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T04 monitor3-en

  1. 1. Tango/04 Monitor - Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO - No. 3 First Data Ibérica uses Tango/04 to comply with complex international security standards MGF Logistique real-time control for its technological infrastructure, critical applications and business processes New Professional Services to assure success Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium the most important corporate monitoring event of the year gathered leading companies from all over the world The new trend in monitoring strategies 1
  2. 2. Letter from the CEO How is the future going to be for IT Departments? In times of uncertainty, one thing is sure: pressure will continue (or even increase) on the quality of the services provided by IT. No surprise here: your company will need to compete in a fierce environment, and customers will get lured by a myriad of competitive offerings. It is not a good time to miss SLAs, have financial losses that could have been prevented by monitoring a security policy, or get fined for a major compliance breach. Some IT professionals are worried about this new challenge. What about you? Relax. This is actually about the same thing it has always been: providing great business value efficiently. In fact, this can be a great moment for you, a moment when, as a visionary IT leader, you can prove your worth. That’s why we have been talking about aligning IT and business for a long while. It’s not about focusing We are helping on internal IT activities and tasks; it’s time to focus on results. companies around the world to And we are here to help. In a moment where you need to consolidate and optimize what you already improve their have, it is the best time to take advantage of what our unique, comprehensive monitoring solutions critical banking, can offer. logistics, order processing and, of We have been talking about convergence in Security/Compliance, IT Infrastructure Management, and course, internal IT Business Service Management. Now that you have to manage infrastructure, be compliant and achieve processes. your SLAs with less, the Tango/04 “1-2-3” approach is your perfect ally. We have been talking about Business Process Monitoring. Now that you have to optimize your business processes and obtain maximum value from the company assets, Tango/04 is your perfect ally. We are helping companies around the world to improve their critical banking, logistics, order processing and, of course, internal IT processes. We have been talking about KPIs and Operational Business Intelligence. Now that your company needs clear visibility to anticipate market moves, Tango/04 is your perfect ally. We are launching Dashboards, a portal that allows you to show data to decision makers in real-time and through a pervasive Web 2.0 interface, including a new predictive engine that will give your teammates real anticipation powers. We are also perfecting a set of new, personalized services so you can get maximum value from our Enterprise Monitoring solution. To sum up, even tough times can be an opportunity if you have the proper vision and attitude. We are here to accompany you in this new era, with our solutions, our services and our professionals. Tango/04 (have we mentioned it already?) is your perfect ally. Raul Cristian Aguirre President & CEO, Tango/04 Computing Group 2
  3. 3. Table of contents 4 First Data Ibérica Uses Tango/04 to comply with complex international security standards 6 Tango/04’s New Professional Services Carlos Pédéflous, Latin America Operations Manager, explains Tango/04’s new approach to increasingly critical and necessary monitoring 8 Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium The most important corporate monitoring event of the year gathered leading companies from all over the world 10 MGF Logistique Automation of real-time control for its technological infrastructure, critical applications and business processes 13 Dilbert Cartoon 13 News The world’s largest fashion retailer chooses Tango/04 to monitor its business processes · Tango/04 positioned in the Event Correlation and Analysis Magic Quadrant · Tango/04 Announces Record Results Once Again · New SmartConsole 7.5, more speed for bigger challenges · Tango/04 presents its new Portal with Dashboards and Reports · Tango/04’s new company in Brazil 15 Tango/04 close to you 3
  4. 4. First Data Ibérica Uses Tango/04 to comply with complex international security standards The leading company in payment transactions processing centralizes its security control of web devices and multiple platforms with Tango/04’s VISUAL Message Center monitoring solution. Leadership in quality and security First Data Ibérica was one of the first Spanish companies to get the security certification PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) and one of their main goals when they acquired First Data Ibérica (FDI) is the leading card- the Tango/04 solution was to implement controls payment management company for the gas that allowed demonstrating the compliance of this station, kiosk and newsagent sector. Their intense regulation. solutions integrate the whole value chain: terminal, sales points, emission, processing, authorization and back office services. FDI The PCI Standards were developed by the main has three offices in Spain and Portugal. credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discovery and Diners), with the objective of guaranteeing data security when using 4
