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Lydia cooke music video ideas powerpoint


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Lydia cooke music video ideas powerpoint

  1. 1. Lydia Cooke Music Video Ideas Mood Boards
  2. 2. Band & Settings I have chosen to use these particular images as my music video is based upon this genre of music and genre of artists. I have collected a large amount of photographs presenting my ideas for my music video, similar artists, music video settings and props and also costumes. These photographs all link to the music video I am about to produce.
  3. 3. Costume A collection of images based around the costumes some of the characters in my music video would wear. From expensive suits and designer wear to revealing, not very classy outfits. These costume define the characters personality and intentions.
  4. 4. Genre Typical shots the RnB/HipHop genre would use, predictable settings and props. Also other Artists that produce this genre of music. These images present all of the above, and will give me ideas for what I could include in the music video I am preparing.