October 2012 innovations


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In our October Innovations report, we went through the marketing loop and identified our favorite examples from the month along the customer journey.

As expected, we saw a surge in all things mobile. Research from Gartner provided significant projections for the next two years in the growth of smartphone & tablet activity, and brands have jumped onboard, targeting consumers through in-app mobile ads and in-store consideration tactics. In our report, we highlighted the Honda campaign in Zynga’s Scramble With Friends mobile game, Target’s use of QR codes for secretive holiday toy shopping and Kraft’s experimentations with NFC in groceries across the Bay Area.
Also to note, we saw both DisneyStore.com and Rent the Runway refresh their ecommerce sites, just in time for holiday season, and Red Bull make a splash across the globe with one of the biggest brand moments of the year — Stratos.
Check back on our blog soon, as we’ll be recapping this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday research & news in our next report!

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October 2012 innovations

  1. 1. SOCIAL  MEDIA  INNOVATIONS October  2012Monday, December 3, 2012
  2. 2. News  Items 2Monday, December 3, 2012
  3. 3. Tumblr  was  named  a  preferred   •  Union  Metrics  was  announced  as  Tumblr’s  first  and   only  preferred  third-­‐party  analy<cs  tool third-­‐party  analyEcs  tool  and   released  a  new  photo  sharing   •  Tumblr  also  released  a  standalone  iPhone  app  that   applicaEon. allows  users  to  group  pictures  together  into   photosets,  which  has  differen<ated  photo-­‐pos<ng  on   Tumblr  from  Instagram,  Facebook  Camera  and  TwiEer •  Photosets  are  assigned  their  own  photoset.com   unique  URLs  which  can  be  used  for  sharing  on  social   networks 3Monday, December 3, 2012
  4. 4. LinkedIn  refreshed  its  profile   •  LinkedIn  users  now  have  new  photo,  biography  and   edi<ng  op<ons  for  user  profiles pages  and  enabled  users  to   “follow”  industry  leaders. •  Users  can  “endorse”  other  users  for  a  par<cular  skill   with  a  single  click •  Users  can  now  like,  comment  on  or  share  other   users’  status  updates •  LinkedIn  users  can  now  follow  150  selected  industry   leaders,  including  Pete  Cashmore,  Barack  Obama  and   former  Merrill  Lynch  President  Sallie  Krawcheck,  are   now  pos<ng  original  content  to  the  site 4Monday, December 3, 2012
  5. 5. TwiLer  to  add  photo  filters. •  TwiEer,  which  once  tried  to  buy  Instagram,  is   planning  on  launching  a  similar  service,  a  range  of   photo  filters  that  users  can  add  to  pictures  uploaded   to  TwiEer •  Instagram  CEO  Kevin  Systrom  has  noted  that  he  is   not  threatened  by  the  move,  given  that  Instagram  “is   a  community  and  not  a  filter  app” 5Monday, December 3, 2012
  6. 6. Facebook  rolls  out  a  new  Pages   •  Facebook  announced  Global  Pages,  a  new  structure   that  allows  global  brands  to  provide  improved   structure  for  global  brands. localized  experiences •  Brands  will  have  one  URL  they  can  promote  to  their   global  audience;  users  will  be  automa<cally  directed   to  the  best  version  of  the  Page  for  them  -­‐-­‐  with   localized  cover  photos,  Page  apps,  News  Feed   stories,  profile  photos,  milestones  and  “About”  info •  Brands  can  boast  a  cumula<ve  fan  count  and  PTAT   (People  Talking  About  This),  and  benefit  from  a   global  insights  dashboard AEen<on’s  POV 6Monday, December 3, 2012
  7. 7. Pinterest  becomes  one  of  the   •  ComScore  placed  Pinterest  in  its  list  of  the  top  50   most-­‐visited  Web  sites  in  the  U.S.  for  the  first  <me,   top  50  most  visited  Web  sites  in   with  25  million  unique  visitors the  U.S. •  Pinterest’s  recently  launched  iPad  app  accounts  for   55%  of  its  mobile  visitors •  Bizrate  asked  consumers  to  list  why  they  used   specific  social  media  plaaorms;  Pinterest  was  listed   four  <mes  more  than  Facebook  as  a  channel  used  for   inspiring  purchases 7Monday, December 3, 2012
