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The Hero's Journey Amsterdam. Making Money Doing What You Love.


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The Hero's Journey Amsterdam. Making Money Doing What You Love.

  1. 1. The Hero’s Journey in Amsterdam Making Money Doing What You Love
  2. 2. “Travel in a worldcity and meet your heroes and heroines, who earn their money doing what they love. They will inspire you to create your own legend.” Peter de Kuster Founder of The Hero’s Journey
  3. 3. Contents Prologue 4 Making Money Doing What They Love CH7 The Myths about Creative Heroes Vondelpark Introduction 5 The Hero’s Journey 7 Your Quest CH8 Testdrive Your Dreamjob 65 Atelier Marcel Wanders CH1 Creative Hero 11 The The new Rijksmuseum Quiz 15 CH2 The Great Traits of Creative Heroes Hotel Conservatorium 23 28 CH3 Motivated to be a Creative Hero Concertgebouw CH4 Hero’s Journey 32 Your Van Gogh Museum CH5 Your Story 41 What’s Tuschinski CH6 For Love and Money 48 Delamar 56 CH9 is a Pitch 72 Life Beurs van Berlage CH10 Own Hero 81 Be Your Heineiken Experience CH11 Your Own Heroes 93 Meet Madame Tussaud CH12 The Tragic Creative Heroes 100 Wallen Epilogue 126 Amsterdam International Fashion Week Questionnaires 132 Our Heroes of Amsterdam
  4. 4. Making Money Doing What They Love These skills include: Attention all artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, sports heroes, actors, writers and anyone who’s working in the creative fields – even if your chosen profession is not the most conventinal one, cultivating and growing a successful, financially rewarding career is still your goal. In The Hero’s Journey in Amsterdam I – Peter de Kuster – will provide you with the stories of heroes and heroines from Amsterdam (past and present) on overcoming some of the specific challenges faced by creative, entrepreneurial, innovative and right-brainer people, who want a career that is both satisfying and successful. Creative entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals need a set of skills that will turn their passion into a viable career. • • • • • • How to choose a career that best suits your talents. Setting realistic goals using right-brain techniques. How to avoid the pitfalls that ruin a creative career. How to schmooze your way to success. How to create a business plan when you are the business. How to be disciplined when you are your own boss. When you find an outlet for your creativity in the form of a career, you’ll discover a freedom in your working life that you can live with on the long term. You can follow your passion, build a brillant career, and have financial security – if you know which skills to use. Let me show you the way in this travel guide of Amsterdam.
  5. 5. Introduction There is no such thing as a Santa Claus – and there’s certainly no such thing as the perfect career. That’s what many people really think, and it’s sad, because there are plenty of rewarding, challenging and fulfilling career opportunities that allow creative people to use their gifts and be rewarded handsomely for their efforts. Those who settle for less than the best, simply haven’t found the right job – yet. You can have it all when it comes to a creative career – if you know how. The fact is that most people hate their jobs. They would rather be doing something else – anything else. It doesn’t have to be that way. What if I told you that you would never have to work another day in your life? Would you be interested? When you find the right fit in a career, it no longer feels like work. You wake up every day excited about how you earn your living. This perfect harmonizing of your talents, skills, personality and work style creates a passion and a desire, as well as a feeling of contentment that is worth more than gold. It can be yours, if you will read this travel guide of Amsterdam.
  6. 6. The challenge of this journey is, that the creative business is very different from other businesses. To get ahead, you sometimes have to zigzag to the top. Let the stories of creative heroes and heroines of Amsterdam show you when to zig and when to zag, to make the most of the opportunities out there. Using a map of Amsterdam you embark on a journey, an adventure in search of yourself. The thing is, there isn’t a golden (or orange) egg waiting for you, when you get to the spot marked ‘X’ on the map. The buried treasure is within you. The pursuit of the gold (or the goal) is the reward. Because, when it comes to a career, there is no ‘there’ there. It is all a quest. Enjoying the quest is what success is all about. This is the age of opportunity for the creative person. Innovation and ideas are gold. Ridicule and red tape are being replaced with respect and rewards for the clever and creative person. The business environment is changing, and changing for the better – for you. Are you ready for these exciting times ahead? This travel guide of Amsterdam will put you in a position to prosper. What parents, teachers and bosses might see as problems (sloppiness, habitual tardiness, short attention span, non-conformism), can actually be hidden assets in the search for work in a rewarding, interesting and creative career. Intuition, emotion, divergent thinking, daydreaming, thriving on chaos, big–picture thinking, cleverness, open–mindedness and an ability to play and have fun are virtues in the right setting. Even so, it’s not exactly easy to build a career in the creative business world. You have to be able to deal with rejection. It is a part of everyday life for the creative person. There is also that funny feeling that you don’t quite fit in – and you don’t. An unconventional person with unconventional ideas, you are often seen as immature, temperamental, moody, difficult, distracted, irresponsible, and irrational. The truth is, you can be your wonderful self and still get ahead in the business world. This travel guide of Amsterdam will help you manage your career using a whole–brain approach that takes advantage of the way you are, without forgetting the way the world works.
  7. 7. The Hero’s Journey Your Quest
  8. 8. The Hero’s Journey It’s time to move on, move up, and move out with a new mission. The Hero’s Journey is about taking charge of your destiny so that no idiot can control your fate. Most books are very thorough, when it comes to identifying and informing you about the problems and pitfalls of a creative career. However, what they lack, is the - “What the hell am I supposed to do about it? - part. I decided to make the Hero’s Journey travel guides about real life heroes and heroines, of past and present, in Amsterdam with heavy on concrete tips, anecdotes and lessons to be learned from them. New creative careers and enterprises are popping up all the time. There has never been a better time to strike out on your own. This is your time to shine as a creative person. The future looks bright. Many of the current trends favor your preferred mode of operation – selfreliance, zigzagging to the top, rapid change, multi–tasking, chaos, adaptability, intuition, training and retraining. This travel guide of Amsterdam will show you how to find your career niche, and then how to earn a living doing what you love. You will learn how to overcome the challenges the creative right-brainer faces, and how to make your nature and your creativity work for you. You’ll learn how to market yourself even in a crowded marketplace, survive and thrive in the battlefield that is entrepreneurship. How to be your own boss and work for others, take the ‘free” out of “freelance”, rise to the top without stepping on too many toes, and use your natural abilities to find a perfect pitch and harmony in your work world. In reality, ‘The Hero’s Journey’ is about your life. There is a direct, undeniable correlation between your career and your life. It’s less about what you do for a living than what you can live with doing. Finding fun and fulfillment at work spills over into the rest of your life. Without it, your health will suffer, your creativity will suffer, your performance will suffer – and so will everybody around you. You don’t need to live that way.
  9. 9. If you are thinking about giving up on a creative career and getting a ‘real’ job, stop right there. When you settle for less than what’s best for you, you instantly get less than you settled for. Don’t sell yourself short. The regret will eat you up inside. Don’t miss your chance - it may be right around the corner. Instead, get going and go for it – be bold. Use the strategies of heroes and heroines in Amsterdam to give you an advantage. Don’t let others push boulders in your path and fill your head with facts like ‘most businesses fail in the first year’, ‘It’s too competitive out there’, ‘there are no (dancing) jobs’, ‘you don’t have enough experience or talent’ or ‘you have no agent’. It’s bad enough that these insecure and misinformed people are telling you why you can’t succeed. It’s worse if you believe them. Don’t let anyone talk your dreams down. This travel guide through Amsterdam is for creative people in all walks of life – carpenter or composer, dancer or painter, poet or musician, philosopher or travel guide, magician or designer, architect or writer, actor or account manager. It isn’t meant to apply to just the glamour jobs; whatever form your creativity takes, you can apply these stories. For everyone who tells you: “You can’t make a living doing that!”, there are hundreds and thousands of examples of creative heroes and heroines, in all the cities of the world, who found a way to turn something they thought was fun and would even do for free, into a fulfilling life and career. I will help you as your travel guide to take your powerful creative energy and harness it, and you will beat the odds, making a living doing what you love to do. Your life will become a hero’s journey story.
