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Digital Communication Plan for IMPORTED BEER


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This presentation is just an assignment that I received when I was interview for a Digital Strategic Planning position at Digital Agency in Thailand.

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Digital Communication Plan for IMPORTED BEER

  1. 1. Digital Communication Plan for IMPORTED PREMIUM BEERS Yotsawat Charoensakwatana Email:
  2. 2. Current Situation Target consumers are highly aware of imported beers especially Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, and Leffe Superior taste of imported beers is established in consumers mindset However, the popularity of these premium beers seems to decline among target consumers.
  3. 3. The PRODUCTS – Imported Beers Perfection | Better drinking experience | Story rich Imported premium beers such as Leffe, Stella, Hoegaarden just to name a few ,contain several similar aspects that brands what consumers to perceive
  4. 4. Target Consumer IDEAL CONSUMER • Well educated male and female • University students, Fristjobbers, White Collar • Value their friends and enjoy spending time with them • Seeks for happy and memorable moment
  5. 5. Understanding target WHY DO PEOPLE DRINK BEER? Most of activities mentioned are done with friends Socialize Complement food Enjoy sport Relax
  6. 6. Consumer Insight • Consumers don‟t usually recall the taste or care much about the beverage they drink but they often remember there moments with friends and more likely the conversation they had. • Drink not often for the taste but to relax and enjoy their moment with friends Key takeaway: People takes imported beers as a great complement to there great moment with friends
  7. 7. Digital Communication Plan OBJECTIVES • Stir up the popularity of imported beers back among targeted consumers • Stimulate interest and curiosity • Encourage repeat purchase
  8. 8. Digital Communication Plan TO ACHIEVE THE OBJECTIVE We emphasize that the great moment with friends would need something such as the perfect taste of beers to create the perfection moment that they all cherish.
  9. 9. Digital Communication Plan KEY MESSAGE Imported beers like Stella Artois/ Hoegaarden / Leffe are known for its perfect taste, better drinking experience, story rich. People drink beer as a complement to there great time with friends or best one. They are living in the moment. “BREW YOUR PERFECT MOMENT.”
  10. 10. Digital Communication Plan “Brew your perfect moment.” Whether it‟s a match between Man Utd and Chelsea, hangout with old friends from high school, or chill on Friday night after working week long. The moment couldn‟t be any better when your friends are there. A great conversation will make you forget the bad taste of the foods or how annoying your next table is, or even the fact that your favorite team is losing. Yet, it sounds great. But it is not perfect, not until there are these premium beers that are made to perfection to brew your perfect moment. Concept
  11. 11. Digital Communication Plan HOW DO WE COMMUNICATE THE KEY MESSAGE TO CONSUMERS? • A video clip with length approx. 3 minutes • The clip will be presented in first person pov, like it is recorded by video • 3 situations from 3 groups of people at different places
  12. 12. Digital Communication Plan HOW DO WE COMMUNICATE THE KEY MESSAGE TO CONSUMERS? • By the end of the clip, viewers will be with a URL to Facebook page • Vote for the one that viewers think will have perfect moment
  14. 14. Main Platforms to Communicate FB: BrewthePerfectMoment • Focus on generating and encouraging people to talk about there own „perfect moment‟ • Try to tie in the „perfect beer‟ into those moments or activities through conversation, infographic, internet meme, polls • Introduces new places where they can „brew there perfect moment‟ with friends YouTube: BrewthePerfectMoment • Continue to launch video contents • Record and compile series of interview at diferent location, and upload
  15. 15. Digital Tools Facebook Ad Influential Marketing Target to people who likes page about beers and related topics By using people with a lot of followers on social networks to help drive traffic to video and page Twitter Use twitter‟s search to find who mention or talk about imported beer or there moment with friends, and mention to them about our video or page Google AdWord Use PPC ad to target to those who perform search about chill place, or import beers to help drive traffic Banners Display banners to website with context related to beers, friends, hangout, etc