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Tango/04 123 Brochure


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Introduction to Tango/04's unique 1,2,3 monitoring strategy that provides visibility and control to IT and your business

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Tango/04 123 Brochure

  1. 1. The most innovative monitoring strategy In only one solution with multiple benefits, expandable and easy-to-use
  2. 2. Centralized Monitoring The key to assuring company wide visibility Technological complexity increases every day and this makes having an integrated and centralized view of the events harder to achieve. Technical silos tend to multiply and as a result, alignment with a company’s goals becomes almost impossible. A way to combat this is by increasing real- time visibility of managerial areas in order to improve a company’s integral management and reduce its operational costs at the same time. This is Tango/04’s main objective. Tango/04 proposes the “1-2-3” corporate monitoring strategy for Technology, Security and Business to achieve real-time visibility of the entire company through a simple-to-use and rapid-to-implement solution that is capable of integrating multiple platforms and applications. • Improve your service levels with proactive management of events • Comply with security audits in a sustainable way • Increase your productivity by aligning IT and Business • Reduce operational costs • And many more benefits
  3. 3. 1 Technology Manage your critical infrastructure, applications, and business services (BSM) in real time Lower risks and increase your proactivity by centralizing control of your business services, critical applications, and IT infrastructure components that can affect your application’s availability and performance. Know at all times when final users or critical services are being affected and what is causing the situation. Obtain historic analytical information that identifies points of failure and helps to establish a continual improvement process. Monitored Technology: • Critical applications and business services • Web Applications (including content and transactions) • CRM, ERP, applications, mail servers and more • Service Levels Monitoring (SLAs) • Main Operating Systems in the market (Windows, UNIX, iSeries, and more) • Data bases (SQL Server, Oracle and more) • Communication Devices, telephone network, security, etc. • And much more! Benefits: • Optimize your IT Department’s productivity aligning your management with business goals • Improve your service levels continually thanks to proactive management • Increase your operating efficiency by reducing downtime • Facilitate decision making through the visibility of your critical applications
  4. 4. 2 Security Comply with audits in a sustainable way and control your security in real time Simplify your management by unifying visibility and configuration criteria through the correlation of security events from different platforms and critical applications in one central console. Control user activity in real time and execute forensic analysis of any abnormal situation. Comply with current and future audits using a solution that handles the most complex environments in the simplest way possible. Benefit from knowledge of the product, acquired after hundreds of implementations throughout the world. Main features: • Control multiple operating systems, databases, devices and applications • Easily read and interpret the most complex text file logs • Optimize your security through data storage in a tamper proof database that helps prevent fraud and detects changes • Fulfill SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, bank regulations and even the most complex audits • Certify COBIT, ISO/IEC 17999/27001 and other best practices Benefits: • Easy to use, maintain and extend, assuring current and future regulation compliance • Maximum analysis and correlation speed, with exclusive business impact model and application and services visibility • Reduces risk by alerting you about deviations from your security policies in real time
  5. 5. 3 Business Increase your business processes’ efficiency Monitor your company’s events, processes and critical activities controlling deviations or inconsistencies of your indicators in real time. Proactively identify delays in the different stages of processes and make the necessary adjustments before all users are impacted. Notice changes in your SLAs instantly, and find the cause at a glance. Analyze your processes’ efficiency and historically track points of failure, enabling you to establish a continual improvement process. Main features: • Exclusive business impact analysis in real time • Predictive tools that allow proactive action for anticipating business incidents • Obtaining notification of measurements and changes in process performance indicators • Generation of critical services enterprise views • Reports with direct relevance to the business Benefits: • Obtain a consolidated view of your business processes • Improve communication and align the entire company towards a common objective • Optimize critical processes continually thanks to agile management indicators and service level agreements (SLAs)