  10. 10. Your Quest Few people know what they want when they grow up, and even fewer creative people want to grow up. Maybe you won’t discover your true calling until you test-drive several dream jobs and work with some rolemodels. Isn’t it better to testdrive them, using that incredible imagination of yours than waste years on a dead-end-job? One of the key things you’ll work on here is defining what you want to do (not for the rest of your life, but what you want to do now) and eliminating the careers that aren’t a fit. The choices that lead to a life of creative expression and financial security are here for the making. The catch is, that creative careers are often unconventional and in some cases completely unchartered. The challenge is that there are a million different things you could do. The key to success in any career is clarity. Becoming clear about who you are and what you love is the first part of this travel guide through Amsterdam. Then, how to get what you want is covered in great detail. It’s hard work, but this is your chance to reinvent yourself. Don’t let it pass you by.
  11. 11. Chapter 1 The Creative Hero The New Rijksmuseum
  12. 12. 1 The Creative Hero Success for a creative hero can be tremendous. Not just in money, but in creative freedom. Look at the list of the highest–paid actors and entrepreneurs – they are all people who don’t fit any mold, but they’re also people who used that fact to their benefit. You can do it too, in your own way, on your own time, reaching your own goals. Unmire yourself from the myths about creative people. Don’t be afraid to look at your strenghts and weaknesses. Face the fact that traditional business management, which is left-brain, logical and linear (not to mention rigid, boring, and counterproductive), doesn’t work for you. It isn’t much fun and if it isn’t at least a little bit of fun, you’re not going to do it. It’s that simple. If it’s not fast, fun, flexible and easy, you are less likely to embrace it. Be willing to work within a system – as long as it’s one that you create and one that works with you, as well as for you. Architects of ‘The New Rijksmuseum’: Cruz & Ortiz Creatives have an insatiable hunger to achieve, create, accomplish. They want to be recognized and heard, receive applause and take home awards. They desire change, to create a body of work, to earn and to make deals. Many people who don’t know what they want actually want too much, too fast.
  13. 13. The key to success is, learning how to focus on what’s most important. It’s counterproductive trying to do too many things at once – nor is it good to focus on only one area of your life or work. One way to whittle it down (focus) and spread it around (multifocus) is, to choose a top goal for each aspect of your life. Take a good, hard look at who you are, what’s your story and what you want out of life. Sometimes, having everything to be just okay, having an adequate job and a moderate life, is the biggest tragedy of all. Take the time now to find yourself, so you can live your life without getting lost and make good decisions, that will lead you to the success and happiness you desire. We are all born creative. What happens to us from kindergarten to college shapes how much of that creativity stays with us. Some, despite the best efforts of the school system and the corporate system to stamp out the creative spirit, slip through the cracks, creativity intact. You are still not safe. Ninety–eight percent of the people in the world, are living the left–brained life. Society tends to reward the left brain (structure, status quo) and reprimand the right brain (chaos, creativity, innovation).
  14. 14. You can stunt your creative spirit with disuse. You cannot lose a talent, but your skills can certainly atrophy. Almost any job can be done creatively. Entrepreneurs must be creative to survive. Managing people can be done creatively. Marketing, communication and sales, certainly involve a degree of creativity. Even distribution and finance can be a right-brained affair. What makes any career interesting, exciting and vital, is the creative approach you take to it. People who ignore their creative gifts in their careers, are frustrated and unhappy by midlife (or much sooner). Happiness comes from finding your greatest gifts and abilities and then developing, and using them, in the work you do. Creativity and creative careers involve a whole-brain approach, an interaction between the left hemisphere of your brain (the detailoriented accountant side) and the right hemisphere (the big picture, artistic side). The right brain comes up with the ideas, and the left brain implements them. Too much right brain and nothing gets done; too much left brain and life is dull and uninspiring. As a right-brainer you are absolutely unique (and wonderful). There has never been anyone like you and there will never be again. Ponder that for a moment. Beneath all the self-doubt, guilt, fear, remorse, and distorted stories is a gem of a person who, more than anything, deserves to be happy, successful and fulfilled. To have a career that is challenging and rewarding. A career that fits like a glove and is such a joy that you would do it for free. But, is so valuable to others, that you are paid well. And why not? You have found your place in the universe, you are making a contribution with your talent and creativity. Once you understand yourself and what work you enjoy doing, you can work with your natural abilities and tendencies rather than against them. It makes life much easier. This is something that is unique to you. It is what will work best for you. So don’t just breeze past the questions in this travel guide. Make the time to really give some thought to who you are, what you want to do, and what the best way would be to do it. I have always said that to find yourself you need to go on a journey. You need time for reflection, away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life, to open yourself to new possibilities.
  15. 15. Quiz Do you honestly love what you do now? Are you excited to go to work on Monday? Do you go home happy? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, there is a better way for your beautiful mind. The following quiz should give you an indication of where your natural tendencies lie – left brain, right brain, or whole brain. Answer honestly and quickly. Don’t dwell on the answers, and don’t try to figure out what I’m looking for. We are going to explore new worlds together.
  16. 16. 1. There is no ‘right’ answer! When it comes to emotions, a. I can articulate my feeling to others. b. I am better at expressing my emotions through my creative work. 2. I have always been told, that a. I’d make a great accountant. b. I was a natural – born artist. 3. For me, success is a. closely related to annual income. b. unrelated to the money I make. 7. When it comes to a big project, my strength is in seeing a. the worm’s eye – view (details). b. the bird’s eye – view (the big picture). 4. When trying to explain how I came up with an idea, a. I am able to put it into terms others can understand. b. I feel like an alien from another planet. 8. When my boss or client puts me on the spot, a. I say what I mean and mean what I say. b. I tell him what I think he wants to hear. 5. When I am working on a project, a. I am not happy until it’s done. b. I enjoy the process. 9. Joking around the water cooler, I’ve been compared to a. Leonardo da Vinci. b. Valentino. 6. It’s a beautiful summer day, but I have work to do. I will a. get my work done first and then go to the beach. b. go to the ‘Leonardo da Vinci Museum’ and deal with my work later. 10. When I have several unfinished projects going at once, I feel a. frustrated. b. stimulated.
  17. 17. 11. When it comes to decorating my office, a. I’ll find an arrangement that works, and stick with it. b. I’ll re-arrange everything, at least every six months. 14. I’m more a. logical. b. intuitive. 12. For me, multitasking is a. doing two things at once. b. talking on the phone, internetting, sending an email, watching sports on TV, making faces to a friend and sorting through the mail at once. 15. After work, a. I’ll go home, or maybe I’ll go out with people of my project. b. I’d like to go to places, where people from other projects hang out. 16. Before I speak, a. I think it through and censor it in my head. b. I say the first thing that pops into my head. 13. When I’m asked to bring something to a party, a. I’ll bring paper plates. b. I have a new recipe that I’m dying to try out.
  18. 18. 17. I’m running late for an important meeting and a dear friend calls with a relationship crisis, a. I’ll explain that I am in a hurry and will call him back as soon as I can. b. I’d say “The hell with the meeting”. My friend needs me now. 18. When it comes to problem-solving, a. I would analyze things, from a logical perspective. b. I would consult my ‘gut’ for an answer. 19. My car is a. practical and safe. b. stylish and fun to drive. 20. I am best at remembering a. names. b. faces. 21. Whenever there is a crisis in my life, a. I would retreat into myself and try to solve it on my own. b. I would prefer to talk about it, with others. 22. In making decisions, a. I tend to focus on the actualities. b. I tend to focus on the possibilities.
  19. 19. 27. 28. 23. I write with my a. right hand. b. left hand. 24. I am a natural born a. learner. b. teacher. 25. If I had two yearlong projects to choose from, I’d pick a. an analysis of the company’s past and future profit centres. b. working on the company’s marketing materials. 26. When I meet a prospective client/employer, a. I will prepare a written list of questions. b. I’ll talk off the top of my head, taking my cue from them. When I am learning a new software program, a. I’d read the manual and then begin. b.What manual? I figure things out on my own. I believe a. you can make things happen through sheer force of will. b. there is a force in the universe that brings things to you. 29. I just met with a prospective client/employer, whom I really connected with. When I leave, I will a. shake their hand. b. give them a hug. 30. If I could choose my working hours, they’d start at a. 6.00 o’clock in the morning. b. 6.00 o’clock in the evening. 31. My daily routine is mostly like the movie: a. Boccaccio 70 (little variety). b. Rocco and his Brothers (adventures every day).
