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10 10-13


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10 10-13

  1. 1. 10­10­13.notebook 1 October 10, 2013 10/10/13 8th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. IR 2. Spelling Test 3. Vocabulary Pretest 4. The Ousiders -Be Ready for your Timed Essay (F) -comments on reading response (F)
  2. 2. 10­10­13.notebook 2 October 10, 2013 1. qualm 2. sustain 3. porous 4. prone 5. peruse 6. recourse 7. solicitous 8. staid 9. residue 10. promontory 11. bolster 12. annul 13. muster 14. obsess 15. oust 16. nonentity 17. ornate 18. blase 19. deplore 20. frivolous
  3. 3. 10­10­13.notebook 3 October 10, 2013 1. Compare and contrast Johnny and Dally. What roles do they play in the novel? What roles do they play In Ponyboy’s life? 2. Explain the importance of the setting in the novel. (You should choose major events: the movie theater, the deserted park, the streets, the church, etc.) How does the division between the East Side and the West Side represent the conflict within the novel itself? 3. Compare and contrast the Curtis brothers: Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy. How does their relationship change over the course of the novel? 4. “Sixteen years on the streets and you can learn a lot.  But all the wrong things, not the things you want to learn" (122).  Discuss this quote from the novel and how it applies to each of the boy's lives.  What things did they learn?  What things might they have liked to learn?  Support your ideas with what you know about the characters through examples from the novel. (Focus on Johnny, Dally, and Ponyboy) 5. Describe the major influences on Ponyboy and how they influence him. 6. Explain how “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” the Robert Frost poem that Ponyboy recites to Johnny at the church, relevant to Ponyboy and Johnny’s story.