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Monitor magazine

  1. 1. Monitor Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO - Nº1 Sligro Food Group ensure their online orders Boehringer Ingelheim centralize their monitoring International Card Services control their critical processes Tango/04, emerging leader in real-time banking security
  2. 2. Letter from the CEO Welcome to the future Real-time is not easy, but it is our passion We are investing heavily to be the number 1 global software vendor for real-time monitoring solutions. It is clear that corporations all around the world need to be on top of anything that can impact them so they have a chance to react. Be it a security threat, a policy violation, an external event, a degraded service level, an operational problem in a critical web application. We are here to help. Companies worldwide are turning to us to deploy solutions that work. It saddens us to see millions and millions of dollars being wasted on arcane, complex “Unfortunately, monitoring frameworks that promise you the moon and never achieve even a fraction many companies of their promises. In particular when we offer an astonishing rate of project success, waste millions of both in time and in customer satisfaction; a perfect 100% for 3 years running. dollars on highly So it is no surprise we are perfecting ways to allow the IT department to complicated and communicate better with the business: Our new solutions offer unmatched outdated solutions applications' modeling and real-time impact analysis capabilities, powerful that make dashboard and scoreboard technology, Security Compliance reports, unique real- promises they time data protection tools, and more. cannot deliver” Real-time makes the difference between success and failure. Real-time is the future, but it is available here, today, and we are proud to deliver it to you. Welcome to the future. Raúl Cristián Aguirre President and CEO 2
  3. 3. Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO - Nº1 Table of contents 4 Boehringer Ingelheim centralize their monitoring Tango/04 centralizes the monitoring of their business processes, infrastructure and IT security in a functional, quick and visual manner thanks to a single console. 7 The standard for real-time security Banks around the world adopt VISUAL Security Suite as real-time protection standard. 8 International Card Services control their critical processes ICS monitors their business processes to show their internal clients, in real time, the status of their critical processes. 10 Latest news New Tango/04 Transaction Agent Monitors User Experience and Simplifies Service Level Management. New HP-UX Agents Complete Tango/04’s UNIX Monitoring Capabilities. Moores Rowland Consulting to distribute Tango/04 Solutions in India. 12 Sligro Food Group ensure their online orders with Tango/04 One of the main European supermarkets chooses Tango/04 to monitor their infrastructure and ensure their online orders are processed 24/7. 14 Tango/04, close to you 15 About Tango/04 3
  4. 4. Boehringer Ingelheim centralize their monitoring Visual Message Center centralizes the monitoring of their business processes, their infrastructure and IT security in a functional, quick and visual manner thanks to a unique console.
  5. 5. Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO - Nº1 Committed to offer value through scientific and The main inconvenience in this process was that technical innovations, Boehringer Ingelheim, one of when it failed, problems fell on the Information the world's leading pharmaceutical laboratories, Systems Department. Sales data, crucial to any has been producing medicines for more than 100 company, is the first thing the people at Boehringer years, employing more than 30,000 people check when they arrive at work in the morning. Sales worldwide and 400 in Argentina. representatives have a quota to achieve; therefore The Information Systems department of the this figure is critical, especially near the end of the Argentina branch leads the South American month. VISUAL Message Center monitors this Regional Operative Unit, a region comprising nightly process and informs the Information Systems Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Perú, Uruguay Department if any of the steps are not completed. and Paraguay. They all rely on the continuous o p e rat i o n s o f B o e h r i n ge r A rge nt i n a ' s I T Monitoring this business process saves Boehringer´s infrastructure. Information Systems Department time and prevents them from receiving complaints The headache and the right painkiller from users, while data availability is The Information Systems Department was lacking under control at all times. And, above an event monitoring tool. Due to its big all, “everytime the process failed, infrastructure and diverse platforms, “the company the image of the Information “Besides first developed its own tools in-house, but this did Systems Department offering a better not provide the right solution,” explains Marcelo d ete r i o r a te d . T h i s h e l ps price, we found it Grasso, IT Security and Infrastructure Manager at functional and easy improve it,” explains Grasso. Boehringer Ingelheim. to use. Multiple control: “VISUAL It is very visual, In order to find a real