  20. 20. 32. It’s my birthday and my friends have thrown me a surprise party, I am a. embarrassed (I don’t like surprises). b. thrilled (I love surprises). 33. When someone asks about my vacation, a. I’ll give them names and places. b. I’ll describe in intricate detail how wonderful it felt to be away, I’ll talk about all the things that I have seen, the wonderful people that I’ve met and the fun that I’ve had. 34. When I get the paper, I’ll usually first turn to a. the business section. b. the comics. 35. While out for lunch with friends, I receive an urgent call and ask them to order for me. They will a. know exactly what I want, because I always get the same thing. b. not have a clue, because I am always trying something new. 36. If the meeting is scheduled for 10 o’clock, a. I’ll arrive a quarter of an hour early. I’m known for my punctuality. b. I’ll try not to be the last person to show up, but how was I to know traffic would be so sad?
  21. 21. 42. If I were on a game show and my winning totalled 10.000 euro, with the option to keep what I have or risk it all on one more question for double or nothing, I would likely a. take the money and run. b. bet it all. 43. If I were going to clean out my desk, I would take the following approach: a. Do it a little at a time, until I am finished. b. Pull everything from the drawers and do as much as I can, before pushing the rest back in. 44. If I were offered a promotion that involved moving to Hong Kong for two years, a. I’d opt out, because I don’t speak Chinese. b. I’d be on the phone with my travel agent, in two seconds flat. 37. If I lost my planner, I would be completely lost. a. My whole life is in there. b. I’m sure that’s where I stuck the little paper, which had the name and number of the client on it and who urgently needed that callback, yesterday. 38. My idea of organization is, a. making a list of all the things to be done and then prioritizing the tasks. b. playing with my Post-It-Notes, putting them on the wall in some sort of order. 39. When I am working and the phone rings, I will a. look at it as a nuisance and let it ring. b. look at it as a welcome break and pick it up. 45. I am ready to leave for work, and a. I’ll know exactly where my car keys are. b. I’ll go on a search-and-destroy mission, in finding my keys. 40. My boss/client likes to say that a. I keep my nose to the grindstone. b. I keep my head in the clouds. 46. When I log on to the internet, I’ll do it with a. a plan and a purpose: get in and get out. b. no plan at all, pausing and looking at whatever catches my fancy. 41. I’m learning the best, when you a. tell me what to do. b. show me what to do. 47. When I’m researching a project, a. I’ll find as many books and articles as I can, and read them from front to back. b. I’ll ask someone for tips on the best places to look for, and skim those.
  22. 22. Results of the quiz In the quiz, a answers count zero; b answers count 1. If your total is 15 or less, you must have bought this travel guide for somebody else and you’re just going through the quizzes for kicks, because you’re just a serious left-brainer. A total of 16 to 35 indicates a fairly balanced, whole-brain approach to the world, or a right-brainer who was working in the financial services. You will go far if you can learn to loosen up a little. 48. If I would inadvertently offend a co-worker, I’d a. say nothing, hire a lawyer and hope that the whole thing will blow over. b. have a sit down and discuss his or her feelings, while apologizing profusely. 49. When it comes to remembering all the things that I have to do: a. I’ll make a master list, down to the last detail. b. What was the question again? 50. My office desk is organized in such a way, that a. anybody could come in and find what they need quickly. b. I pity anyone who has to try to figure out my system. With a total over 35, you can consider yourself a right-brainer. A Creative Hero, with all the blessings and curses attached to it. If you came up with your own answer even once, refusing to go with the choices offered, give yourself a star. You are a true right brainer, an independent thinker, an original, a creative hero.
  23. 23. Chapter 2 The Great Traits of Creative Heroes Hotel Conservatorium
  24. 24. 2 The Great Traits of Creative Heroes While nobody uses only their right brain or left brain, most creatives tend to rely heavily on their right brains – the source of their creativity Because of that many of the following statements will apply to you. Even whole-brainers (those who operate equally from both hemispheres) will recognize themselves in it, but are often tempered by the logical, stabilizing influence of the left brain. The right-brainer is able to compare and combine two things that are not usually related. The creative mind is not limited by normal boundaries, and therefore, can see relationships that aren’t obvious to others. The right-brainer sees abstract concepts and then is able to express them in concrete terms. The right-brainer has a strong appreciation of art. The assumption is, that creative people always ‘create’ art. That is not the case. There are careers for people who appreciate the arts. Piero Lissoni: “Een stoel is voor mij even belangrijk als een toren.”
  25. 25. Right-brainers tend to have rich and vivid memories. Right-brainers are able to remember faces and places, but aren’t so hot at names and titles. They retain images better than words. They remember themes and scenes from movies, but not the names of the actors or the director. The right brain remembers feelings – good and bad. Right-brainers appreciate nature and have the ability to find beauty everywhere. Creative people desperately need to stop and smell the flowers. Or hear the sounds of the sirens. To keep in touch with life and beauty, their super sensitive senses trigger their creativity. Creatives respond to their surroundings. It is a blessing and a curse to be tuned in. Being creative sometimes means, being lonely in a crowd. When I start talking about intuition and inspiration, with other than creative people, they stare at me. Right-brainers welcome challenges. They are able to see the big picture and tackle problems on a total story scale. They use intuition, rather than facts and figures, to find new and better solutions. Although right-brainers may be in touch with trends, they’re more likely to start trends. They are leaders, not followers. They are flexible. Passionate. When it comes to getting their ideas come true, they are relentless. Creative people have the pioneering spirit that it takes to do things differently, regardless of the grief that they may take from (and give to) others. They are eager to go where nobody has gone before. The great unknown is more interesting and inspiring than the safe and secure. It is intoxicating to be involved with an idea on the ground level. The early stages of the creative process are magical, where anything is possible and reality is way off in the distance. (Then, the left brain enters the story and ruins all the fun.)
  26. 26. Right-brainers are open-minded and less prone to prejudice. Creatives often have high ethical and moral standards. Gray matter thinkers, in a black and white world, often see more than one correct answer and maybe even more than one question.
  27. 27. The Weak Traits are not so weak Right-brainers feel things more deeply than most other people do. That’s why they create. To express what they are feeling through their work. Right-brainers are impulsive. That live-for-today attitude and ‘being in the moment’ works for the storyteller in them. But, to succeed, they’ve got to give some thought to the future. There can be long-term consequences, when they play now and pay later. For right-brainers, all play has a purpose – it’s fun. This attitude makes them seem immature. Left-brainers like rules, a purpose and a plan, even for play – and worse, they need a reason to do it. Right-brainers tend to be sloppy. Not disorganized, just not organized in a way an uptight left-brained person would like them to be. Many creatives feel neatness is a waste of time. Divergent thinkers often go off on tangents, and are frequently seen as scatter-brained. It’s hard to concentrate, when you’re not inspired or interested. It takes discipline to get started and stick with the business side of creative business. Creatives can work harder than anybody if they find something they love to do. They just have a hard time learning to love math, taxes, regular business hours, and client follow up. Right-brainers are particularly vulnerable to the ‘they are going to find me out any minute’ syndrome. They may be confident about their work, but not about them-selves. Insecurity often rules them. Alcoholism, drug addiction, depression – all are very real dangers for the right–brainer. Leaping ahead, seeing the big picture, creatives lose those people who want to take it step by step and see things in black and white. Sometimes this makes them angry. Right-brainers spend a lot of time dealing (or not dealing) with frustration. Although right-brainers aren’t necessarily self-destructive, they are prone to overindulgence, which can lead to the same thing. Rightbrainers’ high ideals make them inflexible. Creatives often expose a dark side to the world. Right-brainers procrastinate. Right-brainers don’t like to be told how to do it. As you can see, for every so-called negative trait of creative heroes and heroines, there is a positive side as well.
  28. 28. Questionnaires With stories of creative heroes and heroines from Amsterdam, who make their money doing what they love.
