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  1. 1. Ad Campaign Anylisis By Gabriel Villacorta
  2. 2. General Information • Type of product – Soft drink • Brand – Coke • Campaign name – Open up the coke side of life
  3. 3. Creative Briefing Target advertising • Teenagers • Adults • Children Desired positioning • A drink to share with friends and transmit happiness Key promise or benefit • Life will be more enjoyable Comunnication tone • Emotional
  4. 4. Message Analysis What does it say? That life is better when you drink coke. How is it said? With a short slogan Whom is it adressed to To all the young people and adults When is it said On a bright happy summer Where is it said At the beach
  5. 5. Web platform
  6. 6. Web Platform
  7. 7. Video
  8. 8. Personal Opininon It is very colorful It is very happy It has a good message
  9. 9. Concept and slogan What is the concept chosen to differentiate the product or service? • The “out side the model” concept What is the slogan? • Open up the coke side of life
  10. 10. Made by Gabriel Villacorta