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In de lessen van Sociale Media kreeg ik de opdracht om anderen meer informatie te geven over hoe je foto's kunt delen via het internet. Hieronder zien jullie de presentatie die ik maakte. Veel plezier!

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  1. 1. PICTURES 1
  2. 2. Inhoudstafel Minus Flickr Picasa Facebook 2
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  4. 4.  Minus is a simple and easy way to share files universally across all devices. Delen van:  Foto’s  Documenten  Muziek  Video’s 4
  5. 5. Je kunt Minus gebruiken om: Een portfolio van jouw werk online te plaatsen Foto’s en video’s van bv. jouw laatste reis te delen Jouw werk te publiceren, ook al is het muziek, een e- book, foto’s, … Te brainstormen en jouw volgend project te delen Samen te werken met anderen Een back-up te maken van jouw bestanden Om notities te delen met jouw klas Via een computer, het internet en gsm te delen 5
  6. 6. Voordelen: Gratis Bestanden blijven er onbepaalde duur opstaan Je kunt 10GB vrije ruimte krijgen Onbeperkte downloads en overdracht Je kunt vrienden volgen om te zien wat zij delen Je kunt je bestanden en folders plaatsen zoals jij wilt Je kunt openbare folders zoeken en ontdekken Alle soorten bestanden worden toegestaan 6
  7. 7. Nadeel: Bestanden mogen 2GB groot zijn Er is een maximum van 100 bestanden per folder 7
  8. 8.  Korte samenvatting: I 8
  9. 9.  Toepassing:  Ga naar  ‘Create an account’  Voer jouw gegevens in 9
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  31. 31. “Minus” Lets You Share Photos, Music & Files From Anywhere 31
  32. 32. “Minus” Lets You Share Photos, Music & Files From Anywhere 32
  33. 33. 33
  34. 34.  Een website om foto’s te delen Een online community platform Net als Delicious wordt het gezien als een Web 2.0-applicatie die tagging / trefwoorden gebruikt om een niet-hiërarchische classificering mogelijk te maken. Flickr is ontwikkeld door het Canadese Ludicorp en werd in maart 2005 overgenomen door Yahoo! 34
  35. 35.  Bij het uploaden van fotos kan de gebruiker opgeven onder welke voorwaarden anderen de foto mogen gebruiken. Fotos kunnen in privé blijven of bestemd zijn voor gebruikers die toestemming kregen van de uploader . Het uploaden kan via pc, e-mail of gsm. Sinds april 2008 kunnen korte videofragmenten (90 seconden, 150 MB) geüpload worden 35
  36. 36.  Flickr groeide in korte tijd uit tot een populaire opslagplaats Flickr meet in tegenstelling tot veel andere fotodiensten niet de opslagruimte, maar het dataverkeer. 36
  37. 37.  Er zijn twee soorten accounts:  De gratis accounts kunnen 300 megabyte per maand uploaden  het pro-account, dat ongelimiteerd kan uploaden, met een maximale grootte van 20MB per foto. 37
  38. 38.  Take the tour:  38
  39. 39. Toepassing: Ga naar 39
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  70. 70. Artikels: Overexposed? Artist Fills Room With 24 Hours of Flickr Photos Flickr Lets You Browse Photos With Friends On iPhone, iPad and Desktop Flickr Changes Sharing Options, Cozies Up to Tumblr 70
  71. 71. Overexposed? Artist Fills Room With 24 Hours of Flickr PhotosPhotography has received a boost in recent years with the advent of morepowerful cameras in our phones and the explosion of picture-sharing on thesocial web. In fact, we likely share millions of photos a day and the sheer scaleof that sharing is a little hard to imagine. Or is it? Dutch visual artist ErikKessels is going beyond imagination by literally printing out every imageuploaded to Flickr in a 24-hour period.Judging from the above picture, that’s a lot of images. More over, these arejust the pictures from Flickr; imagine what it would look like if Kessels dug intoFacebook, Twitter and other photo-hosting sites such as Picasa.The installation is on display at the Foam photography gallery in Amsterdamas part of What’s Next?, an exhibit examining the future of photography.Kessels’s goal was to make-real the mountains of personal information anddata that people share every single day, he told Creative Review: 71