solution to its needs, easy to manage and Message does it for us” Boehringer chose Tango/04's VISUALMessage maintain” Center. “Not only did it offer a better value, but we Besides monitoring the main also found it functional and easy to use. It is very business process, with VISUAL visual, easy to manage and maintain” says Grasso. Message Center, Boehringer is also able The deciding factors in selecting this tool were the to control its infrastructure and multi- capability to centralize monitoring in a single platform applications: console, the scalability of the solution, and the real- ?and Communications Networks time alerts that constantly inform about what is iSeries Servers ? going on in the company. SQL Servers ? Oracle Servers ? Controlling Critical Processes While Improving Your Image Multiple Control: Windows Servers ? The main benefit Marcelo Grasso finds in monitoring The main business process being monitored by these processes is that they are completing tasks that Boehringer is the submission of sales information. were impossible to do before, due to time constraints This is a daily procedure, executed at night, which on the members of the Information Systems updates the sales and generates reports that are available company-wide. Department. This is vital information that is consulted by sales, Boehringer's Information Systems Department was finance, and information systems managers, as well able to increase its daily productivity, by saving time as sales representatives, and the entire company. using a single centralized console. 5
  6. 6. “We use VISUAL Message Center to monitor each of our servers in detail, which used to be impossible due to time constraints. Now the software does it for us” an answer – with VISUAL “Not having a detailed X-ray of Message Center Last year, that our system used to be very was a weakness in our audit. Today, problematic for us. Now, we control what we can show what we have implemented is going on better, and we can act accordingly” says with Tango/04”. Grasso. In Summary: A Happy Ending It's Better to be Safe Using Real-TimeAlerts, Than Sorry “We chose VISUAL Message Center because we found it was a very visual, very user-friendly tool, This type of prevention regarding user problems with a cost-benefit ratio that made it very convenient has become essential to Boehringer's Information for us”, says Grasso. Systems Department. “This tool has provided a lot of benefits” he says. All this was completed in a short period of time and delivered on schedule. In a few weeks, Boehringer got a complete monitoring tool that met and Branch Connection Status exceeded its demands. “This solution has endless capabilities. I see a great future in it. I recommend Tango/04`s VISUAL Message Center to companies who want to implement a monitoring solution”, concludes Grasso. 120 100 80 We can configure it to receive real-time alerts 60 whenever an event occurs, via e-mail, Blackberry, and SMS messages to a cell phone. 40 20 + IT Security Marcelo Grasso is also responsible for Boehringer's Summary IT Security, and that is why he was more than happy when they found a tool that could monitor business processes, applications and Percentage of Availability Available 99,58% infrastructure, as well as the IT security area. “All Non available 0,42% the security monitoring that we did not have before, is now being done automatically, and generates weekly reports”. Total Changes 245 Succes 77 31,43% Security monitoring is also used to meet corporate Minor 109 44,49% and Qaaudits (controlling the quality of the user Warning 53 21,63% area by auditing the systems area). Monitoring is Critical 6 2,45% one of the requirements of the audit. “If someone Unknow 0 0,00% asks how do we monitor our servers, we now have 6
  7. 7. Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO - Nº1 More and more banks worldwide choose Tango/04 Visual Security Suite as a solution for real time security monitoring Around the world, many financial institutions such as Galicia Bank, the Italian Stock Exchange, BBVA, San Paolo Bank, the Industrial Bank, Red Link, Itau Bank, Patagonia Bank are finding that that nothing compares to the level of protection provided by Tango/04. Banks are choosing Tango/04´s solutions for various reasons that differentiate them from their competitors, including: ? Ease of use ?Low risk implementation (quick implementation, ? references in the banking sector Experience and guaranteed success) ?console with real time alerts (Smart Centralized Besides, the integrated nature of Tango/04 Console) solutions means that the same solution c a n b e u s e d f o r s e c u r i t y, ? Internal and External Audits Helps with compliance, as well as covering banking regulations infrastructure monitoring, and “Galicia Bank, BSM (Business Service the Italian Stock ? Unique record-level, real time protection for Monitoring, which includes the Exchange, BBVA, databases (Data Monitor) protection of business services San Paolo Bank, ? interpret and change the format of Ability to read, and processes by controlling the Industrial Bank, any text log, regardless of their complexity, in real quality of service and important Red Link, Itau time, including SWIFT and custom applications logs business indicators in real time). Bank, Patagonia ? Ability to monitor with or without agents (agentless) As the Chief Information Bank Are some of Security Officer of Patagonia our most recent ? Prevents Security Departments from going through Bank puts it “Tango/04 helped clients” endless list of events manually, which saves them improving the quality of service of time and avoids problems our bank”. So Tango/04 is already ? Complete reports which cover various controls positioning itself as the emerging leader requested by banking institutions for security in financial institutions in many ? the impact of security events on the Ability to show regions. In some territories it is already the “de business services facto” standard in real time security solutions. 7
