Poster convetions


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Poster convetions

  1. 1. Conventi ons Of Music
  2. 2. Definition from the Oxford Dictionary
  3. 3. Basic Overview What I gather from looking at the previous images music Posters Include have these main conventions – • Artists Name • Album Title • Artist • Information of tour/release date • Record labels logo • Sponsors • Web address • Icon of album front cover, where to get it from • A range of mise-en-scene
  4. 4. I like the use of layering in this image, and how the artist is stood in front of the Artist name. This could be done because P!NK is recognised world wide therefore just by seeing her face we know who it is. I don’t like how there’s music information on this poster, for example where I can get tickets from or a website. I think it’s slightly old fashioned as it doesn’t have any digital media products on it, such as download links etc. I like the filter used over the image, and how the lips have been done with bits Smudged, connoting ideologies about the album concept “The Truth About Love.”
  5. 5. I don’t like the imagery for this poster. I believe it doesn’t connote the ideology and stereotype we hold to be a celebrity. The Representation of Rihanna, seems quite common and I don’t believe there’s anything to idealise about her. The imagery is quite simple. However the text on the poster is good, it has an icon of her album cover and information on where the shows are and how to get tickets as well her labels logo.
  6. 6. I like Katy Perry’s release poster for her single roar as it’s Postmodern. It’s parodies of the Indiana Jones posters which are Cartoons /drawings. Pop is a great example of Post Modern Media. (see blog post on post modern) There’s also an image of what we could suggest is Indiana Jones in the background. And the dark haired female could be where Katy Perry got her idea From. Also the font of “Roar” is simple to the film title “Indian Jones.”
  7. 7. I like the colour scheme of Taylor Swift’s of different shades of purple and white and how it blends in with her costume. There’s also an album icon as well as information on how to get tickets and what the poster is about. As well as a web address. All of the poster have different shots, such as Rihanna’s is a close up, however Swift’s is a mid shot.
  8. 8. Beyonce poster focuses mainly on the mise en scene. It’s sophisticated which relates with the language of “The Mrs. Carter Show” however the clothing is revealing once again relating back to Mulvey “Male Gaze.” The Masquerade theme has sexy ideologies and the mask could suggest that she is hiding behind the idea of being married however she’s a free spirit. It gives little information however there’s an url to her website on how to find out more information, so the image draws the viewer in, to then go find out more. Because Beyonce is such a recognised artist like P!NK if she was to have to an image of herself and then her website, viewers would probably still go search it, because of Beyonce’s place in society.
  9. 9. These are all pop genre artists however it poster is very different which shows the pop is a very versatile genre and all the artists differ to stand out.