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Lithium - Get Serious About Social ROI


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What’s your return from social? Every year, brands like Cisco, Skype and Sephora see benefits in the millions. What do they know that you don’t?

Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or your own domain, your social efforts can have a major impact on your business. Getting serious about social means putting a dollar value on that impact.

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Lithium - Get Serious About Social ROI

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  7. 7. Annual Customer Conference▪ Pre-con workshops and certification▪ Thought leaders and social strategistsfor global brands▪ Customer and industry keynotes▪ Breakout sessions on communitymaturity & management, plus productroadmap▪ Lithy AwardsWestin St. Francis,San FranciscoApril 23 - 25, 20133 days of awesome