  29. 29. Alette van Zwieten What is my greatest passion? Film making. Losing my loved ones. I have a creative way of thinking. Wanting too many things. Earning money by making my own movies. Losing everyone. My neighbour’s cat. He has an incredibly large garden and endless rooftops te climb on. At the moment, I am making a documentary on the birds of paradise of ‘The Amazing Agency’. I find them very inspiring. I have worked at the ‘Veem Theatre’ for a while, an amazing industrial establishment alongside the water. Many creative professionals work there. I love to eat at ‘MKZ’ where you can get a three-course vegan menu for just 5 Euros. There’s even a garden to sit in. I have only slept in one hotel of my city, but that wasn’t that charming as it concerned a commercial chain. What is my greatest fear? What is my best quality? What is my greatest pitfall? What is my ultimate dream? What would be my greatest misfortune? Whom of my city would I like to be? Who is my favourite heroe of my city? What is my favourite place to create, in my city? What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city? Freelance Documentairemaker - Aardige Man Films - - E
  30. 30. Anne van Engelen What is my greatest passion? Media | Communicatie | Sports - The Bootcamp Club - E How would my dream work environment look like? My ambition is to succeed in life, to keep challenging myself and to keep pushing my boundaries. A beautiful modern interior, warm and cosy. An inspiring and creative environment. Of course, always filled with fresh flowers and candles. That I won’t be able to push myself further in life and to not be able to learn every day. I love to do so many things and I want to improve myself every day. A beautiful modern interior, warm and cosy. An inspiring and creative environment. Of course, always filled with fresh flowers and candles. What is my greatest fear? How would my dream work environment look like? I always try to bring across my enthusiasm and positivity. What is my biggest challenge towards becoming more organized? To think about what I really want in life and to make choices. My wide range of interest. I like so many things and I am quickly enthusiastic about something. Therefore, I am not specialized in one thing. My career. I love to do too many things and have a strong urge to learn. At the moment, I am figuring out what I want. My impulsive character en enthusiasm makes me go all over the place. I want to succeed in my work and to end up in an inspiring, creative and educative environment. A place where I love to got to every day. What is my biggest challenge towards becoming more organized? To think about what I really want in life and to make choices. I would like them to feel at home. I should be a warm and cosy place, where people can be themselves. Creative places. Especially beautiful hip coffee places are ideal. At the moment, I am writing at the ‘Coffee Company’, which is located at the ‘Waterlooplein’ or the ‘Yoghurt Barn’ in the ‘Pijp’. I want to make it in life. I want to enjoy the benefits of years studying by excelling in my work and end up in the right place. I love to go to the ‘Huyschkaemer’ in the ‘Utrechtsestraat’. To be organized is important and it could help with pursuing my career path. I dream of spending a night at the ‘Amstel Hotel’. It could help me set up a career path. Although, having the future ahead of me with all options open, suits my impulsive character. It hasn’t. What is my best quality? What is my greatest pitfall? What is my ultimate dream? What do I want people to think when they enter my house or company? What do I want in life? How would being more organized improve my personal/professional life? What would I be able to do if I was more organized? How has being less organized effect me? If could organise one thing better, waht would that be? What is my most inspirational location, in my city? What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city? What is my favourite place to go shopping, in my city? The ‘Utrechtsestraat’. Close by and you can find many special boutiques the re. How do I make money doing what I love? By working at a comfortable place, with good and motivated people. A place where I can be creative and where I can challenge myself. A place where creativity is in the air.
  31. 31. Diti Asiag Berrevoet Different Angle - - E What is my greatest passion? What is my idea of perfect happiness? Business wise, I don’t like speaking in public, I’d like to work on that. Politics! I studies Political Science thinking Politics is my path in this life, only to find out its business! Next time. Watching people at the ‘Rembrandtplein’. Many times I spend an afternoon there, sit on the grass writing down ideas I later translate into an action plan. The city inspires me, at times in mysterious ways… Amsterdam has so much to offer in terms of food and night life so it’s tough picking out just one place but if I had to:Sushi at Sumo, drinks at Momo and club Abe. My favourite hotel is the Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdam. There is a brand I’d like to work with in the future called Effio. They are young, innovative and trendsetters in my view. They design quality outside the box socks, giving a lot of attention to details, colour and design that I can relate to. They also focus on being green and environmentally friendly. I’m in the process of writing two books which I hope to complete by the end of this year at the latest. One is a children’s book and the other is a professional guide book. My biggest passion is to reach the goals I set out for myself. Working with people in general and specifically through marketing is another, connecting people to products or a service in the right way is something I truly enjoy. I believe happiness comes from within; it is not depended on others but on us. When you listen to your gut instincts, you find the path that will make you happy. For me, it’s always about the freedom to be me, being able to do “my thing my way” while helping others. That’s what makes me happy and com plete. What is my greatest fear? My biggest fear is loosing my freedom to live my life the way I want to. I never want to loose control of me, managing my own time, goals and agenda. The challenge of thinking outside the box! And getting my clients to where they want to be. What is the best thing that I love about my work? On what occasion would I lie? I’m the type of person who tells it directly as I see it however, the only time I would consider a little white lie would be to spare someone’s feelings; if I’m convinced nothing would be gained for him or her from knowing a certain fact. What is the influence of role models, in my work and in my life? I have always been inspired by business people who have made it on their own but never forgot where they came from and give back. People that money is not the only objective to them. One of them is Lord Alan Sugar. I don’t like thinking & working in templates or formulas so to speak and marketing has many of them. My creativity & ideas come in a non-formal/traditional way. My proudest moment professionally was when I launched my first ever marketing campaign when I was just starting out in 1996. We just opened a chain What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work? When and where was I the happiest, in my work? of American car washes in Israel. I was nervous about it since it was my moment to shine only I had no experience to rely on still; it went national after two days! If I could, what would I change about myself? Should I reincarnate, what would my profession be? What is my most inspirational location, in my city? What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city? Whom would I like to work with in the future? What project, in the nearby future, am I looking forward to work on?
  32. 32. Inge Snijders What is my greatest passion? That is hard to explain in words. You, as the reader, the individual in the mass with his or her story, conflictions and struggles. This is where my passion for acting comes from as well as the urge to make films and documentary’s. To live an unlived life. What is my greatest fear? What is my greatest pitfall? “I can’t do it.” Like, when I was asked to contribute to this beautiful concept of a travel guide. Why the hell me? Why would anyone want to read about me? What is my ultimate dream? To make various movies and to achieve international success, within the next few years. As an actress, as well as a filmmaker. Only the thought of accomplishing this puts a huge smile on my face. When it turns out that my efforts have all been in vain, that would be my greatest misfortune. I almost graduated from med school, but decided to become an actress and a documentary filmmaker. This change in course resulted in a lot of resistance from my close circle (of friends and family). In comprehension. My biggest misfortune would be if I were to listen to my pitfall, by not taking any chances and for my deepest fear to come true. I would like to experience a day in the life of Joop van den Ende. Is it lonely at the top? Or, is he surrounded by people and living the life we, ‘down here’, can only dream of? Without a doubt, the King (or Hero) of Dutch filmmaking, Paul Verhoeven. Across the water, the ‘EYE’ (NDSM), because of the many possibilities and creative input. ‘Noorderlicht’ is also a really nice spot to clear your mind. Not in the mood to sit at the waterside or is it just too cold? Then, you can find me at the ‘Westerpark’. For instance, at ‘Pacific’, with a mixed crowd, relaxed ambiance and a fire place. What would be my greatest misfortune? Whom of my city would I like to be? Who is my favourite heroe of my city? What is my favourite place, in my city? - E What is my favourite hotel, in my city? I don’t really have a favourite hotel. I think, little Bed & Breakfasts, in people’s homes, are more charming. You can often find them on a special location, with personal contact and every time experiencing a different stay. ( What is my favourite place to create, in my city? Right in the centre of a mixed crowd, open to spontaneous encounters, or alone and just observing.
  33. 33. Marga Douma-Alta What is my greatest passion? Douma-Alta Foundation for International Art Projects - - E Whom of my city would I like to be? For me, dancing is living! This is why I fill my days with creating choreographies, teaching dance and directing productions, all in which dance is central. Even in the period when I was physically challenged and the doctors had told me that I would never be able to dance again, the art of dance gave me the strength to overcome this. I wrote a book on the history of Jazz dance, in The Netherlands: Herewith, I made my comeback into the world of dance. ‘Hans van Manen’. I have a huge respect his work ethic, his enterprising spirit and his sense of humour. It all expresses in what he does and I hope to be as fortunate as he was, to be active in dance until my late eighties. Laetitia Griffith’ and ‘Lenette van Dongen’. Two strong women, whom I admire for everything they stand for. There are no misfortunes. Sometimes, life takes a different course, contrary to what I had in mind. I evaluate the situation and calmly think of ways to achieve my goal. My family is my anchor in life. Therefore, my deepest fear is that harm will come to them. Nevertheless, that fear will not be allowed in my daily life. I strongly believe that’s a waste of time. Fear is a negative emotion, which hardly a chance on a positive outcome and is counterproductive. The dance studios of the ‘Art & Entertainment College’ at the ‘ROC’, in Am sterdam. They are located on the sixth floor of our beautiful new building, across from the ‘RAI’. During my classes, I am overlooking the ‘Zuid-As’. Cho reographing, with the skyline as my view, gives me an ultimate feeling of freedom. My happy personality and entrepreneurial spirit. I always tend to see opportunities. Where others would give up, I seem to get energized and go full steam ahead. There is nothing more satisfying than finding a way to achieve your goal. I love doing that, in collaboration with others. Herewith, my only condition is: there should be laughter! My mind is stronger than my body. I can completely exhaust my body, but mentally, I won’t stop. Fortunately, the people who I love watch over me and make sure that I take my rest. My ultimate dream has come true already: to earn my living with dancing. I earned my first money with dancing when I was 16. Now, 30 years later, I still make a living with dance by teaching, directing and as a choreographer. What is my greatest misfortune? What is my greatest fear? What is my best quality? What is my greatest pitfall? What is my ultimate dream? Who are my favourite heroes of my city? What is my favourite place to create, in my city? What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? Restaurant ‘Noorderlicht’: Overlooking the water, near the fireplace with a big bowl of soup, and a good glass of wine. Yes, I am a happy woman there. The ‘Art’Otel’: I love the balance between luxury, art and design in this hotel. What is my favourite hotel, in my city?
