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Cc Brochure

  1. 1. THERE IS NO COMPARISON To initiate an assessment, call ConfiCare® at 1-888-994-6600. Or, visit
  2. 2. ConfiCare® is a trusted home health partner that sionate assistance for care with bathing, grooming, tion supporting the certification of the homebound Contact ConfiCare® allows physicians, clinicians, and other customers and other daily activities, as needed. We provide status throughout the treatment plan. Is your patient a candidate for home healthcare? to focus on quality care and patient recuperation. trustworthy, dependable service with compassion- Ask the experts at ConfiCare®. We give you the ate care, while continuously assessing the needs of How to Arrange for Home Healthcare? confidence to handle all your home healthcare ConfiCare® provides trustworthy, dependable, and each individual. This quality of care is unique to Ask your physician about ConfiCare® home needs. Our professional clinicians work with the compassionate healthcare service in the comfort- each patient by providing constant, accurate com- healthcare services. Contact us for a services physician, patient and family members to create a able setting of the patients’ home. We assess munications and solid, honest assessments. assessment and plan development. customized plan of care. Let our trusted knowl- patient needs through solid feedback and effective edge and resources work for you. follow through, giving all healthcare partners the Who Needs Home Why ConfiCare®? To initiate an assessment, call ConfiCare® at 1-888-994- trusted resources they need to fulfill their health- Healthcare? There is no comparison. Unlike other convention- 6600. care partnership. “We are al home healthcare alternatives, ConfiCare® Or, visit for additional informa- unwavering in our commitment to confidence… Home healthcare stands out by providing reliable, proficient, quality tion and to complete a referral form to begin the assess- Confidence that is provided ment process. Physicians know a patients’ care is being simply means care that results in more effective participation by through the delivery of efficient, © 2006, All Rights Reserved, ConfiCare Home Health properly handled, patients know they have healthcare provided all healthcare partners, better ensuring a full return Solutions, LLC. consistent, quality home health a competent clinician, and clinicians know care in the markets we serve.” in the patients’ to the previous level of functioning. This level of * For more information about Medicare terms, go to -Robert t Bush, http://www/ they have the resources to do their job. Most home. Any patient care allows the patient to feel more secure in their General Manager **Medicaid regulations regarding homebound status can importantly, families know they are being who requires assistance treatment and further aides in the recovery vary from state to state. Please check your local regulations. informed with accurate and honest communica- in the home or to leave the process. ***U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Clarifying the Definition of Homebound and Medical tions. This level of service combined with our home, or any patient who has considerable and Necessity Using OASIS Data: Final Report, March 2001 innovative communication style enhances the taxing effort* when leaving the home, needs home As a partner, ConfiCare® directly communicates **** U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, refer- daily living needs of anyone requiring specialized health care. Homebound status does not mean a information to the referral source, the patient and encing years 2004-2014 care. patient is confined to the house, just that they are the patients’ family. The referral source saves time normally unable to leave the home unassisted.* and gains intellectual feedback on the patients ConfiCare® Confidence The “taxing effort” must be defined for the individ- care. The patient and the patients’ family under- ual patient and detailed in supporting documenta- stand, in approachable language, the patients’ Home Health ConfiCare® offers highly skilled tion. progress, allowing them to be fully engaged in the care based on physicians orders. Our professional plan of care. clinicians provide a wide variety of home health- Who Pays for Home Healthcare? care services. We provide specific care outlined With the projected outlook of the Home by a physician and executed by a ConfiCare® In order for a patient to receive home healthcare Healthcare profession increasing by nearly 70 per- skilled professional including Registered Nurses, benefits under Medicare, Medicaid if over 21 cent over a ten year time period****, you need a Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, years of age,** and most private insurance poli- trusted healthcare partner that provides a clear, Speech Therapists and Medical Social Workers. cies, by law, the patient must be homebound with confident choice. a medical necessity requiring a physician’s plan of Personal Assistant ConfiCare® provides compas- care.*** Payment is dependent upon documenta-