Lander Academy: Content Marketing and Conversion


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  • How customers have a trillion choices, and your competitor or another site is just a click awayConsequently, our monopoly is gone, we don’t have a captive audience anymoreBecause we don’t have a captive audience, interruption marketing doesn’t work anymoreWe’re stuck trying to gain brand awareness and generate leads by using borrowed media, which is expensive, we don’t have control over it ,and it’s too easy for our customers to TiVo us out and ignore us
  • Lander Academy: Content Marketing and Conversion

    1. 1. Content Marketing andConversionHow to Create a Content Strategy that Drives SalesFernando A. LabastidaSmall World Labs
    2. 2. Fernando Labastida• Customer Success Manager Small WorldLabs• Founder Latin IT• Organized first Latin America Track atSouth by Southwest Interactive• Helped organize debut edition ofAmericas IT• Speaker at upcoming conference EngageMexico
    3. 3. What is Content Marketing?Content Marketing means creating and sharing valuablefree content to attract and convert prospects intocustomers, and customers into repeat buyers. The type ofcontent you share is closely related to what you sell; inother words, you’re educating people so that theyknow, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.Source: Copyblogger
    4. 4. The problemThe web has fundamentallychanged the dynamic forcustomer communicationsIs this a problem…or an opportunity?
    5. 5. The problem – and the opportunitySource:
    6. 6. The media monopoly is gone
    7. 7. The playing field has leveled
    8. 8. The 5 Steps to a Successful ContentMarketing Strategy• Provide overwhelming value• Focus on your customer– not your product• Become the media• Use your content as market research• Get them to subscribe
    9. 9. ProvideOverwhelming Value
    10. 10. Entreproducer:“If you feel like you’re givingaway too much, you’re on theright track…”
    11. 11. The Potlach“The status of any given family is raised not bywho has the most resources, but by whodistributes the most resources. ”Source: Wikipedia
    12. 12. Law of Reciprocity – Robert CialdiniAs humans, we prefer toreturn favors ordebts, because wegenerally feeluncomfortable feelingindebted to somebody
    13. 13. Copyblogger
    14. 14. Content Marketing Institute
    15. 15. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream:Jeni’s at Home
    16. 16. Focus on yourcustomer, not yourproduct
    17. 17. More than just a personaPersona + Unmet need =content marketing success
    18. 18. Rock’N’Realty: Content for Vegans and MusicLovers in Austin
    19. 19. Become the media
    20. 20. Source: The Promo Blog
    21. 21. Produce media on a regular schedule– become an addictive habit“The more contentI can put out, themore luck I have,”Gary VaynerchukSource: Forbes
    22. 22. The First Soap OperaP&G’s As TheWorld TurnsSource: Forbes
    23. 23. Being the Media• A regular schedule (editorial calendar)• Content types for your personas• Guest appearances
    24. 24. Share content through3rd party sourcesGuest appearanceswas one of LilWayne’s “secrets tosuccess.” Guestblogging will be oneof your secrets tosuccess too
    25. 25. Sharing content through social media“it’s not good enough to just produce longform content; you have to put out micro-content to drive awareness to it,”Gary Vaynerchuk
    26. 26. Use your content as amarket research tool
    27. 27. Minimum Viable Audience“I learn more from serving an online audiencethan any other approach I’ve takento truly understanding a market.”Brian Clark, Entreproducer
    28. 28. Content Research• Analytics• Comments section• Social media feedback
    29. 29. James Altucher shares posts through Facebook first before posting tohis blog
    30. 30. Get them to subscribe
    31. 31. Content Marketing Institute EmailMarketing study – the average CMIsubscriber:• Was more likely to attend our events and purchase ourproducts• Was more likely to share our content with theirnetworks• Closed three times faster than a non-subscriber, oncehe or she had entered our sales process (for ourconsulting service).- Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute
    32. 32. Thank you very much!