  34. 34. Margreet Kramer Margreet Kramer Beeldende Kunst - - E What is my greatest passion? Infinite research (observe) and catching the images on tape. If could organise one thing better, waht would that be? Getting my website developed more quickly. That I will loose my sight. I am not tight to a specific place. It could come to me at any given time and place. I mostly get inspired while being in the city. My perseverance. Restaurant ‘Bird’ at the ‘Zeedijk’. My memory. I rarely go shopping. I really don’t like to shop. Maybe, to once again live in New York or Paris, for a few months. This house/gallery is special and that people can feel at home, just like me. Partially by perseverance and hard work. By doing what is essential to me in life. Have courage and a bit of luck. This hasn’t always been a wild success. So, having a job on the side is often necessary. I would like to take on and develop many art projects. Herewith, to be organized is essential; a good balance between putting in effort and relaxation will help. thinking part and the execution of it. Check lists and a lot of writing will help to achieve this. I would have more time for visiting art shows. I think that this is a far too heavy word and approach. A class room in an old school building where multiple artists are working. To create more clarity in my head. Herewith, my efficiency will increase. What is my greatest fear? What is my best quality? What is my greatest pitfall? What is my ultimate dream? What do I want people to think when they enter my house or company? What do I want in life? How would being more organized improve my personal/professional life? As an artist it is key to have a good balance in the art process: the creative What would I be able to do if I was more organized? How has being less organized effect me? How would my dream work environment look like? What is my biggest challenge towards becoming more organized? What is my most inspirational location, in my city? What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? What is my favourite place to go shopping, in my city? How do I make money doing what I love?
  35. 35. Milou Verbeke What is my greatest passion? Writing and literature. As long as I can remember, I have been active within these fields. The past years, I have been drawn to the entrepreneurship, becoming my own boss. The combination of my passion for writing and the need to entrepreneur has lead to the foundation of F.A.L.L. Magazine. It’s a magazine in which I can express all of my ambitions. What is my greatest fear? I once read the quote ‘keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspirations with others’. Of course, I have my fears, but I have a positive attitude in and towards life, in my daily life as well as in F.A.L.L. Magazine. What is my best quality? My impulsiveness. It gave me the courage to start F.A.L.L. Magazine and to take on other challenges; possible risks don’t scare me off. It’s funny, because some people would describe this as my worst characteristic; my friends and family could tell you a story or two. What is my greatest pitfall? Well, that impulsiveness also has its downsides. I don’t always think twice about something, before I act. Next to that, I have noticed that I am frequently too soft for the harsh business world. A certain ‘naiveté’ and the need to be liked, has resulted in bumping my head a few times. Although I know, that I will never be a tough (and cold) businesswoman, I have learned from my mistakes and I hope, that in the future, I will find a balance between likeable and businesslike. What is my ultimate dream? Break through with F.A.L.L. Magazine on an international level and to be known as THE platform for new and upcoming talent. A place where unique creations are born between fashion, art and life style. Where both the magazine and our online portfolio ‘Sharing your talent’ are well known phenomenon. A dream I am working very hard for to come true. What would be my greatest misfortune? To not make it, due to the lack of financial resources, a bankruptcy would definitely be a major blow. My team and I have worked very hard for it and it is always sad when you can’t get to enjoy the rewards of it. But, even if it would happen, I have gained an experience that no one can ever take away from me. After the first year of F.A.L.L. Magazine, I have learned and experienced so much; the value of that can’t be expressed in terms of money. F.A.L.L. Magazine - - E Whom of my city would I like to be? Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. A master in journalism and an excellent host, to whom I very much look up to. ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ is already broadcasted for years and still, his show is never boring. A few months ago, I got to meet him, when a colleague and I went to the editorial office of the show. I handed my magazine over to him and he immediately was very enthusiastic. He gave us a tour through the recording studios! Afterwards, we drank a cup of coffee together. We spoke of this experience for weeks after. Who are my favourite heroes of my city? Nalden (Co-founder of We Transfer) is definitely on my list of heroes. I have a big admiration for his entrepreneurship and work ethic. Hanna Bervoets is on it as well. She is an incredible writer and I like her as woman as well. Last February, I invited her to the launch of F.A.L.L. Magazine and she was very enthusiastic. Finally, my partner and best friends could not be missed on that list. They support me in truly anything; before I make any important decision, regarding F.A.L.L. Magazine, I discuss it with them. On a Sunday morning, I often go for breakfast with friends at ‘Le Pain Quotidien’. The French toast there is phenomenal and the service is good. A week ago, I have been to the fish restaurant ‘Stork’ for the first time and I have eaten the most amazing lobster I ever had. The restaurant is located in an old warehouse and you can sit on the waterside. They also have a really good version of my favourite dessert; cheesecake with strawberries. What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city? Although it has not opened yet, the ‘Art’Otel’ is my number one hotel on my wish list. Two months ago, I had the privilege to take a look inside and it was already very impressive. The hotel manager, Dirk Beljaarts, is extremely kind and spoke of the hotel with great enthusiasm; the unique rooms (with outspoken manifests on the carpet), the gallery, the bar and the restaurant. I definitely recommend it to spend a night there or to have a meal in the restaurant. What is my favourite place to create, in my city? That would be the ultimate office of F.A.L.L. Magazine. A big and inspiring space in the centre of Amsterdam, where not only the team of F.A.L.L. Magazine will be established, but other talents can come and work as well. I have only two primary conditions. One, a whole wall should be stacked with books. Second, fresh meals should be prepared throughout the day. If this would become a reality, I would never leave the office!