  6. 6. Professional Services Tango/04’s Professional Services team is oriented to assist customers over time to implement, maintain, and make An initial project for our monitoring solution evolve. The objective is to help Tango/04 is just the them get the highest return on investment, extending beginning. The goal is to become a strategic ally real-time control to the entire company, and carrying out a who helps professionals continual improvement process beyond IT. Tango/04, apart grow in their daily from offering the most agile and extensible monitoring activities and improves software on the market, gives its customers knowledge their critical business and the benefit of best practices acquired from hundreds processes control. of implementations all over the world. Suggested work approach Tango/04’s objective is to make sure the solution Our experience shows that projects implemented is properly implemented jointly with our customers, providing them advanced and always updated, consultancy and continual training processes, are the ensuring our customers best option for those who are prepared to manage the get the most value from solution by themselves. the solution. By doing so, we can help them For those clients who do not want to or can not use obtain a bigger return resources to administer the solution, Tango/04 also offers on their investment, on-site and remote management services which include and therefore establish a long-term, mutually configuration maintenance and new implementation of beneficial relationship. controls and project.
  7. 7. VISUAL Message Center Tango/04’s integrated corporate monitoring solution provides the possibility to control a company’s Technology, Security, and Business in real time, offering users maximum visibility of all events throughout the company. Easy-to-use and quick-to-implement, VISUAL Message Center is designed to control all kind of events from a fully customizable console. All the information is collected by agentless elements and stored in a tamper proof Database, which • Rapidly implement the solution keeps it available and safe at all times, helping to prevent • Centralize the monitoring of your entire company fraud and detect changes. The solution is developed • Receive automatic answers and to correlate complex events and translate technical bidirectional alerts via email and text messages in real time matters into easy-to-understand graphics, charts, and • Access the main console from enterprise views. Its advanced monitoring, automation, anywhere alert, visualization, reporting, and auditing functions • Obtain a dynamic and easy-to-use tool for managers and users from consolidate multiple systems, applications, networks, the entire company devices, components, and events. VISUAL Message Center provides an integrated solution for your control and corporate monitoring needs. Please find more detail on the modules below: Thin Agents Benefit with ThinkServer, the advanced control engine that can be easily modified to fit your specific needs and monitor Technology, Security, and Business in a rapid and simple way. SmartConsole Analyze, diagnose, and answer events generated by any system or service from your technological infrastructure in real time through a centralized console that provides an intuitive interface that allows the modelling and creation of custom consoles, dashboards, pre- defined actions, alerts, and enterprise views for every IT platform, business line, service, and process. Reports Obtain unparalleled insight into system status and events. Instantly create historical reports about performance, regulation compliance, auditing, service levels (SLAs), systems usage, security, incident identification, user activity, and much more. Dashboards Achieve maximum visibility in real time and easily interpret information that is vital to your business, defining views and customizable control panels. Web- based Dashboards provides access to multiple users, including Business Users, who need to know what goes on in the different processes beyond IT. … and much more!
  8. 8. USA SALES OFFICES Tango/04 Computing Group Tango/04 Brazil One Phoenix Mill Lane - Suite 201 Phone: +55 11 2246 2751 Peterborough, NH 03458 (USA) Fax: +55 11 2246 2700 Phone: +1 800 304 6872 Barcelona/04 Chile Phone:+ 56 2 234 0898 EMEA HEADQUARTERS Tango/04 Computing Group Avda. Meridiana 358, 5º A-B Barcelona/04 Colombia 08027 - Barcelona (Spain) Phone: + 57 1 313 83 30 Fax: + 57 1 313 83 55 Phone: +34 93 274 0051 Fax: +34 93 345 1329 Tango/04 France Phone: +33 01 4090 3449 Fax: +33 01 4090 3101 LATIN AMERICAN HEADQUARTERS Barcelona/04 Computing Group Avda. Federico Lacroze 2252, Piso 6 Tango/04 Italy (C1426CPU) - Buenos Aires (Argentina) Phone: +39 0161 56922 Phone: +54 11 4774 0112 Fax: + 39 0161 259277 Fax: +54 11 4773 9163 Barcelona/04 Peru Phone: +51 1 640 9168 Tango/04 Switzerland Phone: +41 0 22 747 7866 Fax: +41 0 22 747 7999 Tango/04 Computing Group is one of the leading developers for monitoring software of Technology, Security/Compliance, and Business Service Management (BSM). The group operates around the world through its vast network of Business Partners and has more than 2,000 customers including companies such as: 3M, Alcampo, Arcelor, Banco Itaú, Bayer, BBVA, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bridgestone, Citigroup, Capgemini, Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia (CC&G), Coca-Cola, Danone, DIA, Dolce & Gabbana, Dole Fresh Fruit, EDS, Euronet Worldwide, First Data, Fortis, GE Money, Gucci, Helvetia, Inditex, ING Nationale-Nederlanden, Liberty, L’Oréal, Luxottica, MAPFRE, Manpower, Miele, Nestlé, Nike, Nissan, Pierre Fabre, Prada, Random House Mondadori, SEUR Geopost, Shell, Telmex, TNT, Tribunal Regional Do Trabalho, Yves Rocher, and Zurich, among many others.