  5. 5. “Thanks to VISUAL Message Center, the IT Department gets daily information in real time of any security incident that occurs in the company.” this payment method. It consists of several alerts and executes predefined actions requirements that have the purpose of assuring according to the criticality of the messages. that sensitive information is stored, processed and transmitted in an completely secure manner. In order to help First Data Ibérica in this task, VISUAL The result of a successful implementation Message Center monitors the security of web In a leading payment transaction company like First devices and multiple platforms (Oracle, iSeries and Data Ibérica, security is critical. In addition to assisting Solaris). with PCI compliance, Tango/04’s solutions proved to be even more useful by implementing additional controls. The goal of the project PCI Security Standards consist of more than 250 For example, thanks to VISUAL Message Center, the technical and operational requirements stated IT Department obtains daily information in real-time by the PCI Security Standards Council to protect of any security incident that occurs in any of their cardholders. These requirements must be complied platforms. In addition, platform administrators and by every entity that stores, process or transmits the IT Security Manager are notified immediately thus credit card information. First Data Ibérica acquired enabling them to take the necessary measures to Tango/04 solutions to centralize control and mitigate their risk. specifically to comply with the 10th PCI requirement: “Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data”. The answer to their needs VISUAL Message Center, the logical security monitoring solution of Tango/04, VISUAL Message Center, the logical security monitoring allows First Data Ibérica to control their solution by Tango/04, helps First Data Ibérica to: information systems through real-time monitoring of the auditing events in a • Control information systems through real-time great variety of: monitoring of the operating system’s auditing events (Solaris, IBM i5 systems), data bases (Oracle, iSeries DB2) and web devices. • Operating systems (Solaris, IBM i5 systems) • Data bases (Oracle, iSeries DB2) • Distinguish different levels of criticality of • Web devices the identified security incidents through a centralized, versatile tool. These auditing functions provide some of the necessary internal controls to comply with PCI and other similar requirements, and all events are stored for easy report generation. In the future, First Data Ibérica is planning to optimize VISUAL Message Center’s SmartConsole allows the use of Tango/04 for its operational monitoring by access to all the information generated by taking advantage of their initial investment and the monitoring agents for every platform through real- ability of the solution to monitor both security and time reading of the data bases where the events operational events thanks to the amount of agents are stored. The console, based on the alarms and included in the solution (pings, SNMP, Data Adapter, predefined actions that it has configured, sends Applications Agent, etc.). 5
  6. 6. Tango/04’s New Professional Services Carlos Pédéflous, Latin America Operations Manager, explains Tango/04’s new approach to increasingly critical and necessary monitoring turn into a critical instrument for companies of every size, which would require real-time control of their management. Considering this, we decided to enter the market, keeping in mind that we needed to do things differently in order to be successful. At that moment, we thought of three critical factors for success: 1. The software had to be as simple as possible to Some years ago, when we decided that monitoring use. would be the focus of our business, you didn’t need to be a fortune teller to realize that technology would 2. We would propose focused projects that would continue to be a critical issue for the success and help our clients achieve rapid results and clear survival of modern companies. benefits. In that time, monitoring wasn’t something new. The 3. We would create an agile Professional Services most well known software manufacturers had had area that would be focused on successfully solutions oriented mainly to technical control for implementing each project, while basing our years. They were integrated in their big frameworks approach in knowledge transfer to the client. and included different tools to accomplish “total automatic control” of the entire infrastructure. A This strategy worked perfectly and it was the pillar of promise which was as commendable as it was little hundreds of successful implementations that we have analyzed. performed in different sized companies all around the world. The truth is, most of these “solutions” were too complex. The monitoring approach consisting As everything has to evolve, this successful approach of controlling every technical component and had to evolve as well. Maybe some of you wonder automating every administrative activity turned out what the problem is? I’ll try to explain: to be ineffective. 