  8. 8. International Card Services control their critical processes from a single console ICS monitors its business processes in order to show its internal customers the status of its critical operations in real-time. The Fortis subsidiary International Card Services “ICS' IT network includes a number of external parties, (ICS) is one of the largest credit card specialists and a including the Fortis Computer Center in Woerden. They market leader in issuing credit cards in The manage the technical operations of the systems,” says Netherlands. The company has been issuing credit Smits. “However, the fact that their systems are up and cards for VISA and MasterCard for over 15 years. In running does not necessarily mean that our business addition ICS manages promotions, administration processes are performing as required. That is why we and transactions processing of credit cards. In total were looking for a way to clarify our internal business ICS has more than 2,4 million cardholders, processes. We thought: if we could mount a screen that approximately 300 employees and – in addition to displays the current status of our business processes, its headquarters in Diemen – has offices in Belgium then we could show our internal customers what is (near Brussels) and in Germany (Düsseldorf). going on, both from a technical point of view and in relation to our processes. The model that we envisioned Business processes at a glance contained IT components, business processes and Pieter Smits is Head of Technical Management at applications. These three elements were to be International Card Services and is responsible for displayed in a single transparent model.” After a managing individual workstations and the IT successful Proof-of-Concept from PST Business network, user support, change management and Solutions, Tango/04's partner in The Netherlands, service management. In collaboration with Dick de International Card Services decided to purchase the Graaf, IT Supply Manager at ICS, he set out to find a company-wide monitoring and management solution, method for monitoring business processes at ICS. Tango/04 VISUAL Message Center.
  9. 9. Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO - Nº1 “What struck us from the start about VISUAL Message A visual solution Center was how easy the product is to use. Other “For us the visual aspect was particularly packages are much more cumbersome to work with, important,” says Smits. “A clear design of the offer built-in helpdesk functionality, or completely management console makes it easier and faster for defined ITIL-processes that you do not need. The users to recognize reason is that these products are not designed for problems.” Thus ICS's monitoring business processes visual management but for monitoring technical Not only does consoles give a clear, real- issues. These other packages Tango04 monitor servers, time picture of the we investigated were too it can also control business processes business processes; they complicated,” says Smits. show any problems, their causes, and their impact Card application process on the business processes. VISUAL Message Center When taking VISUAL Message Center into offers ICS proactive and in particular real-time production, ICS management of the s t a r t e d b y Validation implementing a few company. A problem Unlock card w e l l - k n o w n External application can be intercepted in processes. “One of time and, where these processes was required, be solved Direct Approve Order to Card and PIN the card application application application create card automatically before it Process process,” relates escalates. Smits. “This process $ Send card Heartbeat includes all steps Credit report Credit check from the moment a VISUAL “Our processes are the message center customer applies for a r t e r i e s o f a card to the actual production of the credit card.” International Card Services,” ends Smits. “As our company grows, our processes become more In order to process a credit card application several processes are checked: the complex and many of our application system must be business processes require available, response times must “We monitor the entire process - continuous availability, it is be satisfactory, a credit check from the initial card request until increasingly important to must be run on the customer, the delivery of the card to the client have a uniform view of our and so on. To use the credit - including all internal processes business. For us VISUAL cards other processes are and third parties involved. Without Message Center is the checked and must be available VISUAL Message Center we would ideal solution for without interruption. “We lose overview of these complex monitoring our business have made all these processes processes” processes and to alert us transparent,” continues Smits. “After quickly and successfully when necessary. It allows us completing the application process, we continued to to work in a more proactive manner, without added add all of our business processes to VISUAL Message resources, and in most cases without continuous on- Center, one-by one and step by- step.” site support.” 9