  72. 72. Overexposed? Artist Fills Room With 24 Hours of Flickr Photos “We’re exposed to an overload of images nowadays… This glut is in large part the result of image-sharing sites like Flickr, networking sites like Facebook, and picture-based search engines. Their content mingles public and private, with the very personal being openly and un- selfconsciously displayed. By printing all the images uploaded in a 24- hour period, I visualise the feeling of drowning in representations of other peoples’ experiences.” People have been taking and sharing pictures since the first daguerreotypes were created in the 1800s. Kessels’s exhibit certainly forces us to examine how much media we share every day, but couldn’t the same be said for earlier generations who were just as snap-happy even if they didn’t have a Flickr account? The question is less about how many pictures we take but rather how freely we share those images with complete strangers online. Are we a society of over-sharers? Is it shocking to see how many photos are uploaded in a 24-hour period or should we be sharing even more? Let us know in the comments. 14 november 2011, by Zachary Sniderman 72
  73. 73. Flickr Lets You Browse Photos With Friends On iPhone, iPad and DesktopFlickr has introduced Photo Session, a new feature that lets a group ofpeople browse photos together from multiple devices — both mobile anddesktop.Up to 10 people can view and chat about photos in real time with PhotoSession. As photos are uploaded to the set, the group can view andcomment on them. When one user moves on to the nextphoto, everybody moves.The interface focuses on the photo, which is displayed in fullscreen onyour desktop. But it also includes a simple chat interface. Another featurelets users sketch on top of photos — useful for pointing out something orjust creating doodles.One of the selling points of Photo Sessionis its interoperability. It is available foriPhone, iPad and the desktop. It’sespecially elegant on the iPad, a devicemade for this type of media consumption. 73
  74. 74. Flickr Lets You Browse Photos With Friends On iPhone, iPad and Desktop In short, Photo Sessions is a fun but simple feature. The product is reminiscent of Cooliris, a Kleiner Perkins-backed startup that offers a robust and elegant way to experience photos with a group. It seems Yahoo, which owns Flickr, wants to expand its social footprint in the photo-sharing space. With dozens of startups and several big players looking to make their mark in this space (Facebook and Google chief among them), Photo Session is one way for Yahoo to keep Flickr relevant.September 28, 2011 by Ben Parr 74
  75. 75. Flickr Changes Sharing Options, Cozies Up to TumblrFlickr has just introduced some interesting features for sharing yourphotos around the web. One of the most significant features is theaddition of Tumblr to the roster of social sharing destinations.Flickr says today’s changes should make it easier to get uploadedphotos to all corners of the web — wherever those corners happento be and even when you’re not a logged-in Flickr user.“We’ve added Tumblr as a share destination and are retiring nativesupport of some existing blogs,” Flickr’s Zack Sheppard wrote onthe company blog. “You can always check out the App Garden forother ways to get your photos out there on the Internet!”“Upload one, share everywhere” is the idea behind the newfeatures. Sharing options will take a prominent new place on yourphoto pages, and you’ll be able to share groups of photos —including sets, collections and entire photo streams — to severalsocial sites as well as sharing them via email. 75
  76. 76. Flickr Changes Sharing Options, Cozies Up to Tumblr The service also now allows users to share non-public content and grouped photos to Facebook. Public photos can also be automatically shared to Facebook as soon as they’re uploaded. And you can now share photos to Twitter and Facebook even when you’re signed out of Flickr. Here are screenshots of the new sharing options:March 30, 2011 by Jolie O’Dell 76
  77. 77. 77
  78. 78. Wat is Picasa? Snel en gemakkelijk foto’s delen via Google U kunt eenvoudig uw digitale foto’s ordenen en bewerken Vervolgens online fotoalbums maken Albums delen met vrienden, familie en de wereld 78