1. The software is easy to use, but the approach that In the majority of cases, after long and expensive companies look for is no longer technical or basic: implementations, the real value obtained was they need help controlling applications, services too restricted. There is no need to clarify that this and processes that are increasingly complex, led to many frustrations. As a matter of fact, I still critical and heterogeneous. Furthermore, audits remember the impact an Info Week article had on and requirements are increasing and more me which, after a study, affirmed that around 80% of demanding every day. these kinds of projects with mega-frameworks failed. That’s crazy! 2. Short projects that provide maximum benefits are still fundamental, but companies need to extend Although this scenario didn’t seem very appealing, their monitoring continuously in order to include it was clear to us that monitoring needs were different areas and users; in other words, they inevitable and not only would big companies depend require permanent help from their monitoring on technology more and more, but this would also solutions to assure the company’s continuity. 6
  7. 7. Tango/04 Monitor - Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO - No. 3 3. Knowledge transfer is still important; however, for maintaining its monitoring solution and making it there are increasing demands and pressures on grow, and what is needed to improve it? IT professionals, who generate over-occupation in almost every IT area in the world. Therefore, it We propose making this analysis together, in a becomes very difficult to be experts in every tool regular and programmed way, so that we both make and application they must handle, which are also sure –you and us- that today’s critical solutions’ more and more numerous every day. process of growth advances on the path of continual improvement. In order to do this analysis, we conducted a global research in countries where we have branches, and Based on this, we will evaluate how to take advantage in those where we are represented by distributors; of our new services offer, which includes: we talked to clients and comprehensively studied the latest technology trends. We went over the results • projects with a different implementation more than once, because it is not easy to redefine a methodology, much more oriented in assuring strategy that has been successful for years. control for clients However, what was happening was logical: technology • extended support services for everyone who exceeded all expectations and transformed the needs to have advanced consultations, in person business world into an ultra competitive market, or remotely where he who doesn’t react in time is left out of the game. As a consequence, monitoring and real-time • outsourcing services when the management of control are becoming a fundamental part of every certain monitoring tasks must be delegated company. All of this required a change in strategy. • many other customized options adapted to each We will continue to put all our energy and efforts into customer’s needs making our software easy-to-use, but we think that both our clients and our company must accept that if To summarize, the goal is the same, but adapted to what we control is complex, varied, strategic, and is each company’s reality and the current dynamics. meant to grow and change continuously, we will have to deepen the approach and invest to make it possible. For anyone interested in knowing more about Tango/04 and its partners’ current Service Offer in detail, I suggest Just as we used to transfer the knowledge and leave visiting our website, www.tango04.com, where you’ll the solution’s maintenance and growth in your hands, find detailed information. we believe that these days most of the people who trusted us need a different, deeper, support. This is the reason why Tango/04, along with its partners, is creating an answer to this new need, whether recurrent support or help managing the solution is required. Our main goal is to have every customer’s solution updated and growing permanently, accompanying their company’s growth. Carlos Pédéflous is COO of Tango/04 and founder of its Latin American The main part of this change is based on a critical subsidiary company, Barcelona/04. factor, or a key question that we should answer, periodically, together: What is the company’s capacity 7
