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How to Lead in IIoT

The Industrial Internet Consortium explains six ways your organization can lead the charge in #IIoT.

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How to Lead in IIoT

  2. 2. Internet of Things Spending Worldwide spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to reach $745 billion in 2019. Worldwide IoT spending will maintain a double-digit annual growth rate throughout the 2017-2022 forecast period and surpass the $1 trillion mark in 2022. Industrial Internet of Things How does one lead the way in Industrial IoT (IIOT)? Source: IDC's Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide, January 2019
  3. 3. ways to lead: 1. Create technical innovations 2. Ride the momentum 3. Elevate your thought leadership status 4. Develop testbeds 5. Form business partnerships and networks 6. Amplify your message 6
  4. 4. Create technical innovations #1
  5. 5. No single company or organization is going to “win” in the industrial internet revolution
  6. 6. Collaborate to create transformative solutions to complex problems
  7. 7. Influence industry standards - pave the way for others
  8. 8. Gain recognition by participating in a globally recognized ecosystem
  9. 9. Be the guiding light to customers planning their IIoT strategy: Project Explorer in the Resource HubTM
  10. 10. Deliver guidance found in the Resource Hub • Actionable intelligence • Testbed insights • Directory of IIoT experts • Collaboratively developed: • architecture, • frameworks, • best practices & • tools  Essential tools for navigating the IIoT
  11. 11. Ride the momentum #2
  12. 12. The IIC helps businesses monetize that momentum…
  13. 13. Gain credibility and validation in the industry through the company you keep
  14. 14. Elevate your thought leadership status #3
  15. 15. Play a major role in the future of the industrial internet
  16. 16. Accept the open invitation to define best practices in the industry
  17. 17. Gain external visibility and market credibility
  18. 18. Visibility - Exclusively for IIC Members Authorship – publish industry resources and articles Media & Analyst Briefings – gain broad exposure Speakers Bureau – receive global speaking opportunities Webinars – present innovative topics to world-wide audience Exhibit – secure choice floor locations at major industry events
  19. 19. Direct access to testbeds in development • Sneak preview of innovations • Contribute your solution in early test stages
  20. 20. Show off your technology and make your presence known at industry events at relatively low cost
  21. 21. Develop testbeds #4
  22. 22. Through testbeds, find an immediate array of ecosystem partners with products, technology and expertise
  23. 23. Testbeds provide the opportunity to influence the direction of the industrial internet, requirements and technologies.  Explore untested technologies or existing technologies working together  Influence standards and drive multi-vendor interoperability  Initiate innovations and rigorously test to ascertain usefulness and viability before going to market
  24. 24. Testbed outcomes and results are promoted through social channels and events
  25. 25. Participation in testbeds can produce a positive effect on your brand There is worldwide and industry recognition in participating in an IIC Approved Testbed
  26. 26. Form business partnerships and networks #5
  27. 27. Find new business development opportunities by forming collaborative relationships
  28. 28. Take advantage of the a vibrant ecosystem by networking with business partners AND potential customers
  29. 29. Members of the IIC ecosystem • Meet face-to-face four times a year: Meetings in Europe, Asia and North America • Host weekly and bi-weekly conference calls to collaborate to produce essential industry resources • Oversee the planning of the leading IoT event: IOT Solutions World Congress • Network at industry events • Host testbed plugfests
  30. 30. Amplify your message #6
  31. 31. Promote your organization’s work via IIC’s channels…
  32. 32. Member Activities: • Press Releases • White Paper Publications • Events • Awards Amplified on IIC channels
  33. 33. Deliver Your Message at IIC-Hosted Public Forums
  34. 34. Exhibit Network Lead @ Industry Tradeshows
  35. 35. We are all about forward-thinking here…
  36. 36. …keeping ahead of the curve, gaining strategic advantage. Leading the industry.
  37. 37. The Industrial Internet Consortium leads the industrial internet revolution. Just ask our members!
  38. 38. “IIC is where the Industrial Internet community comes together.” - Large Industry Member - “Without the IIC, I can’t find another way of getting the ecosystem together to work on common IIoT problems.” - Infosys -
  39. 39. “Testbeds are a core element for the development and innovation around the Industrial Internet of Things.” - Dell EMC - “These testbeds are incredibly valuable to us. They bring IoT out of the realm of abstract theory and turn it into hands-on applications.” - B&R Industrial Automation -
  40. 40. “Joining the Industrial Internet Consortium has expanded our horizons, our connections, and our knowledge in the realm of the IIoT.” - WIBU-SYSTEMS AG - “The bang for the buck is really outstanding.” - Rubicon Labs -
  41. 41. “If you’re interested in IoT, or Industrial IoT, IIC is the best place to be.” - Electric Imp, Inc. -
  42. 42. ways to lead in IIoT: 1. Create technical innovations 2. Ride the momentum 3. Elevate your thought leadership status 4. Develop testbeds 5. Form business partnerships and networks 6. Amplify your message 6
  43. 43. Join us in leading the IIoT. For more information on Industrial Internet Consortium activities, visit and email us at