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IoT from Hype to Reality - Connected Brains 2018


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The Internet-of-Things has evolved from garden-variety setups towards an important part of several industry verticals. IoT is not only enhancing existing business processes but also opening up a vast range of new opportunities by adding smart devices - or smart things in general - to these processes. Let us convince you with a practical real-life case.

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IoT from Hype to Reality - Connected Brains 2018

  1. 1. Supported by: Internet-of-Things - From hype to reality with a practical real-life case
  2. 2. We speak your language Supported by:
  3. 3. Introduction – meet the ‘brains’ Education Engineer’s degree, Civil Engineer in Computer science Professional experience IBBT/iMinds : 2004-2007 LoQutus : 2007 – current Certification Fundamentals of Enterprise architecture Archimate 2.0 IBM Certified SOA Associate CTO & Lead strategist Enterprise integration solutions Experienced solution and enterprise architect with a very keen interest in digital technologies, and how these technologies can be used to optimize and disrupt business models and ecosystems : • Cloud/hybrid integration, microservices andAPI Management • Mobile technologies & Social media integration • Analytics and Big data • Internet-of-Things • Blockchain and digital ledger technology
  4. 4. Internet-of-Things
  5. 5. Impact of IoT Evolved from garden-variety setups to becoming an inevitable part of several industry verticals Predictive maintenance Health monitoring Connected vehicles Smarter cities
  6. 6. The mystery of the Philips Hue lights …
  7. 7. End-to-end IoT solutions
  8. 8. Sensors
  9. 9. Device connectivity & Edge gateways Application layer Network / Transport layer Physical / Link layer
  10. 10. IoT Platform architecture CloudGateway Device management Stream processing Data storage Analytics Presentation&businessconnectivity Analytics & Machine learning
  11. 11. PoC setup on IBM Cloud IoTool Watson Studio
  12. 12. Machine Learning Batch Stream
  13. 13. Presentation
  14. 14. • First think of the impacted business solution • Implement a quickwin to kickstart a big initiative Conclusions Think business value, not technology Choose an IoT Platform • Avoid Do-It-Yourself initiatives that hamper scaling • Security is a key feature in Enterprise IoT initiatives (which IoT platforms offer at their core) • An IoT platform still has a learning curve ! Choose your sensors wisely • “Multiple roads lead to Rome” • Precision, reliability, etc vary greatly … • … and also the cost ! • In a lot of cases, it takes more than 1 sensor Don’t be afraid of Machine learning • Technology is NOT the challenge (any more) • Several learning methods exist, align with your use case • Data preparation is key
  15. 15. Evolution : Move to the Edge …
  16. 16. Want to see more? LoQutus speaker slot : IoT won’t work without Artificial Intelligence exclusief-bezoek-ibm-watson- iot-lab-münchen
  17. 17. Supported by: ThankYou!