  10. 10. Latest News New Tango/04 Transaction Agent Monitors User Experience and Simplifies Service Level Management (UTA), which provides its flagship solution, VISUAL Message Center, with new monitoring capabilities to help CRITICAL BUSINESS SERVICES REAL TIME DASHBOARD automatically reproduce typical user Remote CRM business transactions, measuring the access grom branches Availability Response Time time they take to complete and SAP R/3 East Coast detecting any possible malfunction Siebel CRM West Coast before it’s too late. Corporate Web Site UK Intranet Germany VPN Argentina “Most companies today e-mail services Japan depend on the successful Mainframe (3270) iSeries (5250) India completion of the Tango/04 Console China transactions Brazil performed online b y t h e i r “Tango/04 software customers, allowed us to implement efficient partners or compliance controls What is the actual experience of users of business internal users,” in record time. It says Raul Cristian Aguirre, surpassed our applications? What is the actual response time they CEO of Tango/04 Computing expectations. get from SAP, Siebel or applications running on We are very happy.” Group. “If an application Citrix? How fast are transactions performed? Can transaction takes longer than Ricardo Martin, companies detect if a critical application is failing expected or fails, it can create Systems and Security Director before it affects the business? serious business problems and SEUR Geopost losses. Now, with the new Tango/04 Tango/04 Computing Group, a leading developer of Universal Transaction Agent, it is very software solutions for Systems Management, easy to automatically detect and proactively Security Auditing, Operations Monitoring and solve the root-cause problems that affect user Business Service Management (BSM), today experience.” released the new Universal Transaction Agent New HP-UX Agents Complete Tango/04’s UNIX Monitoring Capabilities Companies relying on HP-UX servers can now software solutions for Systems with the addition of improve the availability and performance of their these new monitors, VISUAL Message Center now critical applications and business services using the helps IT departments manage all major UNIX new dedicated HP-UX Agents of VISUAL Message systems, as these new HP-UX Agents complement Center, Tango/04’s IT operations monitoring and Business Service Management solution. the already existing range of AIX, Sun Solaris, Linux Tango/04 Computing Group, a leading developer of and other VISUAL Message Center Agents. 10
  11. 11. Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO - Nº1 Focus on the One Million Dollar “It is a solid product,essential for Security problem, not on the Five Cents Administrators today” Giuseppe Re, The new Tango/04 suite of context, focusing on the relevant problems first. This CIO Business Service is accomplished by modeling the services using the Soluzioni EDP Management products lets you new Service Control Points and the extremely easy monitor whole applications and to use modeling features, which let you reflect the business services, instead of just dependencies between components. Tango/04 isolated elements (such as routers and VISUAL Message Center makes the IT department servers). As you always know the real impact of an incident on the supported applications, shine as technicians always know what’s happening operators can manage infrastructure in the right at the end-user level. Moores Rowland Consulting to distribute Tango/04 Solutions in India Tango/04 award-winning software solutions for IT Monitoring, Business Service Management (BSM), IT Security, Compliance and Data Auditing, will be distributed and implemented in India by Mumbai-based Moores Rowland Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (MRCPL), a Haribhakti Group company. The Haribhakti Group is a leading accounting and consulting organization covering a wide array of Audit, Financial Advisory and IT Management services, assisting clients to pleased to have Moores Rowland Consulting Pvt. Ltd. as obtain optimum value from their investments in IT. our Business Partner in India. With their experience, “India is one of the biggest IT markets in the knowledge and commitment to quality we are sure to offer world and is expanding very rapidly” the best integrated solutions and services.” said Jenko Gaviglia, International RANDOM HOUSE MONDADORI Sales Director at Tango/04 Computing Group. “We are very “Finally, we can monitor our entire IT infrastructure in a simple and intuitive manner, centralizing “Tango/04 solutions have everything in a single adapted to our needs so well console. ” that now we cannot imagine working without them.” Ricard Carnicer, IT Director Random House Mondadori Tibor Herzog IT Director K&H Bank 11
