Lithium Vistaprint Case Study: Measuring Positive ROI from Social Media Marketing


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When you’re looking at tools, the more
knowledge and data you have, the more
it helps you make a quantitative decision,
rather than just say that social media
is cool.”

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Lithium Vistaprint Case Study: Measuring Positive ROI from Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Vistaprint Case StudyMeasuring Positive ROIfrom Social Engagement
  2. 2. Vistaprint Case StudyMeasuring Positive ROI fromSocial Engagement About Vistaprint Vistaprint is a leading online provider of professional marketing services and printed products for the home and family. A global company headquartered in Venlo, the Netherlands, with US operations in Lexington, MA—Vistaprint employs over 2,700 people, operates 24 localized websites, and ships to more than 120 countries around the world. Empowering over nine million micro-businesses and consumers annually, they offer a one-stop option for dozens of customizable, high-quality goods and services, and they do it all online—from business cards and brochures to invitations, note pads, and thank you notes. More than delivering a printed product, Vistaprint also supplies online solutions such as websites, email and postcard marketing, and wearable options like hats and T-shirts. As it has grown, the company has become a turnkey marketing solution for micro-businesses looking to stand out from the competition.The Story of Going Social began with Twitter and about 115 pays off. Their audience was talking, and outbound conversations in their first about six months into their activities, socialIt was time to go social—everyone knew month. Shortly after that, it jumped up marketing had become an active componentthat—but taking the plunge and doing it to 500 interactions, and by July 2009 the of Vistaprint’s go-to-market mix—not just forright, that was another thing entirely. For team was surpassing 1,000 interactions promotion, but for support as well.Vistaprint it took a forcing factor. Their a month. Right away they discovered apublic relations manager, Jeff Esposito, passionate online customer base that They needed the right tools for the jobsaid his boss at the time tossed him wanted to connect with Vistaprint. With and metrics to understand exactly whatStephen Baker’s May 2008 Business customers asking to be involved, the team conversation was going on. So the VistaprintWeek cover story, “Beyond Blog,” with the knew they needed to start monitoring and team went looking for a new social mediainstructions to: Figure it out. measuring the conversation. monitoring solution.“We started out very small, we didn’t Vistaprint didn’t just listen, “We chose a social media monitoringknow what we were getting ourselves they answered. solution when we started,” says Esposito. “Asinto,” says Esposito. “Our idea was to use our strategy evolved, it became clear that itsocial for reputation management. Little didn’t meet the measurement requirementsdid we know at the time, but it’s turned Early Success: How Customer that our team was looking for. When weinto a lot more.” looked at the offerings out there, Lithium’s Conversations Made Dollars… Social Media Monitoring solution was theStarting with the basics, the team drew and Sense perfect tool for us. The features were justup a game plan for their community Vistaprint has over 35,000 Facebook fans what we needed and the tool’s flexibility letengagement and listened for a few today, but what matters at the end of the our whole team access that critical data.”months before getting involved. They quarter is how their investment in social 1
  3. 3. Vistaprint Case StudyMeasuring Positive ROI fromSocial EngagementWhen you understand the social conversationand how to engage with it correctly, when you canmeasure the outcomes, you can directly impactyour bottom line.Jeff EspositoManager PR & Social Media, VistaprintLooking at the bottom line, Vistaprint social networks in revenue. The majority better tools to measure the competitivestarted to correlate their social of that came through Twitter. It’s very landscape. “When we made the switchconversations and responses to the simple: the more you converse in a to Lithium’s SMM product we gained thesales funnel, and started to measure helpful, open and transparent manner, ability to look at our numbers comparedwhat some people believe isn’t possible: the more money comes in.” to our competitors. It gave us a look atrevenue from social. what really moves the needle across the Once the team was comfortable with competitive landscape.”“When you look at the conversation the nuances of Twitter and how thecoming in, there’s a mix of product engagement played into their daily Vistaprint started to track how specificdevelopment, of real-time feedback and workflow, they expanded and scaled promotions affected online activity anduser experience.” It was easy to track to another social network—bringing how conversations drove sales and repeatconversations to direct points of purchase Facebook into the mix. purchases. Suddenly the team could spotonline. And, just by knowing who was emergent trends right away, and seesaying what—and then reaching out to what worked and what didn’t. If there wasthem—the team could start to turn some a serious problem, they had the tools to The Right Tools:of our frustrated customers into some of identify and pass the intelligence to thethe biggest advocates. Competitors, a Tropical Storm, appropriate teams. Just by knowing who and the Human Element was saying what—and then reaching out“As a company that measures everything, Vistaprint had wanted to formalize the to them, as human beings—they couldtracking engagement back to revenues is way they understood social and tie their turn frustrated customers into some ofsomething that we were doing from day commerce transactions to their social their biggest,” says Esposito. “When we look back data. For months the team had beento 2009, that first calendar year when we looking at their numbers in a vacuum: Tropical Storm Nicole made thosestarted, we brought in over $30,000 on just the Vistaprint activity. They needed benefits perfectly clear. 2
  4. 4. Vistaprint Case StudyMeasuring Positive ROI fromSocial EngagementVistaprint’s Engagement Checklist Know in real time how you—and your Give customers real-time support Enhance your customers’ competitors—are faring and feedback experience and knowledge Find and motivate your superfans Turn frustrated customers into your Find the right tools for the job biggest advocates Build and maintain your online reputation Get feedback affecting product issues For more information about and development Vistaprint, visit: Track online sales Quickly discover—and be able to Track how promotions drive activity address—important product issues and how interactions drive purchases and trends and repeat salesVistaprint’s English-speaking customer reason for closure to our customers. It “We could actually see what was beingservice center is located in Montego Bay, got to the point to where people didn’t said if someone was not happy with us,Jamaica. When Tropical Storm Nicole mind waiting for some of those answers.” how many conversations it would takeblew through in October 2010, their call to turn them to a positive. Or, how manycenter had to be closed for the safety of follow-ups does it take? How manyemployees. Right away they saw a giant conversations translate to sales?... The Bottom Line:spike in the social media space: people When you’re looking at tools, the morewere talking about their orders. Esposito Results That Matter knowledge and data you have, the moreexplained, “We said, ‘Hey guys, we’re “What we’re seeing,” says Esposito, it helps you make a quantitative decision,going to try to get to these as fast as we “is that the more you talk, the more rather than just say that social mediacan, but our customer service is down everything grows, whether it’s the overall is cool.”right now because of Tropical Strom volume of conversations or the bookings.Nicole. We’ll post more information as The more you’re active, the more activewe get it’. We posted that initial message the whole ecosystem is overall.” About Lithiumalong with periodic updates on Twitterand Facebook – and the result was an Because for Vistaprint—for any Your customers are everywhere. Lithiumoutpouring of positive responses.” company—it’s ultimately about seeing helps you find your social customers, the dollars and cents. By the second year, understand their influence, and buildCustomers who’d been angry about the team had the tools to correlate their lasting relationships. For market leadersthe delay saw the human side of the activity in the social platforms with their such as Best Buy, AT&T, Research Incompany. They knew there were real reputation and their bottom line. Motion Limited (RIM), Univision, andpeople working there and real people PayPal, Lithium is the leading provideraffected by a natural disaster. “The of social customer solutions that deliverhuman element helped us transmit the real business | 6121 Hollis Street, Suite 4, Emeryville, CA 94608 | tel 510.653.6800 | fax 510.653.6801© 2011 Lithium Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3