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2014 bingo


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2014 bingo

  1. 1. Summer Reading BINGO Please have your parents initial the box when you have completed one I have read at least ten books (in my reading level) this summer. Write all ten on the back of this Bingo card I read aloud to someone Who? ___________ Book Name _____________ I read a book of Religious/Christian Fiction Book Name ____________ I checked out a book from the library Book Name ___________ I read a book that has a movie or TV show based on it. Book Name __________ I read a book about a place I would like to visit Place ___________ Book Name _____________ I read a mystery book. Author ________________ Book Name ___________ I attended a program at the library for students my age. (Please attach any program information) ____________ I read a book of poetry Book Name ___________ Favorite poet from this book ____________ I read a magazine or comic book. Name ___________ I told a friend about a book I read. Friend ___________ Book Name _____________ I read two Caldecott Award picture books Book #1 _________ Book #2 __________ FREESPACE I read a non-fiction book about an animal. Animal ___________ Book Name ____________ I read a book by an awesome author. Author’s name ____________ I read a biography about _______________ Find 20 new words from any of the books you have read. Type them out with their definition(s) and a sentence using the words. (All of the words do not need to be from the same book.) I read a Newberry Award winning book. Book Name ____________ I read a historical fiction book. Book Name ____________ I read two or more books from a series. Series Name ____________ Book #1 ____________ Book #2 ______________ I read 2 books of the Bible I wasn’t familiar with. Book Names ____________________ I read a sci/fi book. Book Name ___________ I illustrated a scene from a book I read. Hand in the illustration stapled to this Bingo sheet I read a newspaper. Which One? ____________ I read just for fun! BINGO Points System: Blackout Bingo- 100 points (entire board) Four Square Bingo- 95 points (the four corners of the board) Regular Bingo- 90 Points (five in a row) Postcard Bingo- 85 points (the four squares in the top corner where a stamp would go) Any Five on the board- 80 points (minimum)