  79. 79. Voordelen: Gratis Ordenen Eindeloos bewerken Creatief zijn Prachtige webalbums Op mensen focussen Delen is niet moeilijk Plaatsen toevoegen Foto’s en cadeaus bestellen of thuis afdrukken 79
  80. 80. Picasa Webalbums Foto’s bewerken  Foto’s delen met anderen Afdrukken  Openbare foto’s verkennen 80
  81. 81. Picasa 81
  82. 82. Webalbum 82
  83. 83. ToepassingGa naar: enmeld je aan. 83
  84. 84. Voer jouw gegevens in. 84
  85. 85. 85
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  95. 95. Artikels: Google adds Picnik Magic to Picasa Web Albums Picasa for Mac; Better Than iPhoto? Picasa Web Albums Now Lets You Have 10,000 Albums 95
  96. 96. Google adds Picnik Magic to Picasa Web AlbumsFor some time now, Flickr users have been able to use Picnik to editphotos in-stream without leaving the app. Now that Picnik is a Googleproperty, Picasa users will have roughly the same advantage.As of today, Picasa Web Albums users will be able to use Picnik’s editingtools without ever leaving their accounts.Google acquired Picnik back in March. While Picnik’s free web app lacksthe fuller features of tools like Aviary’s Phoenix, its simplicity makes it anappropriate complement for online photo-sharing sites.On Picnik’s web app, users can crop and resize photos and adjustbrightness, saturation, contrast and other attributes free of charge. ThePicasa implementation will also let you add stickers, apply special effectsand use advanced tools.Edited photos can be saved as new images in your Picasa Web Album, orthey can be used to replace the original image. 96
  97. 97. Google adds Plastic Magic to Picasa Web AlbumsHere’s an example of whatthe app will look like andwhat you can do with it: 97
  98. 98. Google adds Plastic Magic to Picasa Web Albums Although Flickr is a Yahoo property, Flickr users are currently still able to use Picnik to edit images from within the Flickr app “in Picnik mode,” as well. It’s unclear whether users will lose this functionality, but such seems unlikely at this time. What do you think of the Picnik/Picasa integration so far? July 14, 2010 by Jolie O’Dell 98
  99. 99. Picasa for Mac; Better Than iPhoto?Google’s blog is announcing the release of Picasa for Mac atMacWorld. Even though they’ve previously released a PicasaWeb Albums uploader and iPhone plug-in, the full-featuredfree software offers Mac users a way to edit, upload, andshare video and images, surpassing iPhoto in feature set andmaybe even usability.You’re probably thinking, “I’m already using iPhoto, sowhat’s the big deal?” That was certainly my first thoughttoo, but then I downloaded the software to test it out, and Ichanged my tune a bit. Picasa for Mac pulls in images andvideos stored anywhere on your hard drive, lets you edit andtweak, save changes, and of course upload them to Picasa. 99
  100. 100. Picasa for Mac; Better Than iPhoto?Picasa for Mac, which is still a Google Labs application (meaning it’snot perfect), has a feature set that is pretty darn extensive — it wouldbe almost impossible to list them all — but some cool things youmight like include the ability to filter by stared images, images withfaces, and movies. You can also batch edit photos, create collagesand movie clips, publish to Blogger, take video snapshots, one-clickupload to YouTube, and a whole lot more.And even if you’re not ready to chuck iPhoto out the window (I knowI’m certainly not), you can still use both tools side by side. Infact, Picasa for Mac lets you run both applications withoutoverwriting changes to your iPhoto library. iPhoto libraryimages, within the Picasa software, are treated as read-only, so anyphoto adjustments will create a separate copy of the original image. 100
  101. 101. Picasa for Mac; Better Than iPhoto?January 06, 2009 by Jennifer Van Grove 101