  8. 8. 1  billion  users  to  access  social   •  Gartner  predicts  that,  with  the  growth  of   smartphones  and  tablets,  there  will  be  1  billion   networks  via  mobile  by  2014. people  accessing  social  networks  on  their  mobile   devices  by  2014 •  Facebook  already  cites  that  40%  of  its  ac<ve  users,   or  400  million  people,  currently  use  mobile  devices  to   access  the  site •  Gartner  also  notes  that  pure-­‐play  mobile  social   networks  like  Instagram,  Foursquare  and  Path,  will   con<nue  to  grow 8Monday, December 3, 2012
  9. 9. Case  Studies:  ALenEon 9Monday, December 3, 2012
  10. 10. Partnering  strategically  to  gain  awareness  from   •  Zynga  and  Honda’s  new  mobile  campaign  will  take   an  audience  primarily  found  on  mobile: place  in  Zynga’s  Scramble  With  Friends,  allowing   players  to  earn  prizes  like  in-­‐game  credits  and  virtual   Honda  partnered  with  Zynga   goods  upon  interac<ng  with  the  ads for  the  game  maker’s  first   reward-­‐based  mobile  ad   •  Users  play  on  a  branded  game  board  and  locate   words  “Accord,”  “luxury”  and  “new”  to  earn  their   campaign. rewards •  The  partnership  is  part  of  the  2013  Honda  Accord  “It   Starts  With  You”  program 10Monday, December 3, 2012
  11. 11. HosEng  a  stunt  to  generate  global  awareness: •  Red  Bull  partnered  with  Felix  Baumgartner  to  have   the  athlete  skydive  from  the  stratosphere  (wearing  a   Red  Bull  sent  an  extreme   branded  suit,  jumping  from  a  branded  space  capsule)   and  break  the  speed  of  sound  during  the  fall athlete  to  the  stratosphere  for   a  record-­‐breaking  skydive. •  The  stunt  was  broadcast  on  over  40  networks  across   50  countries,  130  digital  outlets  and  received  an   addi<onal  8  million  views  through  the  YouTube   livestream  (a  record  for  the  video  site,  as  well) •  Red  Bulls  Facebook  post-­‐jump  photo  gained  216k   Likes,  10k  comments  and  over  29k  shares  within  40   minutes;  on  TwiEer,  half  the  worldwide  trending   topics  were  related  to  the  event 11Monday, December 3, 2012
  12. 12. Engulfing  users  in  the  brand  narraEve  with   •  Pixar  launched  a  fake,  yet  comprehensive,  “college   compelling  content: website”  to  promote  Monsters  University,  which  is   slated  for  release  in  summer  2013 Pixar  developed  a  “college   website”  to  promote  Monsters   •  The  working  website  features  pages  commonly   University. found  on  college  websites:  admissions,  courses,   academics,  campus  life,  store,  alumni  news,  history •  A  password-­‐protected  sec<on  called  M.U.  Net   suggests  more  content  will  be  added  leading  up  to   the  premiere Site  Link 12Monday, December 3, 2012
  13. 13. Engaging  consumers  in  a  creaEve  execuEon   •  Coke  Zero  challenged  unsuspec<ng  commuters  to   that  highlights  both  brand  partners: play  James  Bond  for  a  chance  to  win  <ckets  to  Skyfall   in  a   Coke  Zero  issued  challenges  to   commuters  for  Eckets  to   •  Commuters  had  to  race  up  stairs,  jump  and  duck  out   Skyfall. of  the  way  of  props  and  actors,  and  sing  the  007   theme  song  to  win •  The  video  of  various  commuters  comple<ng  the   challenge  has  received  more  than  9  million  views Video  Link 13Monday, December 3, 2012
  14. 14. Case  Studies:  ConsideraEon 14Monday, December 3, 2012
