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Thought Leadership B2B Marketing


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Overview of why thought leadership is the new b2b marketing model; and how content and community marketing builds awareness, expertise, trust and authority.

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Thought Leadership B2B Marketing

  1. 1. www.anderspink.comanders pinkThought LeadershipThe New B2B Marketing Model
  2. 2. www.anderspink.comanders pink“Connecting today isabout dialogue andeducation.”Mike Parker, Nike
  3. 3. www.anderspink.comanders pinkOutboundAdvertisingDirect MailProduct BrochuresInboundInformative ContentEstablish expertiseBuild trustPermission Based
  4. 4. www.anderspink.comanders pinkTraffic & AwarenessExpertise & AuthorityTrustLeadsCreate quality white papers, blogposts and other content. Promotevia social media.Create unique content that isinsightful and valuable.Build communities, engage andcontribute.Make it easy for customers toconnect with you.The ap Thought Leadership Marketing Model
  5. 5. www.anderspink.comanders pinkContent MarketingEstablish Awareness and Expertise.
  6. 6. www.anderspink.comanders pinkContent MarketingQuality content gets found andshared.“Tell them something they don’t know abouttheir challenges and industry.”
  7. 7. www.anderspink.comanders pinkCommunity MarketingBuild owned social channels.Participate in other groups, add valuerather than promote.
  8. 8. www.anderspink.comanders pinkCommunity MarketingBuild trust, authority andrelationships.“Listen, engage and inform.”
  9. 9. www.anderspink.comanders pinkThank You
  10. 10. www.anderspink.comanders pinkThank You