  102. 102. Picasa Web Albums Now Lets You Have 10,000 AlbumsHere’s a nice little update for Picasa Web Albums users –Google has upped the previous limit of 1,000 albums peraccount to 10,000. When it comes to storage space foryour photos, it’s the same (7.76 GB, shared betweenGmail, Google Docs, and Picasa Web Albums), but you canstill buy more at very affordable prices.The default view, however, still only shows a hundredalbums. If you have more and want to see the rest, click oneither “show more albums” or “show all albums” at thebottom of your page.April 07, 2010 by Stan Schroeder 102
  103. 103. 103
  104. 104.  Ga naar de startpagina. 104
  105. 105.  Ga naar jouw profiel en klik op ‘Status bijwerken’. 105
  106. 106.  Je drukt op ‘Create Photo Album’ en selecteer de gewenste foto’s. 106
  107. 107.  Druk op ‘openen’ en de gewenste foto’s worden geüpload. 107
  108. 108.  Duid jouw vrienden en de plaats aan. 108
  109. 109.  Dit kan ook achteraf. 109
  110. 110.  Je kunt een beschrijving toevoegen. 110
  111. 111.  Privacy-instellingen aanpassen 111
  112. 112.  Op prikbord plaatsen 112
  113. 113. Artikels: Facebook Timeline: The Next Step Is Coming Soon Zo leven we ons uit op Facebook Facebook krijgt ‘Send Money’-toepassing 113
  114. 114. Facebook Timeline: The Next Step Is Coming SoonLast night I went in search of an answer to a question that has vexed thisindustry for weeks: When will Facebook Timeline officially launch to themasses? The world’s most popular social network was holding a tinygathering in downtown NYC, where I’d get to rub elbows with Timeline’sarchitects. I went, figuring one of them had to know the truth.The small club atop a trendy hotel in lower Manhattan was crowded anddark. It offered amazing vistas of the city skyline and doted around theperiphery of the room were stations where designers would talk abouthow they came up with some of the ideas in Timeline. Eventually, I founda bespectacled guy talking excitedly to another reporter. I began to listenin:“One of the things we learned is that you can’t just walk in and rearrangethe furniture.” It was Sam Lessin, product Manager for FacebookTimeline, explaining why Facebook was taking its time rolling outTimeline. The update radically rearranges users profile pagesinto, essentially, a timeline of their lives on Facebook and — if they fill inmore details — even before they got on the social networking service. 114
  115. 115. Facebook Timeline: The Next Step Is Coming SoonThose who really want Timeline right now can, Lessin reminded me, get it. This is true; Ijumped through a few simple developer hoops to get mine and told Lessin how Imarveled at the things Timeline automatically surfaced about my time online. Whenyour Facebook world is random and disorganized, you can forget about certain photosand comments—even the ones that generated more Likes and comments. Timelinereminds you by automatically finding the important ones and putting them inchronological order.I inched closer to Lessin, who sounds a lot like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He waswarming to his subject and explained the early access enterprising people like me haveenjoyed is part of Facebook’s Timeline roll-out strategy. The social networking giant isgiving those more skilled in technology and social network tools time to learn the newplatform. In essence, it’s building an army of Timeline foot soldiers—not Facebookemployees, but regular people who have gone out of their way to access and build theirown Timelines. These early adopters are already embedded with their own often lesstechnically adept family members and friends. The Timeline soldiers can help whenfriends and family are confronted by the sweeping changes found in Timeline. It’s alsoclear that, with events like this one, Facebook is trying to educate the media on thefundamentals and benefits of Timeline, which I’m sure Facebook execs figure couldhelp buffet back a public outcry when the changes go live for everyone. 115