  36. 36. Nikki Sterkenburg Onderzoeksjournalist Elsevier - Weekblad Elsevier - E What is my greatest passion? label Esprit in San Francisco, sailed around the world for a year and exploited a facility at the beach of ‘Zandvoort’ for years. This man is a rock star and positivity guru in one. What is my greatest fear? My favourite heroine in Amsterdam would be Corine Leegwater of ‘YogaYatra’. She traded her tough corporate career for a life as a yoga teacher. She teaches workaholics, like me, to let go. From a journalist perspective, I would have to mention my former chefs (and mentors) Wouter Laumans and Willem Uylenbroek, who kicked me out of the office as much as possible, when I was a rooky. They taught me that the stories in Amsterdam where there for the taking. (Not in the ‘Coffee Company’, but in café Waterlooplein.) Storytelling. When I was younger, I always wanted to become a singer or an actress. Eventually, I became a journalist. It is actually quite the same; you talk to people, try to imagine oneself in somebody else’s situation, look closer into affaires, owning it en presenting it to an audience in a self chosen form. It’s great to be that focussed on and dedicated to big projects and to mingle in worlds that would normally be closed to the outsider. To not be healthy anymore. I am physically pretty strong; rarely sick, quite mobile and full of energy. I don’t need much sleep and that can often come in handy, considering the long hours that I make. I would be crushed if I would not be able to dance on the beach anymore, or to ride a bike through the city. Or, if I need to think ten steps ahead, before I can go anywhere. What is my best quality? My discipline, without a doubt. Anyone who has discipline can learn anything. I can set my mind to something quite easy, whether I am in the mood for it, or not. Next to that, it’s quite helpful that I am able to completely focus, when there is a deadline to meet. When I am working on a project, I hardly need to push myself to get to work. What is my greatest pitfall? I can be completely absorbed into my own world. Especially when I am working on a big story, I can loses myself in it and forget everything and everyone else around me. I can get pretty isolated and think of every appointment, that is not work related, as a waste of time. I am surprised about what great friends I have, that can cope with this very well. What is my ultimate dream? To always stay as happy and grateful, as I am today. Surrounded by great people and days filled with making beautiful creations. I also hope to ride my horse as long as possible. Galloping through the woods, jumping over trees and splashing through the water. What would be my greatest misfortune? My greatest misfortune would be the day that my parents die. I am 29 years old, but I would not know what I would do without them. Whom of my city would I like to be? I would want to be ‘Tom Moncho’, owner of ‘Bagels & Beans Detroit’, located at the ‘Veemkade’ and the most cheerful bartender of Amsterdam. I don’t know anyone else who had such rich and full life; he was present at the first Woodstock in 1969, fulfilled a high position at the clothing Who is my favourite heroe of my city? What is my most inspirational location, in my city? ‘Bagels & Beans Detroit’, located at the ‘Veemkade’, would be my favourite place to be creative. Not only because of the inspiring owner, but also because of the amazing view that is overlooking ‘The IJ’. I have studied in Venice, for six months, and the view at this location reminds me of the Grand Canal. What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? I love to go to ‘Pompadour’, located in the ‘Kerkstraat, because of the delicious coffee and the excellente sandwiches. For dinner, I love to go to restaurant ‘Italia Oggi’, located in the ‘Binnen Bantammerstraat (near the ‘Nieuwmarkt’), run by a very sweet Italian family. They serve the most remarkable and authentic food accompanied by a good quality red house wine. What is my favourite hotel, in my city? That would be the ‘Lloyd Hotel’, where you can wander around and because it has so many little corners, there is something new to discover, each and every time. On the terrace, you can always find a spot to sit and the fries aren’t that bad either.
  37. 37. Odette Schoonenberg What is my greatest passion? Life and to enjoy every bit of it. Life is so great and offers numerous opportunities. The only thing is that you need to see it. Everything that I do, I do it with passion. Although creating and writing is probably my biggest passion, at the same time, entrepreneurship is in my blood. What is my greatest fear? This would probably be sound weird, but I know no fears. From my perspective, fear is a useless and not necessary emotion. Nothing good has ever come of it. To not walk through a dark alley in a dubious city is wisdom and does not need to be based on fear. Too many people let fear lead them in life and herewith miss out on its opportunities. Believe me, then, fear is your biggest enemy! What is my best quality? That is a tough choice between gut and empathy. My will and gut takes me higher and further in life. Nevertheless, my altruist attitude, as well as my sincere wish to be the best person that I can be, is probably the one thing that is most important to me. What is my greatest pitfall? I do not even think about this. It’s a waste of time. Nothing more than the inner motive to want and to do everything. As a result of it, I sometimes wish that I could clone myself so that I can work a double day shift. Simultaneously, making pictures of butterflies in a remote area, run my company, work in my vegetable garden and write six novels, while I am organising a big event. What is my ultimate dream? My ultimate dream would be a world, in which everyone truly lives, and is pursuing his or her passion. A world, in which people are learning to see the beauty in everything and enjoy the amazing universe with the utmost admiration, day and night, At the same time, a world in which everyone is allowed to be him or herself, can be him of herself and dears to be him or herself. What would be my greatest misfortune? I have seen and experienced pretty much everything. And, believe me, that fear is long gone. The only misfortune, that I would consider of any importance, would be a to face a physical challenge. A permanent handicap that would limit me in doing what I want. Whom of my city would I like to be? I have seen and experienced pretty much everything. And, believe me, that fear is long gone. The only misfortune, that I would consider of any importance, would be a to face a physical challenge. A permanent handicap that would limit me in doing what I want. So PR - - E Who is my favourite heroe of my city? I don’t know any specific heroes. Everyone is a hero, how big or small he/she might be. Everyone who is putting him or herself out there, pursuing a passion and is doing what he or she loves to do. Yes, we can all be so lucky to live in a city full of heroes, a city that offers the possibility to be free and to live as we please, regardless of where we come from. That is wealth. What is my most inspirational location, in my city? My favourite place to be creative is my living room office in the showroom of So PR. I love to hang out in my hammock chair on the balcony, between the floating vegetable gardens, that grow en bloom, while birds are whistling. Actually, I get inspired everywhere. Sometimes, I find myself wandering around town, aimlessly on a journey of discovery. What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? I love ‘Paloma Blanca’, a Moroccan restaurant in de ‘Jan Pieter Heijestraat’. The owners Zora and Mohammed are such passionate people with a warm heart, who run their restaurant with so much love. They serve delicious and fresh meals. It feels like coming home when entering their establishment. Afterwards, I like to go for a drink at the ‘Golden Brown’ bar, in the same street. I have high respect for the entrepreneurship and wilfulness of the owner Waldi. Next to that, I love to go to the ‘SkyLounge’, located in the ‘Double Tree Hilton’ next to Central Station. The service is phenomenal, the food is divine and the view… wow, the view. Yes, that is Amsterdam. The city at your feet from a extraordinary terrace. WOW! ‘Kanen bij’ is of a whole other calibre, but it is amazing with the rolling kitchen initiative of the ‘Eatery’. Founder Titus Gorissen is an amazing and passionate person, who just like me, is doing what he wants to do, regardless. Amazing! What is my favourite hotel, in my city? ‘Hotel Vondel’ in the ‘Vondelstraat. In the mean time, various new hotels have opened their doors. But, I have witnessed the passion and love for the hotel business of owner ‘Arjen van den Hof’, from the beginning on. It expresses itself in every little detail, form corner to corner. Fun, cosy, stylish and warm - what else could you ask for? How do I make my money? I make my money with So PR; my fashion, lifestyle, beauty and PR agency, which make me happy every day. With over 80 accounts and a wonderful team of 12 amazing people, with each their own personal touch. So It Is, my youngest love, concerns an import business with beautiful, fair and unique products. Next to that, I am a freelance journalist, just because I can’t help myself. It is that much fun.
  38. 38. Pauline van Aken Boeiend Presenteren - | - E What is my greatest passion? Who is my favourite heroe of my city? What is my greatest fear? What is my favourite place to create, in my city? Life and to enjoy every bit of it. Life is so great and offers numerous opportunities. The only thing is that you need to see it. Everything that I do, I do it with passion. Although creating and writing is probably my biggest passion, at the same time, entrepreneurship is in my blood. My deepest fear is that my life ends too soon, just when I am in the middle of it and enjoying it. That it will not allow me to physically be with my partner and that our children en future grand children will grow up without me seeing and experiencing it. I never judge anyone, are open minded towards new encounters and get to know them with sincere interest, by asking them the right questions to get a good picture of the person with his or her life story. I tend to proceed with such enthusiasm and passion, while working on a project, that it sometimes can be a pitfall that I exceed my physical boundaries. I need to listen to the signals of my body, more often. My ultimate dream would be that everyone becomes fully aware of the way we effectively and positively can be in contact with each other. Awareness of the fact that a loving communication, from a sincere interest towards each other, is of the essence. My greatest misfortune would be that I no longer can do and be of meaning, like I do now. As a human, a partner, a mother, a bonus mother and as a grandmother, in the future. I have no idea… I have never thought about this before, because I was never thinking about whom else I would like to be. Even now, it doesn’t reveal itself to me. I’m sorry. What is my best quality? What is my greatest pitfall? What is my ultimate dream? What would be my greatest misfortune? Whom of my city would I like to be? I don’t have any specific heroes in Amsterdam. I believe that someone is a hero when he or she is living life from the heart and with passion, works and communicates with respect. It may sound crazy, but I can’t think of some one. My favourite place to create is the ‘Vondelpark’, with a view on the big fountain. Or, on a roof terrace overlooking the city. Just like in the past, when I was living on the Isle of Realen, with a view on the studio of Ans Markus. Or, on a boat drifting through the canals of Amsterdam. The Italian restaurant ‘Bellavista’, located at the ‘Johannes Verhulststraat 156 in Amsterdam. The vitello tomato is absolutely delicious and so are the wines. At ‘Café Winkel 43’, near the ‘Noordermarkt’, you can eat the most delicious homemade apple pie. Have a latte macchiato with it. How great is that, after walking on the market on a Saturday or Monday morning? What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city? I never have to book a hotel in Amsterdam, but I would recommend people from outside of Amsterdam to stay at the ‘Mövenpick’. It has nice rooms, great ambiance and an amazing view, overlooking ‘The IJ’. If you are looking for a cosy and warmly decorated Bed & Breakfast in a manor alongside the canal, I would recommend ‘Jacky O’. It’s located at the ‘Bloemgracht’ in Am sterdam.
