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002 -spiritula autobiography20071229

  1. 1. The Spiritula Autobiography of Laura Li-Hua Sun 2007/12/29 A. 1963-81 Naïve, Outgoing Childhood and Melancholy Soul-searching Teen Years I was born in 1963 in a farmer’s family in Taiwan, as the second child. I was age two, my parents divorced. As a result of my mom’s remarriage, I received a new family with a stepfather, a stepsister and a stepbrother. I felt safe and content until the age of ten. In the meantime, I started to show my creativity and academic ability in school as I went through soul-searching adventure during my melancholy blue teen years. B. 1981-1984 Spiritual Awakening in College Being a freshman in National Taiwan University, I majored in library science. In September of 1982, on the top of the highest mountain in Taiwan, the Yu-Mountain, I experienced an empty feeling. This emptiness shattered my whole value system and my whole lifestyle. My depression did not lift until I met Jesus. After I became a believer, I was involved in Campus Crusade as a student co-worker for the remaining two years in college. I also participated in a short-term mission trip, leadership training and Bible study training. C. 1985-1990 The First Role in Ministry Having Jesus in me, I realized that life would not be a dream. Those bits and pieces that once had been falling apart begin to fit into their own places. Before my graduation from NTU, in order to display my gratitude to what the Lord had done in my life, I had a photo exhibition titled “The Bygone Years: My Testimony of Gratitude." during May 20-31 of 1985. The statement I put on the invitation cards for that exhibition was Acts 17:26-27, Afterwards, I had been a full time worker in several parachurch organizations. With my talents like Arts and photograph I wished to be a vessel used by God in mass communication. However, more often than not, I felt that there was a stronghold preventing great growth. D. 1991-2007 Inner Growth in Wilderness & Oasis After my mom’s death in 1990, I began my own healing journey. In the meantime, nine months before I came to the U.S. one of the most outstanding experiences for me was being a correspondent for the Christian Tribune in Taipei, Taiwan. Interviewing leaders, pastors and key individuals of different denominations and parachurch organizations was my main responsibilities. I especially valued the chance to interact with godly people and to transform their insightful wisdom and life-changing experiences into inspirational messages. After coming to the U.S., I had studies in Oklahoma, Colorado and California, finally on May, 25, 2007 got my Ph.D. degree in Cross-Cultural Education at School of Intercultural Studies, Biola University. E. 2007-Future As I conclude my spiritual biography at this point, I come back to Queen Esther. The palace for her means fulfilling the Lord’s mission and her destiny. I hope one day that I, like Esther, will receive a life crown from the Lord and I will lay it before the Throne in Heaven and the Lord will say to me, “Well done.”