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What is Flickr?


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A one page guide explaining what Flickr is to people who are completely new to it.

Published in: Technology, Business
  • how do i use it to get company profile exposure,do i connect it to company twitter account.
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What is Flickr?

  1. 1. What is flickr?Flickr is a photo sharing site. That means you website - though it’s always polite to askupload photos to it, so that other people can people first.look at them. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Some Flickr groups are incredibly creative, with people spending a lot of time setting up and taking their shots. Some nice informal examples of these include ‘Stormtroopers: Their Secret Lives and Adventures’ and ‘Lego vignettes’. Sometimes Flickr groups organise meetups -You have to open an account first, but once often called ‘Flickr walks’ - where everyoneyou have done that you can get cracking gets together and goes for a tramp around withuploading your photos. Once you have them their cameras. These walks are well worthon the site, you can give them titles, attending, not least because they often end indescriptions and add keywords, known as the pub.‘tags’. EditingTags are pretty important, because once youhave used a few on your own photos, you can Other cool things Flickr lets you do includesclick them to find photos that other people editing the photos that you have uploaded,have used those tags to describe. It’s a great whilst still online. Just click on one of yourway of discovering new pictures of the things photos, then under the ‘Actions’ menu, chooseyou are interested in! ‘Edit photo in Piknik’. This lets you make a wide range of edits, without the need of Comments software on your computer.Photos can also be commented on, so people Flickr is important because photographs arecan drop by and leave remarks about the among the most engaging social objects onexcellence of your photography, or perhaps the web. People love to look at them, and theytheir memories and experiences of whatever it like contributing them too!is that is in your photograph.Like most social sites, you can connect withfriends and family on the site, and can makecertain photos only available to one or both ofthose groups, as well as publishing thempublicly. This gives you the chance to ensuresome privacy.What’s more, Flickr lets you join groups, basedon local areas or along topic lines, so you canshare relevant photos with others, and chat tothem in the discussion forums. These groupscan be a great source of photos for your This quick guide was put together by Kind of Digital.We provide strategic advice, training and technical development to help organisations open up and make the most of the web - including social media tools like Flickr! Find out more at or follow us on Twitter - @kindofdigital Published under creative commons - feel free to redistribute and edit, but not for commercial gain.