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Wp visibility banking


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An example of Banking Visibility

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Wp visibility banking

  1. 1. White Paper / AbstractOctober 2010Total VisibilityHow to increase control and add value to your business
  2. 2. Total Visibility - How to increase control and add value to your business Applied Visibility for Banking Across the globe, the financial sector is in the eye of the storm. Increasing regulatory pressures and tightening economic conditions force its participants to adapt quickly to the new panorama. The key to success in this challenging environment is to have all relevant information in real time to improve operational decision making. But it is not just about having data, it’s about being able to understand it, and having views which are adjustable to the needs of users. For example, Figure 1 shows a control panel/dashboard which provides a picture of the state of the services in bank offices. The colorful graphics facilitate understanding the information and speed up the process of decision making. Real-time management of critical applications enables service level improvement. Working with solutions that provide Total Visibility, banks will have greater visibility of different transactional processes in real time (for example, Home Banking, ATMs, payment processing, phone banking) at different levels and areas of management. Figure 2 shows an example of a dashboard that is used to monitor the state of the ATMs in a particular region selected by the user. In every organization, each of the different areas require particular information that is relevant for having an immediate view of key indicators that determine their performance weekly, monthly and quarterly. This information can be tailored to specific work roles: while senior managers need a comprehensive view of corporate performance, covering first class financial aspects, human resources, and customer metrics; a manager of a branch requires information about the sale of local products and the profitability by line of business. Figure 3 shows the dashboard used by the Department of Technology of a bank to have visibility of the IT services state and data flow.Figure 1 - The colored icon informs clearly and simply the general state of monitoredprocesses (in this case, the service state of bank offices). Some data of particular Regarding the Security Department, the mainrelevance (Service level in the last hour and Goal) are reflected with large, easy- objective of a tool that provides visibility is toto-observe numbers. Line charts show the health of various processes in differentperiods of time. make banking operations absolutely reliable. © 2010 - Tango/04 Computing Group 2
  3. 3. Total Visibility - How to increase control and add value to your business In this sense, there are many processes, events, and incidents for which banks need to have real-time visibility in order to ensure their proper functioning. Features, such as collecting, storing, and interpreting complex centralized logs from multiple platforms, which can also be analyzed and correlated to provide users with comprehensive visibility of all that is happening in the monitoring applications in real-time, contribute to achieving sustained compliance with internal and external audits, central bank requirements, and local and international regulations such as SOX, PCI-Figure 2 - Icons of different colors provide a snapshot of the service level of the ATM DSS, and of a bank. At the bottom of the dashboard, references of what each color means Other features that are useful forare permanently available. The line graph allows comparing the availability and activity ofthe monitored ATMs. strengthening the Security areas of companies are: sending scalable alerts and predefined automatic actions (which provide greater reliability and control by keeping the heads of each sector informed of everything that happens in real time), forensic analysis (which provides an accurate diagnosis of the condition of the monitored components), and predictive analysis (which, based on statistical analysis of trends, allows predicting what will happen in the future). Figure 3 - In this dashboard colored icons report the state of IT services and data flow in real time. The small graphs on the right show the state of security events, server performance, and key performance indicators (KPIs) of the business in real-time. © 2010 - Tango/04 Computing Group 3
  4. 4. Total Visibility - How to increase control and add value to your business On the other hand, reports provide both instant images in real time and forensic analysis on service levels (SLAs), security, regulatory compliance, user activity, systems usage, and more. The clearer and the more intuitive the design is, the greater its ease of use will be. For banks, the possibility of issuing reports instantly helps improve the overall business vision, as well as sustainable compliance with security audits. See Figure 4.Figure 4 - The use of reports allow companies to implement acontinual improvement program, focusing their attention on thecomponents with the biggest number of failures. About Tango/04 Computing Group Tango/04 Computing Group is one of the leading developers of monitoring software for Technology, Security/ Compliance and Business Service Management (BSM). Tango/04 helps companies maintain the operating health of business processes, improve service levels, comply with security audits, increase productivity and reduce operating costs aligning their IT department with their business objectives. The group’s unparalleled “1-2-3” monitoring approach provides in only one single easy-to- use, real-time, multiplatform solution a powerful tool to: 1) Manage your critical infrastructure, applications, and business services (BSM), 2) Comply with current and future audits, and control your security in real time, and 3) Manage your business processes in a centralized and effective way. The group operates throughout the world through its vast network of Business Partners and has more than 2,000 customers, including companies such as: 3M, Alcampo, Arcelor, Banco Itaú, Bayer, BBVA, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bridgestone, Citigroup, Capgemini, CC&G (London Stock Exchange Group), Coca-Cola, Danone, DIA, Dolce & Gabbana, Dole Fresh Fruit, EDS, Euronet Worldwide, First Data Ibérica, Fortis, GE Money, Gucci, Helvetia, Inditex (Zara), ING Nationale-Nederlanden, Liberty, L’Orèal, Luxottica, MAPFRE, Manpower, Miele, Nestlé, Nike, Nissan, Pierre Fabre Ibérica, Prada, Random House Mondadori, SEUR Geopost, Shell, Telmex, TNT, Tribunal Regional Do Trabalho, Yves Rocher and Zurich Financial Services, among others. © 2010 - Tango/04 Computing Group 4