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Learning Disabilities course at the University of Northampton

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  • Welcome to the university of northampton and the learning disability pathway This slide shows some of the state of the art teaching facilities available to students on our programmes
  • The following slides will tell you something about the programmes we run and put this into the context of the wider career opportunities available in learning disability
  • students qualifying in learning disability can follow any one of 4 career pathways. And can progress through any of the pathways at various levels of seniority
  • in the future…. in these four areas of practice …. there will be a clearer relationship between career progression with expected educational attainment….this is illustrated here with more senior positions requiring advanced level study …. Our programmes can help by giving you this type of experience
  • There are many different ways to access the study of learning disability .... And the great thing is that your studies will be relevant to both health and social care in all 4 areas of learning disability practice . Access to Our programmes of study can start at year 1.... Which provides theory and practice at certificate level , year 2..diploma level study, and year 3 provides both /diploma & degree level study...so the education is built up gradually ...your not thrown in at the deep end and expected to cope,.. and what is more Any prior relevant training can be also be recognised allowing access to year 2 and so cutting the programme length by one third...
  • Here we show how your credits build up over the three years of the programme......... This leads at exit point to a degree or diploma .....and, you are also able to register at this point, as a nurse for people with learning disability.... , if you complete a year and wish to leave .... then you are able to take any of the achieved credits with you.... Lets now look at the content for years 1 2 & 3 of the programme
  • ............For academic year 1...you complete three modules........... these will give you a general foundation on which to build the more specialist elements of your learning disability programme in year 2
  • in year 2, you focus on the specialised study of learning disability, with modules in Complex health needs through the life cycle Challenging behaviour and people with a learning disability Mental health in learning disabilities Principles of supportive work with people who have learning disabilities Research methods
  • The specialised modules for year 3 include......Working with families in learning disability nursing Community practice Health promotion for people with learning disabilities And for the (degree pathway)Dissertation And finally a Preparation for professional practice (all)
  • our programmes give equal value to practice, and we offer a variety of placements in northamptonshire .... .......we also have a range of placements in Milton Keynes...... in all of these placements, you will have an opportunity to apply, theory to practice, in a realistic way Daventry Northampton Corby South Northants Wellingborough east Northants Kettering
  • In residential care you can do this in a variety of settings in the private...voluntary and charitable sector............ northampton milton keynes wellingborough corby south northants kettering
  • In the Community You will have experience of working in a variety of teams ..........multidisciplinary Community learning Disability Teams and within LA teams supporting people with a learning disability
  • there are also placements in facilities that provide more secure settings for people with LD St Andrews Hospital Hargreave House Castlebeck
  • There is also experience in highly specialised areas of learning disability practice Behavioural support team strategic healthcare facilitators
  • If you have any further queries regarding this prog please do not hesitate to contact on the number or email shown
  • Ld recruitment slides-1

    1. 1. SecureResidential settings & Communit Specialist care Forensic y Care Care strategic management advancing care delivery leading care delivery, coordinate care delivery support care delivery
    2. 2. SecureResidential settings & Communit Specialist care Forensic y Care Care Masters advanced practice –delivering total care packages or complete episode Degree leading care delivery, care coordination and case management Diploma managing care delivery, care coordination and case management Certificate care coordination and case management NVQ 2/3 & Foundation Degree supporting health, self care and care delivery
    3. 3. Certificate Diploma DegreeAccess to learning disability modules Residential NVQ Level 3 care Secure Access Course settings & Forensic GCSE’s Communit y Care Btech Experience Specialist Care
    4. 4. Diploma or BSc (Hons) Learning DisabilityYear 1 - 120 level 4 creditsYear 2 - 120 level 5 credits Year 3 120 level 6 credits 1. Degree in LD Registered exit 2. Diploma in LD Nurse
    5. 5.  Year 1 - Certificate - 120 level 1 credits module 1 - Foundations of care module 2- Human & Life Sciencemodule 3 - Context of Health
    6. 6. Year 2 – Diploma level – 20 level 5 creditsModule 4 – Complex health needs through the life cycleModule 5 – Challenging behaviourModule 6 –Mental health in learning disabilitiesModule 7 – Principles of supportive workModule 8 – Research methods
    7. 7. Year 3 – Diploma/Degree level - 20 level 6 creditsModule 9 – Working with familiesModule 1 0– Community practiceModule 11 – Health promotionModule 1 2– Dissertation (degree pathway)Module 13 – Preparation for professional practice (all)
    8. 8. 7 1. East Northants 2. Daventry 3. Kettering 4. Northampton 5. South Northants 6. Wellingborough 6. Wellingborough 7. CorbyMilton Keynes
    9. 9. Voluntary Care Houses Private Care Homes Housing Association Social Care Housing
    10. 10. Community Learning Disability Teams Ordinary Living Team
    11. 11. Hargreave HouseSt Andrews Healthcare Castlebeck
    12. 12. Behavioural Support Team Healthcare Facilitators
    13. 13. Contact: Admissions tutor – John Aldridgeon 01604Email: study@northampton.ac.uk
    14. 14. Bursaries Diploma Route Grants Degree Route Pay Secondment Route