  12. 12. Sligro Food Group ensure their online orders with Tango04 The IT department at Sligro Food Group chooses Tango04 to monitor its infrastructure and to ensure the process of its online orders 24/7. With a range of over 60,000 products, Sligro is the largest food wholesaler in the Netherlands. It serves retailers and food service companies including stores, supermarkets, restaurants and caterers. Sligro's infrastructure encompasses more than 70 Windows servers and approximately 60 iSeries systems. Protecting business processes supported by this infrastructure from downtime is crucial to Sligro. This is why Sligro decided to permanently monitor its business processes and infrastructure with Tango/04 VISUAL Message Center. The Challenge: Order Processes and Infrastructure Order processes are the heart of Sligro's business. Orders from large accounts are entered directly into the system, while orders from smaller accounts come in by handheld terminals or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). If an order gets lost, the Sligro store that placed the order may not be supplied the next day. The result is that articles won't be on stock and the store will have to say no to a customer. Dennis Wolf from PST Business Solutions (Tango04 business partner) awarding the Training Certificate to Hans Theunissen for attending the advanced Tango/04 training
  13. 13. “If we cannot receive our orders online our business grinds to a halt” “Without the electronic receipt of orders our full-scale Business Service Management (BSM) business comes to a complete standstill,” says Alex environment. Manders, IT Manager at Sligro. “It is therefore extremely important that the order process can be VISUAL Message Center helps companies obtain the carried out at all times and that the underlying maximum output from their IT infrastructure by infrastructure is working correctly. Not a single simplifying the management of their critical order may get stuck in the systems without anybody technical components and business processes noticing, or worse, get lost altogether.” across distributed systems. Choosing a Solution Businesses benefit from increased datacenter Sligro had a number of criteria that were essential to productivity, maximum availability, optimal selecting a solution. The solution had to be very performance and a more cost efficient management scalable, provide an increased speed of handling of their IT infrastructure. orders and be implemented by a professional provider. To meet Sligro's goals, the clear choice was With average deployment times in the range of a Tango/04 VISUAL Message Center, capable of doing few days or weeks, VISUAL Message Center delivers exactly what they wanted. tangible value to companies of all sizes in a fraction From the start, high standards were set. Order of the time required to implement other monitoring processes were to be continuously monitored, 24/7. frameworks. In addition all IT components on the network had to Issues in the systems are immediately noticed, be monitored and protected proactively from any escalated, corrected and reported. workstation. “Thanks to the IT process modeling and infrastructure Implementing an IT Operations Management monitoring capabilities of VISUAL Message Center, it Solution was very easy for Sligro to implement a solution that After a successful Proof of Concept and the can monitor in real time their operations and the management presentation, Sligro decided to go critical ordering processes on which the company's ahead with the company-wide implementation of success depends,” says Jenko Gaviglia, Tango/04's VISUAL Message Center. Director of International Sales. Sligro adopted a gradual approach to implementing Visualization of the processes plays an important role, the application. By brainstorming in advance and creating time for the necessary analysis and too. Visual management displays show in real time execution required, Sligro took full advantage of the what errors occur, what the root cause is and what increasing insight of the team as the project impact it has on the business process in question. progressed. It also allowed Sligro managers to The automatic and continuous protection of Sligro's attend to their important daily tasks. business processes with VISUAL Message Center IT Operations Management with Tango/04 leads to an increased availability, providing V I S UA L M e s s a g e C e n t e r, Ta n g o / 0 4 ' s I T significant time savings and ultimately increasing Infrastructure & Operations Monitoring solution, Sligro's profit margins. has been designed with simplicity in mind. Its unique ease of use ensures a quick implementation, With Tango/04 Visual Message Center, Sligro can be an easy operation and maintenance and full 100% sure that orders that have been placed will get scalability to evolve your monitoring project into a delivered. 13