  39. 39. Rosalisa Villa RosalisaVilla - - E What is my greatest passion? My biggest passion is to keep creating and to keep inspiring. To create something beautiful that not only makes me happy, but others as well. Whom of my city would I like to be? My deepest fear is to be abandoned or to be rejected on personal as well as a professional level. Who is my favourite heroe of my city? Unfortunately, they have passed away already. Ramses Shaffy and Percy Irausquin. I mostly value my authenticity. Obviously, other people influence me too as well as cultures, trends and streams, but I always stay true and faithful to myself. If I were to do or make something in which I would not recognize myself, it would not please me in any way or give me the satisfaction that I am looking for. My favourite place to be creative would be a spacious white studio, with large windows and a beautiful incidence of light, overlooking the water. To be able to see sunsets and sunrises and to hear birds whistling. Or, a small pier. Or, a place where I can subside. Without any distractions from the city, but not completely remote. My perfectionism would be my pitfall. I have the neurotic urge to plan and organise everything to the minute. Hereby, I tell myself that I am doing this so that I will not loose my overview of things. This applies on a professional level as well as on a personal level. Sometimes, it is better to go with the flow, even if things aren’t going the way as planned in advance. Eventually, this often results in something even more beautiful or better, because you al low yourself more time to reconsider an idea. In that ‘extra’ time it is possible to come up with better or more innovative solutions. So, take your time to think it through. Restaurant ‘The Red Sun’. Everything is really divine! Considering the fact that I live in Amsterdam, I never have to stay at an hotel in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, I do know many hip and trendy hotels. If I had to choose where to stay, I would definitely go for ‘Hotel the Grand’, because of its unique grandeur and ambiance. Or, for a complete pampering experience, I would go to the ‘Amstel Hotel’ or the ‘Hotel Conservatorium’. On a professional level, it’s to be successful, to be appreciated for my contribution and to gain brand awareness for all my work. This way, I could have the privilege of choosing my projects, travel internationally and take on dream projects in the most beautiful places of the world. My greatest misfortune would be to not receive any credit from others, for a project that I poured my heart and soul into. Another is, to not be able to continue to do what I love. What is my greatest fear? What is my best quality? What is my greatest pitfall? What is my ultimate dream? What would be my greatest misfortune? This is quite a difficult question. I really wouldn’t know. You can’t just judge a book by its cover. Everyone has his or her own path to follow. What is my favourite place to create, in my city? What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city?
  40. 40. Roya Hamburger What is my greatest passion? Making beautiful things. Professionally? Having no projects to take on, not the right employer or receiving points of improvement at work that don’t make any sense. I am very empathic. Not being able to execute a plan or an idea. What is my greatest fear? What is my best quality? What is my greatest pitfall? What is my ultimate dream? Decorating the world with my work. What do I want people to think when they enter my house or company? I want them to feel welcome. What do I want in life? I want to do what I love, my passion. Herewith, to be better organized is a must. To make a plan of action in order to meet my objectives. How would being more organized improve my personal/professional life? By being well organized, objectives can be met and that gives me a feeling of satisfaction. What would I be able to do if I was more organized? Build a brand and provide an income for myself. Missed out on assignments. A place where I can produce with a team of creative professionals. How has being less organized effect me? How would my dream work environment look like? Digital Artist - - E What is my biggest challenge towards becoming more organized? Putting my ideas on paper and setting up a plan of action. To meet my personal deadlines. Writing an adequate business plan. If could organise one thing better, waht would that be? What is my most inspirational location, in my city? When I am overlooking the ‘IJ’, behind Amsterdam CS. It reminds of Rotter dam. What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? Pllek. ‘9 Straatjes’. ‘Hotel Conservatorium’. I work on request. What is my favourite place to go shopping, in my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city? How do I make money doing what I love?
  41. 41. Saskia te Dorsthorst La Saskia - - E What is my greatest passion? Should I reincarnate, what would my profession be? Tissue performer or something with body control. Being able to bend yourself backwards, effortless, and being able to smile while doing it. Playing, sharing and beauty. Enjoy life with your whole heart. And of course, laugh a lot. What is my most inspirational location, in my city? At home and when I’m on my bike. Fear is a bad advisor. It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live’ - Marcus Aurelius. The ‘Finch’ for tea and a sandwich, on a Monday and Saturday morning. Tapas at ‘Dos’ or another good Spanish restaurant. When I surprise myself or when my work or others amaze me. My perseverance and determination. ‘American en L’ Europe’, because of their authentic look. ‘Port van Cleve’ for their beautiful counter in ‘Delfts blauw’. Art’otel, because of the great art that they have on display and the wonderful people that work there. Ignoring my intuition. With people who take their responsibility and are playful. Working with Richard Branson to conduct creative and playful business. Singing with Anthony and the Johnsons. That is something I try not to do, which makes life much easier. But, I would lie in time of war, if necessary. Mandela, Pipi Langkous, Tracy Emin en Martin Luther King. Sometimes, I need to drag lots of stuff from one place to another. While performing ‘One Love’ in all the countries I have ever been to. Actually, nothing. The performance of ‘One Love’ and the video’s of ‘I love You’. It’s the work I am most proud of. Trying to enchant people. Making them happy. What is my idea of perfect happiness? What is my greatest fear? What is the best thing that I love about my work? What is the trait I most deplore, in myself? What is my greatest pitfall? On what occasion would I lie? Which rolemodels have had the biggest influence on me? What is the thing that I dislike the most in my work? When and where was I the happiest, in my work? If I could, what would I change about myself? What is my greatest achievement in work? What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city? Whom would I like to work with in the future? What project, in the nearby future, am I looking forward to work on? To a creative collaboration with Dorie and everyone who can relate to our project. Performing ‘One Love’ in Japan, Iceland, Russia, the moon and be yond.
  42. 42. Stephanie Ocampo Cuervo What is my greatest passion? Freelance Make-Up Artist - Stephanie Visagie - - E Whom of my city would I like to be? Make-up, what else! Therefore, I have become a make-up artist. I love to play with make-up and bring out the beauty in people. It’s a true art. I cover a lot of photoshoots for modelling agencies, magazines, commercials, fashion shows, and such. To see your creation in a magazine, on the catwalk or on television, it makes you proud! Every day, I’m learning (from myself and colleagues) and the fashion trends are always changing. Herewith, being a make-up artist is a very dynamic and challenging profession. This question is hard to answer. I would like to be someone that coaches tho se with a passion for make-up in order to help them grow in their develop ment. To not be able to execute my profession would be my deepest fear. It will be a nightmare if anything happens to my hands. I would not be able to be creative with make-up anymore and it obviously does mean the world to me. I think that this is something that every make-up artist fears. What is my favourite place to create, in my city? My strongest asset is my perseverance. Thanks to this characteristic I have come a long way in life, even further than I could ever dream of. Perseverance is really a must in the world of fashion. Giving up is not an option. I always keep going. When I fall, I get up and try even harder. “Make up your mind & mind your make-up”. I often raise the bar too high. As a result, my expectations are way too high as well and that can be very disappointed, at times. New York! And I’m not talking about a short trip or a holiday, but to really work there. It would by my ultimate dream to be working as a make-up artist in New York, for magazines, fashion shows and big designers. Living and ex periencing the real ‘Sex and the City’ life. I look up to those who made it there, because there are only a few that do. I often tell myself “One day”. It’s not that I am in a hurry. Maybe, I need a bit of luck and a lot of experience. Hmmmm…That is a tough one! I have more than one. Of course, my loved ones that passed away. The bad things that happen to those I love. Big or small projects I missed out on. They’re misfortunes, but luckily, the small ones do not leave a trail of severe or permanent damage. What is my greatest fear? What is my best quality? What is my greatest pitfall? What is my ultimate dream? What would be my greatest misfortune? Who is my favourite heroe of my city? It may sound a bit psychedelic, but I don’t really have any. I have had the honour to meet many ‘heroes’, whom I have worked with and still do. What makes them heroes? They are determined in what they want to achieve with their passion. You would find me in one of the beautiful and spacious studios of Amsterdam. Another place I like to be creative is at one of the nice outdoor locations around Amsterdam. There is so much inspiration to be found and you will be overwhelmed with the new fashion trends in the make-up stores. Whenever I’m in need for inspiration or new products, I’ll hop in to check it out. I always enjoy going to ‘Bling’, because of the ambiance and of what it radiates. It’s great to have lunch or to go for a night out. But, there are so many bars and restaurants in Amsterdam. It is great and I love vary. To be honest, I have never stayed at a hotel in Amsterdam. But, should I have to, then I would love to stay at the ‘Fashion Hotel Amsterdam’. It is very appealing to me and looks super trendy, especially the sky bar. What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city?
