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  1. What does an app developer want ?
  2. Millions of downloads Organic downloads
  3. User engagement and reten5on
  4. What successful Apps are doing One way referral -­‐ Share & get 125MB free space Two way referral -­‐ Give $20; Get $20 Social pay -­‐ Buy or invite friends Sweepstakes -­‐ ParCcipate & Win and many
  5. What app developers are doing One way referral -­‐ Share & get 125MB free space Two way referral -­‐ Give $20; Get $20 Social pay -­‐ Buy or invite friends Sweepstakes -­‐ ParCcipate & Win and many What works for my app
  6. Our Solu5on -­‐ App Virality App Virality helps app developers to idenCfy and implement the right growth techniques, within minutes. No coding required • Light weight SDK • WYSIWYG dashboard • RecommendaCon engine • In-­‐depth analyCcs • A/B tesCng
  7. How it works It’s a simple 4 step process
  8. We have built light weight (120 KB) SDK that can be integrated within 10 minutes.
  9. RecommendaCon engine helps app developers in idenCfying the right growth technique at every state of the business.
  10. Businesses use their App Virality dashboard to customize and configure growth campaigns without worrying about making changes to code, updates to play/app store etc.
  11. Businesses can select acCons of their choice, it could be Facebook, Twier, Poll, Survey, Feedback, Review, etc
  12. Advanced analyCcs give businesses deep insights about their growth campaigns with meaningful data to iterate and succeed fast.
  13. Businesses can track everything right from number of users endorsed to performance of each individual user’s endorsement. IdenCfy top influencers and make use of them for further promoCons.
  14. WYSIWYG Dashboard User TargeCng AcCons Powerful dashboard to control everything. No coding. Target users based on behaviour, locaCon, events, etc MulCple acCons to choose from -­‐ Social, Polls, Survey, Feedback, etc Track InstallaCons Fraud DetecCon A/B TesCng Track engagement/downloads from any source across pla_orms. Reward only those who deserve. IdenCfy and prevent fraud referrals. Right combinaCon of what, when, where and how to leverage more. Key Features
  15. Team behind AppVirality Laxman Papineni Founder & Business Ram Papineni Co-­‐founder & Product Madhu Manne First hire & Product + Team consists of folks with 1 exit & 1 failed venture under their belt.
  16. Advisors Mohit Saxena Shyamal Mehta Co-­‐founder CEO Batch #4 -­‐ MicrosoF Accelerator, Bangalore.
  17. Market Size Download costs $1 to $3 Mobile Ad spend $18B by 2014 Source: Gartner Inc.
  18. Monthly subscripCon, Pay as you grow. Free up to 10,000 MAU’s Aeer that it’s $2 for every 1,000 MAU’s Pricing Model Example: 300k MAU app pays $600 monthly and $7,200 Yearly
  19. Customer acquisition route Online&Channels& Influencing&Influencers& Direct&Sale& Channel • Search Engine OpCmizaCon • Search Engine MarkeCng • Presence on social media • CreaCng repository of content Key$Players • Aending and organizing conferences • CreaCng and culCvaCng developer groups • Gefng marquee clients • Strategic partnerships to enhance distribuCon channel
  20. Thank You Laxman Papineni Co-founder