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Sprite - Rasta Clear Hai!!!


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Case Study Analysis

Published in: Business, Technology
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Sprite - Rasta Clear Hai!!!

  1. 1. Group Members : Arun Sitaraman 2 Purva Chaudhari 7 Preeti Shetty 35 Aditi Mahapadi 40 Ushma Kapadia 44 Ankit Shah 47
  2. 2.  Sprite a lemon-lime flavored soft drink introduced in USA in 1961. Today it is sold in 190 countries. Entered market in 1999 ; 2009 till now at 2nd position Challenge for the brand : widen market share and lead over competitors. Though the brand wanted to widen its consumer base it do n’t want to expand its TG and completely focus on teenagers as its target consumers Positioning - Taglines like “seedhi baat no bakwas” to the most recent and popular “First drink then think, Sprite-University of Freshology”
  3. 3.  Product : Sprite (Coca Cola Company) Price: Different sizes o Cans: 300ml (rs.20), o REG: 200ml (rs.10), 300ml (rs.12) o PET: 500ml (rs.25), 1.25l (rs.42), 1.5l, 2l, 2.25l (rs.65) Promotion: Aggressive Promotion Place: Available at supermarkets, general stores, malls, theatres, stores in urban as well as rural sections
  4. 4.  Sprite a pretence buster “Sprite Bujhaye Only Pyaas, Baki Sab Bakwaas” ,”NO Gyaan only Pyaas” and “Seedhi Baat, No Bakwaas, Clear Hai?”. NewUSP- “University of Freshology”-“refreshes the body and resets the mind” Usefulfor TG of teens and not a conflict with Limca which had higher TG
  5. 5.  Major competitor for Sprite is 7up by Pepsico.4 keys of differentiation are product, personnel channel, image. Sprite has a USP of teenage drink Sprite has an attractive and unique bottle packaging Sprite believes in delivering what it promises i.e quenching thirst
  6. 6. SR. NO PRODUCT LINE SEGMENT Sr no Productr line segment1 1 Coca cola Family drink 22 Diet coke Health conscious 33 4 Thumps up Urban males 54 Sprite Teenagers 65 7 Fanta Family drink6 Limca Teenagers7 Mazaa Fruit lovers8 Minute maid Fruit Lovers
  7. 7. Entry Barriers : LOW Supplier Rivalry BuyerBargaining among Bargaining Power : firms : Power : low High HIgh Subsitiut e: High
  8. 8. Core: ThirstBasic: SoftDrinkExpected:FreshnessAugmented:Lemon DrinkPotential:Sparkling taste