  8. 8. Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium The most important corporate monitoring event of the year gathered leading companies from all over the world Tango/04 Computing Group celebrated its annual hosts’ purpose was to prove that in a challenging User’s Meeting for the second time, both in Europe economic environment such as the current one, a and Latin America. The events were held on June 12th monitoring solution is key to answering increasing in Dolce Hotels & Resorts in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, optimization and control needs, and allows companies and July 3rd in the Luxury Hotel Sofitel La Reserva to provide a quality service at the same time. The Cardales, Buenos Aires, Argentina. key, as it was explained by Raul Cristian Aguirre, CEO and founder of Tango/04, is to have a solid vision of Both events were attended by more than 150 of performance and risk indicators (KPIs and KRIs) as the leading companies of the world. Some of them well as infrastructure impact indicators and their were: Nike, MAPFRE, Bacardi, BBVA, ING, SEUR relationship with each and every one of the company’s Geopost, Random House Mondadori, Miele, Luxxotica critical processes. (RayBan), Riu Hotels, Zurich Insurance, Arcor, Banco Itaú, Manpower, Danone, and Tenaris among others. Tango/04 Monitoring Symposium is an event held with the goal of informing Technology, Security and Systems Managers of the latest news about corporate monitoring. This time one of the main topics was the existence of new IT demands, and its unquestionable relationship with business goals. Regarding this, the 8
  9. 9. Tango/04 Monitor - Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO - No. 3 Customers share their successes New professional services and future Both in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, the main hits of launchings the Symposium were the success cases delivered by In both meetings Tango/04 presented its new Tango/04’s own customers. professional services approach, demonstrating its interest in evolving and adapting to new demands In Europe, Nike, through its Global from companies and the current dynamics (See Logistics IT Technology Manager, Professional Services article on page 6). described the use of Tango/04’s solution for supervising the logistics of Nike’s The goal is to help customers get the most out of their main European warehouse in Belgium investment and to facilitate the extension of real-time where they use VISUAL Message Center control and continual improvement in the areas of to monitor critical processes and applications, as technology, information security, and every critical well as business processes that are supported by the business activity. hardware and software infrastructure. On the other hand, MAPFRE Inversión’s General Manager depicted what it was like to implement Tango/04’s “1-2-3” monitoring strategy (Technology- Security-Business) in his company, where they use the monitoring solution to control fund assessment and the performance of their Web Services, as well as other critical business, security, and infrastructure processes. Raul Aguirre presented the Roadmap and commented on the latest MAPFRE also presented its successful case in news about products, both in Barcelona and Buenos Aires Argentina, where the professionals from Information Projects and IT narrated how they monitor their critical technology and information security. They also explained how they use Dashboards to know View the presentations from the number of transactions per hour, measure the Symposium! SLAs and different reports, and control their Web Services and the amount of time it takes to respond www.tango04.com/symposium2009 to online cost estimate requests. The other success case presented in Buenos Aires was delivered by representatives from Technology and Raul Cristian Aguirre, CEO and founder of Tango/04, Information Security from Banco Itaú, in charge of the closing of each event, commented on who described the way they monitor the latest news about products and some interesting the entity’s Security and Business, how they control applications of the solution with current technology, different business services, and how they know their giving examples of innovative projects –such as branch and ATM network’s availability in real- highway control, where they cover operational time. To conclude their presentation, and business process needs that are they did a live demonstration of beyond the IT Department. the use of our solutions. “Organizations that lack global visibility of their business services will find competing harder and harder”.
  10. 10. MGF Logistique Automation of real-time control for its technological infrastructure, critical applications and business processes Systems and Information Director at MGF, decided to fully implement ITIL V3’s best practices and needed a monitoring solution capable of ensuring full compliance. The end goal for Bézamat was clear: “we wanted to transmit trust, simplicity and transparency MGF Logistique is a French provider of to our internal and external customers”. logistical solutions to many different types of clients. It’s a child corporation of the G7 According to Bézamat, Tango/04’s solutions have Enterprise group, a specialist in providing solutions for data flux management that provided the opportunity to place MGF at the heart of has an approximate annual turnover of 600 the French logistical sector. “From 1997 we have been million dollars. working hard to become a dynamic leader in France and we slowly but surely achieved this objective by winning big clients like Nestlé Waters, La Redoute and Pepsico”. For Quality in Service IT at the heart of the Trade MGF is a company heavily committed to providing the “The dataflow between MGF and its customers best quality in logistics, and all of their contracts with surpasses 100.000 command lines every day and on its customers are based on Service Level Objectives. a busy day, many lines more. In order to make that In order to achieve those objectives Philipe Bézamat, flow as smooth as possible, refined processes and 10