  116. 116. Facebook Timeline: The Next Step Is Coming SoonChanging things and then trying to explain won’t work, Lessin told us. “Wecan write all the FAQs in the world and they won’t read them,” said Lessin.Facebook Timeline can’t stay in this beta form forever. Lessin agreed and saideventually Facebook will take that next step and make Timeline opt-in for all. Ipressed and asked when that next “step” would come. Lessing would onlysmile and say “soon.”Will there ever come a time when Facebook will, in fact, “rearrange thefurniture” for all of its users? Lessin said that “someday” Facebook will do theglobal switchover, but would offer no details of when that might actuallyhappen. So for now, the couch stays where it is; that ottoman is fine overthere and your favorite easy chair has not moved an inch. You can move one ifyou like, but it might be even better if you visited your technophobe parent’shouse and helped them move the furniture—and, yes, I am still talking aboutFacebook.Is Facebook taking the right approach or should it just take the leap and turnTimeline on for everyone–right now? Let us know your opinion in thecomments.November 11, 2011 by Lance Ulanoff 116
  117. 117. Zo leven we ons uit op FacebookMet 4,3 miljoen zijn ze, de Belgen op Facebook. En met reden, zo blijkt. Want wie op Facebook zit, is minderachterdochtig, heeft innigere vriendschappen en raakt minder snel vereenzaamd. Dat blijkt uit een nieuwe studie vaneen gerenommeerd Amerikaans onderzoeksbureau.Check uw vriendenlijst op Facebook. Grote kans dat de meeste namen teruggaan tot uw schooltijd. Wellicht zult umeer ex-klasgenoten tellen dan familieleden en collegas, zo leert een onderzoek van het Pew Research Center for thePeople and the Press over sociale media.Een andere opmerkelijke conclusie: in vergelijking met andere internetgebruikers vinden twee keer zoveelFacebookers dat mensen volledig te vertrouwen zijn. In vergelijking met wie niet surft, is dat zelfs drie keer zoveel.Bovendien zouden Facebookgebruikers innigere vriendschappen hebben en minder snel vereenzamen dan wie desociaalnetwerksite niet gebruikt.Vooral dat laatste verbaast me, zegt socioloog en social media-expert Ben Caudron. Facebook wordt bestempeld alseen sociaal medium, maar het gedrag dat daar meestal mee gepaard gaat - geïsoleerd voor een computerschermzitten - is niet zo sociaal. Dat je door Facebook betere vrienden hebt, is dus alleszins opmerkelijk. Want deeigenschappen die nodig zijn om met anderen in contact te komen, zijn veel complexer dan die om online vrienden temaken.Hoewel de sociaalnetwerksite almaar meer mensen uit de oudere generaties aantrekt, krijgt ze er een geduchteconcurrent bij: Twitter. Die berichtensite kwam in ons land traag op gang, maar heeft sinds het Pukkelpop-drama eenenorme boost gekregen. Terwijl voorheen vooral politici, journalisten en BVs het kanaal gebruikten, merken we nu datook de gewone mens Twitter ontdekt heeft.MySpace, de sociaalnetwerksite die zich vooral richt op jong muziektalent, doet het dan weer minder goed. Volgensde onderzoeksresultaten boet de website de laatste tijd sterk aan populariteit in. Caudron: My-Space investeert allang niet meer, terwijl Facebook - voor sommigen tot vervelens toe - bijna maandelijks vernieuwt. Het succes vanFacebook zit hem vooral in het feit dat het voor iedereen toegankelijk is. Het enige wat je moet kunnen, is lezen enschrijven.November 19, 2011 by Glynis Procureur 117
  118. 118. Facebook krijgt ‘Send Money’-toepassingHet online betaalsysteem PayPal lanceert een toepassing waarmee de gebruikers vande sociale netwerksite Facebook geld naar elkaar kunnen sturen. Dat maakte productmanager JB Coutinho van PayPal bekend op haar blog.Met de toepassing Send Money kunnen Facebook-gebruikers geld sturen naarelkaar, bijvoorbeeld als verjaardagsgeschenk. Dat kan met of zonder een elektronischewenskaart erbij.Coutinho gaf aan dat de dienst gratis is in de Verenigde Staten als via de bankrekeningof via de Paypal-rekening betaald wordt. Hoeveel internationale overschrijvingenkosten, vermeldt Coutinho niet.De toepassing werkt als volgt: kies op de link naar de applicatie of je geld met of zondere-card wil sturen. Log in op je Paypal-account, geef een bedrag in en klik op Send. Dekaart komt meteen op het prikbord van de ontvanger terecht, maar de boodschap bijde kaart blijft verborgen voor andere gebruikers.vrijdag 18 november 2011, 14u34 118
  119. 119. Facebook krijgt ‘SendMoney’-toepassing 119
  120. 120. 120