  43. 43. Suzanne Blotenburg What is my greatest passion? Telling strong stories, on (digital) paper. Strong in the sense of powerful, complete, honest and in the spirit of the subject. My deepest fear would be to disappoint others and myself, for I’m a perfectionist. And of course, to face severe illness that could be terminal, but I guess that’s a common fear. Perseverance. Although the creativity has to come from my cynical toes, I will persevere. I keep going until I am satisfied. To go on safari with Nelson Mandela, in South Africa In the future, I would like to conduct journalism in a place where it is of high additional value. In places where the truth can’t easily be found or will rise to the surface. Where nature or war has destroyed every infrastructure and facility needed to get the truth out. Or, to address people in that place (in their own language, fluently) and teach them how to find the truth, if there is one. Afterwards, I would write a book about these experiences. And to top that, shoot my own World press Photo for it. I want to be that noble and have an impact on the world on such a scale, even if it would only be for a short period of time. My greatest misfortune would be to not be inspired by the things that I do. I find it very important that my work keeps amazing me. Even about the things that are so obvious. It is one of the reasons why writing about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs is so appealing to me. They keep amazing me, even now that I am one myself. ‘Eberhard van der Laan’, for sure, to be the boss and leader of a city and to be in politics. But, I would definitely like to walk in the shoes of unknown people of Amsterdam. They often have a very special story to tell and know their city very well. I would like to be a folk singer, to be able to see the cavern of that nightlife. (Okay, I already know this). Maybe, be the captain of the What is my greatest fear? What is my best quality? What is my ultimate dream? What would be my greatest misfortune? Whom of my city would I like to be? Freelance Business Journalist - @SuusNL - E ‘IJveer’, what a unique job is that?! Or, to be the neighbourhood mama in the ‘Bijlmer’, because she probably is the only one who knows what is really going on. The real people of Amsterdam, born and raised, those are my favourite heroes in Amsterdam. They are kind, but very direct. They have a bit of an attitude and at the same time hate such an attitude. They can yell at you in traffic and tolerate the numerous suicide tourists on a bike, in their beautiful city. And of course that lovely accent. Amsterdam is really the most beautiful from on the water. It feels like a holiday and it clears your head in order to be creative. The bicycle is a good number two. When I arrived in Amsterdam, five years ago, I felt like a real ‘Mokumer’ when I was riding my bike through the city, for the first time. Finally, unknown places are also great to be creative. A great thing about Amsterdam is, that after so many years, there are still nice places to discover. Who is my favourite heroe of my city? What is my favourite place to create, in my city? What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? There are a lot of places that I love to go in Amsterdam. Because they are fun, it’s nice to eat there or serve addictive cappuccinos. ‘Schilders’ in the ‘Pijp’ for their Spanish red wine, ‘Djago’ in the ‘Rivierenbuurt’ for the best nasi ra mes in town and ‘Tales & Spirits’ for their exciting cocktails. But, I mostly love to discover new places, preferably not in my own neighbourhood. Recently, ‘Bar Spek’ in ‘West’ pleasantly surprised me and many more will follow, I hope. What is my favourite hotel, in my city? I don’t often sleep in a hotel in my own city. In fact, it has only happened once. Fortunately, it was a pleasant and special stay, at ‘Het Altaar’ alongside the ‘Amstel’. Hidden between tourist cafes and the ‘Rembrandtplein’, a small residence is located there that served as catholic hiding church in the 18th century. The mini church is still completely intact, beautifully restored for two and all luxury available. Where once was the altar, now a king-size bed has taken its place.
  44. 44. Sylvia Gerritsma Kunst van Sylvia - What is my greatest passion? What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? For a lovely lunch, I prefer to go to ‘Bakkerswinkel’, very nice sandwiches, amazing carrot pie (you will not believe it) and beet soup are extraordinary. What is my greatest fear? I highly recommend ‘Het Conservatorium Hotel’ in Amsterdam! A beautiful hotel in a monumental building. Wow! For inspiration, I love to go to the ‘Noordermarkt’. But, also in the ‘P.C.’ inspiration can be found. Elaborating on my ideas and the real execution of it, I love to do it in my studio. Making money with your creativity isn’t always easy. With me, the pressure is not that high, because we don’t have to live of it. This allows me the freedom to be creative. Besides my work in the studio, I also give classes in painting and drawing, at the European School in Bergen. I do this with all my love for this art. All the stimulants of my surroundings will be used in my creative process of a project. “In my work, I follow my heart. And so, I create with passion.” My greatest passion is to let my creativity flow abundantly, in various ways and with diverse materials. This expresses itself in my work. I create post cards, pillows, paintings and illustrations, on and with various materials; oil paint, ink, pencil and ecoline. Waking up and feeling sick due to the smell of oil paint! To always think in a creative manner, that would be the characteristic I most value in myself. If it’s not regarding a painting, then it’s while cooking or when solving a problem. What is my best quality? What is my greatest pitfall? Time!!! I have so much more ideas than time to think them all through. Let alone executing them. I keep bumping my head when it comes to time ma nagement. What is my ultimate dream? My ultimate dream is to make as many people happy as possible, bring them joy with my expressive stories and paintings. What would be my greatest misfortune? My greatest misfortune would be not to be able to create with my hands and eyes. Whom of my city would I like to be? I would love to walk in the shoes of Erwin Olaf, just for a day, to see how he as a photographer creates. Everyone who has contributed to the renovation of the ‘Rijksmuseum’. And of course, the Spanish architects Antonio Cruz & Antonio Ortiz, who have restored the design of 1885 in an exceptional manner. Who is my favourite heroe of my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city? What is my favourite place to create, in my city? How do I make money doing what I love?
  45. 45. Trisha de Graaf What is my greatest passion? My greatest passion is being creative, by creating inspiring images through photo styling. Also, by choosing the right clothing and accessory for my clients. Herewith, I will emphasize their best features and make sure that they feel beautiful and confident. It’s energizing for me to do. The most beautiful creations are being born when working in a team. Sometimes, when an idea is born and takes it shape, or later, in the execution phase. My deepest fear is, that people stop creating together and are seeking solitary, more and more. I am always open to new influences, other cultures and love to learn from other people. There’s so much more to do and to experience. But, the days are too short! What is my greatest fear? What is my best quality? What is my greatest pitfall? What is my ultimate dream? My ultimate dream is to be inspired by other cultures in far away countries. That, as a basis, can lead to the development of a creative and innovative product. What would be my greatest misfortune? I couldn’t find any inspiration for answering this question. I would like to be an employee at ‘Laura Dols’, located in de ‘9 Straatjes’, just for a day. I would love to wander around her establishment, surrounded by all the vintage items and consulting people on their outfits with these remarkable items. That would be the ‘old generation’, the ‘real’ people of Amsterdam. I love our accent and the way that they talk about their city; I can really enjoy that. Whom of my city would I like to be? Who is my favourite heroe of my city? Fashion Stylis - By Trisha - E What is my favourite place to create, in my city? After an inspirational stroll around ‘Amsterdam-Noord’; cousin Louis, ‘van Dijk & Co’ and the ‘IJhallen’. Laid back on the terrace with my sketchbook, at ‘Noorderlicht’ or ‘Pllek’, overlooking the ‘IJ’. In the summer, my favourite place is ‘Café de Jaren’. Here, you can sit on a lovely terrace alongside the water, with a view on the ‘Amstel’. In hotel ‘The Exchange’, students of the ‘Amfi’ decorated the rooms. Each and every room is unique. For instance, with big buttons, or large collars or a beautiful dress of Marie-Antoinette! What is my favourite place to eat and drink, in my city? What is my favourite hotel, in my city?
  46. 46. Enjoy your journey!