  11. 11. “Traditional monitoring solutions were too expensive, too complex and not at all flexible” integrated monitoring play a big role,” says Service Level Agreements (SLA) in one Bézamat. MGF’s IT Team is at the heart of the trade single console. and is made up of 9 members in Paris to whom Project Leaders across France report their activities. Every critical component (servers, databases, applications, etc.) is easily modeled in a centralized graphic console, capable of correlating thousands of The Logistic Problem events per second. Little icons in these Business Views In the logistical sector the pivotal element has always report on the status of every monitored element. This been the management of data, whether that data way, the business impact of any of these elements can was written on paper like in the old days, or in binary be known, allowing management of IT and processes in languages like nowadays: if the information is lost, real-time with just a glimpse. service can not be provided. This criticalness together with the growing complexity of MGF’s IT infrastructure and lack of human resources, made Bézamat decide to look for a monitoring solution capable of alleviating MGF’s problems immediately and ensuring the quality of its service to clients. The IT team started by installing home-grown alarms to proactively report on any IT incident. Bézamat wanted to reinforce these internal developments by backing them up with a state-of-the art monitoring solution to control work processes. This solution had to be able to centralize the management of events in a multiplatform environment, provide graphic modeling capabilities to visualize data flows in real-time, and proactively report Tango/04’s solution allows gathering different business processes on the status of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and and its components in one Business View that is accessible via the Web, and makes controls easier. Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Large framework Monitoring Solutions were out of the This Business Services Management methodology question. “These solutions did not provide anything allowed Bézamat to model all the critical processes I was looking for in a monitoring solution. They were and data flows for each one of MGF’s clients. Having a too expensive, too complex and not at all flexible. complete view per client allows the IT team to quickly My selection criteria were clear from the get-go: the identify where a potential incident is taking place, perfect solution had to be easy-to-use, flexible, intuitive establish priorities in dealing with those incidents and and continuously evolving in order to allow us to work thereby avoid problems. In conclusion, this allowed completely autonomously. And of course, it had to be MGF to increase the service quality for end-users. financially attractive.” Tango/04’s solution allows the gathering of different business processes and its components (with drill- The solution down analysis functionality) in dashboards that MGF Logistique chose Tango/04’s VISUAL Message are accessible via the Web, making its access and Center, Tango/04’s multiplatform monitoring control easier. This has proven especially solution that allows full control over handy for MGF’s IT team as it infrastructures and applications allowed them to model work and centralizes the information processes while working on from work processes and “It is a solution compatible with the customer’s systems. ITIL V3 that can be adapted to any CIO’s needs”
  12. 12. “The implementation was fast and simple” The resulting Enterprise Views are easy to provides for processes and applications, and its understand, even if you have no prior IT engineering multiplatform usability, that eliminates the necessity training. Furthermore, they are a perfect tool for to buy more than one solution for your monitoring facilitating the flow of information between the IT needs”, Bézamat explains, insisting that he has found department and other MGF departments, improving a tool that is perfectly adaptable to the needs of any internal communications and the internal image of modern CIO, because it is very easy to report to the the IT department. executive board of MGF on complex data flows or work processes, thanks to its Enterprise Views. “Tango/04’s Tango/04’s Monitoring Solution can be easily monitoring solution has become the corner stone of programmed to automatically deal with recurring IT our continual effort to improve our services.” incidents and can inform IT managers -via email or text messages- when incidents have been solved. The solution’s capability to deal with even more complex incidents is continuously being expanded. “What I like about Tango/04 is the Rapid implementation and autonomy flexibility it offers you to manage Implementing Tango/04 in MGF’s systems has incidents proactively and according been fast and simple. Bézamat confirms this, and to their impact on the business, adds that it lived up to all the expectations he had: “After an extensive study of our needs carried out along with the visibility