  14. 14. clos e to you Tango04 offers you different communications channels so that you are always up-to-date with the latest trends in monitoring and IT security. Discover our newsletters, and our eChannel offering free training and Web seminars. Regularly visit our Web site and always have our details at hand. channel News We invite you to discover Tango04 eChannel, our Tango04 eNews is a free newsletter regarding new online training and communication service, monitoring and IT security, available in 2 versions: which will keep you up-to-date with the latest in IT iSeries edition, created especially for IT managers ? and introduce you to the latest technologies created and professionals who work in iSeries by our R&D department in Barcelona. environments Through our Web seminars learn the views of experts CIO Edition, directed mainly at CIOs, CEOs and ? and high profile people in the industry and let our t e c h n i c a l p ro fe s s i o n a l s w h o w o r k i n team of professionals answer all your questions. multiplatform environments All events are free and available in English. Visit our To register and read the latest editions of our Web site to find newsletters, visit out more about upcoming events and our Learn How section. Contact Email On our Web site,, you will find You can easily get in touch with Tango04, to solve all the information you need about our solutions, any doubt or query, by emailing us to including brochures, case studies, white papers, business meetings, press releases and a lot more. We are more than happy to assist you. Don’t forget to regularly visit our Web site to keep up to date with the latest from Tango04. Call us now to learn more about our solutions, no strings attached North America 1 800-304-6872 EMEA + 34 93 274 00 51
  15. 15. 100% Satisfaction It´s not common place to find a “To optimize our most critical “Tango/04 has satisfaction rate in monitoring business processes, to minimize an excellent technical and solutions as high as Tango04´s. downtime, and to help us improve professional team.” Whilst our competitors our Service Levels. This is why we accumulate failures, this is what chose Tango/04.” Ruben Hector Villaverde, Systems Coca-Cola FEMSA our clients have got to say: Mauro Fonzo, Head of Systems Management Gruppo Borsa Italiana “Configuring the Tango/04 software was very easy.” About Rob Freeling, Consultant Capgemini Tango/04 Computing Group is one of the leading developers of systems management and automation software. Tango/04 software PREVISION helps companies maintain the operating health of all their business “Tango/04 proved processes, improve service levels, increase productivity, and reduce to be a very positive answer costs through intelligent management of their IT infrastructure. to our exhaustive monitoring needs.” Founded in 1991 in Barcelona, Spain, Tango/04 is an IBM Business Partner and a key member of IBM’s Autonomic Computing initiative. Victor Lizarraga, CIO Helvetia Insurance Tango/04 has more than a thousand customers who are served by over 35 authorized Business Partners around the world. Alliances Partnerships IBM Business Partner " “Tango/04’s VISUAL " Autonomic Computing Business Partner IBM Security Suite has allowed " PartnerWorld for Developers Advanced Membership IBM us to rapidly implement " ISV Advantage Agreement IBM SOX controls.” " Early code release IBM Don Keating, IT Manager " Direct Technical Liaison Henry Schein IBM " Microsoft Developer Network " Microsoft Early Code Release Awards " Best Monitoring product (USA, APEX Awards 2004) " Product of the Year (USA, “Enhanced " All Star Award, 1997 to date IBM response times and accomplishment of Service " Best Performance Product (USA, Midrange Computing Level Agreements were Showcase Product Excellence visible right from the start.” " iSeries Magazine Honor Roll, 2001 IBM Jimmy van Kerkvoorde, IT Manager " Server Certification IBM Fortis Bank 15
  16. 16. Distribution The Critical Business Processes of the Pharmaceutical Italian Stock Exchange, Monitored by Tango/04 Manufacturing Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia S.p.A. (CC&G), part “With Tango/04 we have the of the Borsa Italiana Group (Italy's Stock Exchange), is ability to optimize our most the clearinghouse responsible for all the Italian financial critical business processes and transactions involving derivatives, cash equity and minimize downtime, improving government bonds. our Service Levels (SLA) and applications availability.” Logistics CC&G uses Tango/04 Business Service Management Angelo Mauro Fonzo solutions for monitoring their IT infrastructure, allowing Head of Systems Management, CC&G Borsa them to ensure the availability of their critical processes, Italiana Group (Italian Stock Exchange) such as guaranteeing daily transactions, updating derivatives closing prices and communicating them to the media. Financial Quotazioni, Contratti Tango/04 helps the IT Avanzamento orario - quotazioni titoli 9:40 - 17:40 :1 h Department by assuring the accuracy of derivatives h 09:40 h 10:40 h 11:40 h 12:40 h 13:40 h 14:40 h 15:40 h 16:40 closing prices, controlling that Avanzamento orario - quotazioni titoli 15:00 - 16:00 :5 m the established time limits for the required operations are Insurance m 15:00 m 15:05 m 15:10 m 15:15 m 15:20 m 15:25 m 15:30 m 15:35 m 15:40 m 15:45 m 15:50 m 15:55 met. With Tango/04 Stato processori Stato processori Operazioni Solutions, CC&G can monitor the correct operation of the Errore Q1 Errore T1 Coda QBATCH Sottosistema Start infrastructure and its critical QBATCH Errore A1 Errore I1 Job 1 Job 2 Job 3 Stop processes. Banking