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Content Marketing Demystified


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A visual overview on how to make Content Marketing work more effectively for you.

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Content Marketing Demystified

  1. 1. Content Marketing Demystified
  2. 2. 2.4 BILLIONThe number of internet users you potentiallyhave access to
  3. 3. 144 billion – Total email traffic per day worldwide30billion – Number of Google AdWords servedper day1 billion – Number of monthly active users onFacebook175 million – Average number of tweets per day
  4. 4. Easy access to consumers means everyone istrying to gain access.
  5. 5. The Result?
  6. 6. Consumers filter access to the point wherealmost nothing gets through.
  7. 7. Interruption marketing says bombard people withenough ads and enough might get through togive you a ROI
  8. 8. The average click-through rate of an ad on theGoogle Display Network is 0.4%.For a Facebook ad is 0.051%
  9. 9. What is the alternative to shoving salesinformation into people’s faces?
  10. 10. Content Marketing
  11. 11. Content marketing informs your audience withrelevant, entertaining and memorable informationto gain greater visibility and trust that drive sales.
  12. 12. Example:• Jess does all her own DIY
  13. 13. • Handyman Joe publishes loads of usefulDIY tips on his website
  14. 14. • This helps Jen fix all kinds of things in andaround the house
  15. 15. • Jen now trusts Joe and he becomes herpreferred source of information
  16. 16. • One day Jen faces a problem that isbigger than she can handle
  17. 17. • Who is she going to call? JOE!
  18. 18. There are three needs your content shouldaddress:UNDERSTANDING – PROOF – FEEL GOOD
  19. 19. UNDERSTANDING: people want to understandhow things workPROOF: they want proof that what you’re talkingabout really worksFEEL GOOD: they want to have a goodexperience – easy, preferable entertaining anddefinitely memorable
  20. 20. The content formats to use for each need are:UNDERSTANDING – InfoGraphics, Blogs,Articles, Animation and videoPROOF - White papers and case studiesFEEL GOOD - Visual communication and storytelling
  21. 21. The process starts with the creation of greatcontent.• Make it different• Make it useful• Make it engaging• Make it memorable
  22. 22. Re-purpose your content into different mediaformats for maximum exposure and return oninvestment:
  23. 23. Content formats to consider are:• Video• Animation• InfoGraphics• Slides• Viral images• Apps• Games• E-books• PDF Downloads• Webinars
  24. 24. Get your content to where your prospects andclients are looking for information by distributing itacross multiple channels.
  25. 25. The Channels are:• Your website• YouTube, Vimeo• Pinterest, Behance, Tumblr• Slide Share, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr• Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn• Newsletters• Events• App stores
  26. 26. To avoid being overwhelmed, create a step-by-step Content Marketing Roadmap.
  27. 27. Step 1: Create a piece of stunning content
  28. 28. Step 2: Re-purpose the content in differentformats such as:• Video• Infographics• Presentations• Posters
  29. 29. Step 3: Distribute the content through theappropriate channels:• Video – YouTube & Vimeo• Infographics – Pinterest, Behance & Tumbler• Presentations – SlideShare and Pinterest• Posters – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ &LinkedIn
  30. 30. There are four key tasks you need to perform:• Engage in conversations with prospects andclients• Collect information on prospects and clients• Measure and analyse the content performance• Listen, learn and continue to publish greatcontent
  31. 31. All this activity has four purposes:• To become a thought leader• To build relationships based on trust• Improve your search engine ranking• To give prospects the opportunity to enter yoursales funnel
  32. 32. When the time is right a prospect will give youpermission to engage in a sales conversation.
  33. 33. On average, B2B marketers are spending 33% oftheir marketing budgets on content marketing.54% say they will increase their contentmarketing spending in the next 12 months
  34. 34. 9/10Nine out of ten B2B marketers will be producingmore content this year.
  35. 35. Which brings us back to the information overloadproblem.
  36. 36. The answer?
  37. 37. Create a great Content Brand
  38. 38. • Outstanding quality• Consistent look• Strong differentiation• Totally engaging• Prolific publishing
  39. 39. A great Content Brand is self maximising – eachpublished piece builds on top those before it,growing your fan base.
  40. 40. People will like your content and tell other peoplewho will like your content. And they will tell othersand so on…
  41. 41. In this way you significantly increase thelikelihood of being at the right place at the righttime when a prospect requires your services.
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