochure. they have comprehensive medical insurance, If any changes to these details are required3. onnect members are also responsible for C which includes hospital treatment and medical then Wavelength will make these changes organising their own hotel accommodation for evacuation. You should seek medical advice clear to Connect members. Reconnect 2. before travelling to the UK from your doctor, practice nurse or travel health clinic, and4. avelength will provide transfer by coach to W ensure that all appropriate vaccinations are and from the venue to members’ hotels during up-to-date. Reconnect 2. The small Print