it provides by Tango/04 consultants and us, we were given a for processes and applications and short training using monitoring examples that had been specifically tailored to MGF. We jointly modeled its multiplatform usability, that one of our critical work processes and therefore eliminates the necessity to buy we immediately understood how to do it ourselves. more than one solution for your Besides, we were given all the necessary information in order to work autonomously from day one. From monitoring needs.” that moment on, we continue to implement Tango/04 in more and more areas and we made it evolve into the best-possible monitoring solution for us.” Aligning Business & IT Tango/04 has contributed to aligning MGF’s IT Philippe Bézamat, IT Manager and department and its business needs. Its capability Alain Dubois, Production Manager to translate complex information into Business and Enterprise Views that are easy to understand and to manipulate increased the productivity of MGF’s IT department virtually overnight. In addition, the mean time to recognize which IT incident is taking place where and what its impact on the overall business is, has been reduced to an absolute minimum. “What I like about Tango/04 is the flexibility it offers you to manage incidents proactively and according to their impact on the business, besides the visibility it 12
  13. 13. News The world’s largest fashion Tango/04 positioned in the retailer chooses Tango/04 to Event Correlation and monitor its business Analysis Magic Quadrant processes Inditex, the Spanish leader in the textile industry, For the first time, Tango/04 Computing Group has chose Tango/04’s monitoring solution to perform a been positioned by Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading centralized control of its business and infrastructure information technology research and advisory processes. company, in it’s 2009 Magic Quadrant for IT Event Correlation and Analysis* research report. Inditex is one of the main fashion distributors in the world. It has eight sales formats -Zara, Pull and Bear, The IT Event Correlation and Analysis Magic Quadrant Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara evaluates vendors’ ability to execute and their Home and Uterqüe-, employs almost 80,000 people completeness of vision regarding their product’s and has more than 4,200 stores in the most important capability to “consolidate, analyze and respond to shopping districts of more than 400 cities in Europe, component-level IT infrastructure events, improve the Americas, Asia and Africa. their event-to-incident/problem resolution process, and achieve better alignment between events and business-oriented IT services.”* The goals are, according to Gartner, Inc., “to improve the mean time to isolate and repair problems, and to prioritize IT support efforts according to business process value.”* Raul Cristian Aguirre, CEO and founder of Tango/04, said: “For many years, Tango/04’s sole focus has been to help IT Departments to achieve true alignment with business objectives. We think this year’s Quadrant has valued the association of events with potential business impact, and so we are absolutely delighted.” * Gartner, Inc., “Magic Quadrant for IT Event Correlation and Analysis”, by David Williams and Debra Curtis, 29 July 2009 Dilbert 13
  14. 14. News Tango/04 Announces Record Tango/04 presents its new Results Once Again Portal with Dashboards and Reports 2008 wasn’t the exception. Once again, Tango/04 announced Record Financial Results. Overall global revenue growth for the company was 25.91%, mostly boosted by the extraordinary growth experienced in Europe. In France, the revenue was incremented a significant 66.72% and in Spain, the country where Tango/04’s headquarters is located, sales revenue grew 190.58%. Its high ROI and rapid deployment allowed the company to The new Tango/04 portal gathers the presentation interface grow in spite of the current economic climate. of all the company’s monitoring solutions. It’s integrated by Dashboards (the visualization component based on AJAX) Tango/04 landed new premium customers, including the and Reports (the reporting management component). world’s largest fashion retailer Inditex (Zara), GE Money, Credibanco VISA, Danone, TNT Express Worldwide, Arcelor, With more functionalities than any other report portal on the Lagardère Active, Yves Rocher, SG Private Banking, Luxottica, market, Reports is based on the Web, includes a subscription and automated generation system, simplifies the access and GE Money, Enterprise Bancorp, General Cable Corp, Danone, filtering of information, uses the latest report generation Credibanco VISA, Liberty, First Data Ibérica, and many others. engine of Crystal Reports and has a solid and detailed security and licensing system. Reports is easier to use and scales much better than most of the comparable products. New SmartConsole 7.5, more From now on, every Tango/04 product will use Reports for report generation of all kinds. speed for bigger challenges Absolutely integrated with the rest of the solution, Designed to support a huge number of components and Dashboards allows real-time visualization and control of millions of daily events, SmartConsole 7.5 is the new all