  15. 15. Rethinking  product  placement  through  digital   •  Target  worked  with  Hollywood  actors,  including   content  creaEon: Kristen  Bell,  on  Falling  For  You,  where  viewers  can  buy   featured  products  without  pausing  the  video Target  featured  Hollywood   talent  in  a  shoppable  romanEc   •  As  the  film  progresses,  over  100  Target  items  appear   comedy  film. in  a  scrolling  sidebar  to  the  right  of  the  video,  where   users  can  click  to  “favorite”  items  and  buy  them  when   the  video  ends •  Users  can  also  share  the  items  from  the  home,   apparel,  accessories  and  beauty  departments,  onto   Facebook,  Pinterest  and  TwiEer Film  Site  Link 15Monday, December 3, 2012
  16. 16. Driving  new  sources  of  revenue  through   •  Fancy  Box  is  a  monthly  delivery  service  of  curated   crowdsourcing: goods,  the  top  items  that  were  “fancy’d”  within  the   user’s  favorite  categories  on  Fancy Fancy  launched  a  monthly   subscripEon  service,  Fancy  Box,   •  The  service,  similar  to  BirchBox,  further  defines   that  is  curated  by  its  own  users: Fancy  as  the  “Pinterest  for  shopping,”  ac<va<ng  users   to  purchase  (versus  compiling  items  on  a  wish  list) •  Monthly  subscrip<on  costs  $30  and  each  box   contains  over  $60  of  products 16Monday, December 3, 2012
  17. 17. Case  Studies:  AcquisiEon 17Monday, December 3, 2012
  18. 18. Providing  in-­‐store  convenience  to  shoppers   •  Further  differen<a<ng  itself  from  other  big  box   who  may  have  otherwise  turned  online: retailers  and  Amazon  this  holiday  season,  Target  has   tagged  the  top  20  toys  of  the  season  in  its  stores  with   Target  used  QR  codes  in  aisles   QR  codes  so  parents  can  shop  for  their  kids’  toys   without  ruining  the  surprise for  parents  to  secretly  shop  for   holiday  toys. •  Shoppers  scan  marked  toys  using  the  Target  app  and   ship  it  for  free  to  anyone  in  the  US 18Monday, December 3, 2012
  19. 19. Delivering  uElity  and  value  to  consumers  at   •  Kraq  partnered  with  News  America  Marke<ng,   point-­‐of-­‐purchase  through  new  technology: publisher  of  coupons  in  the  U.S.  and  Canada,  and   thinaire  to  pilot  a  near  field  communica<on  (NFC)   Kra_  piloted  an  NFC  mobile   program  in  five  grocery  stores  in  San  Francisco markeEng  program  in  grocery   stores. •  Shoppers  who  tapped  their  smartphones  at  the  shelf   were  launched  into  interac<ve  experiences,  e.g.   instant  download  of  the  Kraq  i-­‐Food  Assistant  app,   interac<ons  with  the  brand’s  recipes •  Engagement  through  NFC  “taps”  was  12  <mes  higher   than  engagement  with  QR  codes,  consumer   engagement  <me  at  shelf  increased  to  48  seconds   (from  5-­‐10)  and  more  than  36%  of  engaged  shoppers   converted  it  into  ac<on 19Monday, December 3, 2012
  20. 20. Case  Studies:  Engagement 20Monday, December 3, 2012
  21. 21. AugmenEng  the  ecommerce  experience  with   •  Disney  Store’s  new  ecommerce  site  allows  shoppers   user  personalizaEon: to    record  and  customize  a  “Disney  Magical  Message”   video  to  send  along  with  their  giq  purchases Disney  Store  launched  a   redesigned  ecommerce  site. •  Recipients  receive,  with  their  giq,  a  card  that   provides  a  URL  and  personal  ID  for  access  to  the   personalized  video   •  Social  sharing  tools  have  been  enhanced  so  shoppers   can  share  items  across  Pinterest,  Facebook,  TwiEer   and  e-­‐mail,  via  desktop,  tablet  or  mobile 21Monday, December 3, 2012
  22. 22. Leveraging  user-­‐generated  content  to  provide   •  Rent  the  Runway’s  “Our  Runway”  features  user-­‐ uElity  to  other  users: submiEed  photos  of  real  women  in  dresses  rented   from  the  site Rent  the  Runway  launched   “Our  Runway”  featuring     •  Users  can  browse  the  site  using  the  helpful  filters   consumer  photos. (height,  bust,  size  and  age)  to  see  how  dresses  looked   on  users  similar  to  them •  Users  can  also  comment  on  other  users’  photos  to   ask  ques<ons  about  the  dresses Site  Link 22Monday, December 3, 2012