the relevant information of the company. From current generation of the best business, security and technology or historic infrastructure data, to Key Performance and Risk services monitoring console. Indicators (KPIs and KRIs), or complete business processes, Dashboards simplifies the creation and access to all relevant data affecting the company through a very attractive In this new version, the speed of each process has web interface. Dashboards are completely customizable, increased radically, achieving improvements of up navigable with no level limitation, have an advanced license to a hundred to one in certain areas, thanks to a new system to protect data according to each user’s role, and proprietary technology for events correlation in complex they rely on the Service Model and the analytic power of the service models for each instance. Besides, the use of less monitoring solution, providing a predictive engine that allows memory for the model implies more available resources anticipation of future problems: the Forecasting Engine. for event storage. Actions like creating, moving, deleting, renaming, etc. in the business view model are almost instantaneous even if the Tango/04’s new company in model has hundreds of thousands of components. For most of the operations, the processing time is not influenced by Brazil the number of elements, so the flow is continuous even when dealing with big models. As a consequence, operations reach Tango/04 Computing Group has recently opened a new a speed up to 4000% times faster than the previous version of company in São Paulo, reaffirming its commitment in Latin the SmartConsole. And, among other improvements, corporate America. Among the current customers in the country, there and processes views have been renewed with a library of more are companies such us: 3M, Merck, Boehringer, Castrol, than 400 sets of high-definition icons that include support for Goodyear and Tyco; and governmental organizations such people with color blindness. In addition to these enhancements, as Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da Segunda Region. The migration from the previous version is automatic. perspectives for growth in the country are remarkable. 14
  15. 15. close to you About Tango/04 Tango/04 Computing Group is one of the leading developers of monitoring software of Technology, Security/Compliance and Tango/04 offers you different Business Service Management (BSM). communication channels so that you are always up-to- date with the latest trends in Tango/04 helps companies maintain the operating health of monitoring and security. business processes, improve service levels, comply with security audits, increase productivity and reduce operating costs aligning their IT department with their business objectives. The group’s unparalleled “1-2-3” monitoring approach provides in only one single easy-to-use, real-time, multiplatform solution: 1) Control of the whole technological infrastructure and applications, 2) Sustainable compliance and real-time security control, and We invite you to discover Tango/04 eChannel, our new online training and communication service, through which 3) Centralized management of business processes. we will keep you informed about the latest news in IT and introduce you to the latest technologies created by our The group operates throughout the world through its vast network R&D department in Barcelona. of Business Partners and has more than 2,000 customers, including Through our Web seminars learn the views of experts companies such as: 3M, Alcampo, Arcelor, Banco Itaú, Bayer, BBVA, and high profile people in the industry and let our team Boehringer Ingelheim, Bridgestone, Citigroup, Capgemini, Cassa of professionals answer all your questions. Every event is di Compensazione e Garanzia (CC&G), Coca-Cola, Danone, DIA, free and available in English. Dolce & Gabbana, Dole Fresh Fruit, EDS, Euronet Worldwide, First Visit www.tango04.com/events to find out about the Data, Fortis, GE Money, Gucci, Helvetia, Inditex, ING Nationale- upcoming eChannels and our Learn How section. Nederlanden, Liberty, L’Oréal, Luxottica, MAPFRE, Manpower, Miele, Nestlé, Nike, Nissan, Pierre Fabre, Prada, Random House Mondadori, SEUR Geopost, Shell, Telmex, TNT, Tribunal Regional Do Trabalho, Yves Rocher and Zurich, among others. www.tango04.com On our Web site, www.tango04.com, you will find all Alliances the information you need about our solutions, including: brochures, case studies, white papers, business IBM meetings, press releases, and a lot more. • IBM Business Partner • Advanced Level PartnerWorld for Developers member 1996 • IBM “All Star” Partner for product innovation 1997 - 2002 • Tango/04 products are IBM Value Added Approved in Europe • Direct Technical Liaison with IBM iSeries labs in Rochester, MN, USA Email and telephone • OS/400 Early Code Release program member • Automatic Computing Initiative technical and marketing alliance for self-managing systems You can easily get in touch with Tango/04, to solve any Microsoft doubt or question, by emailing us at info@tango04.net or • Member of Microsoft Developer Network calling +1 800 304 6872 (USA & Canada) or +34 932 740 051 • Access to early Windows releases (EMEA). We are more than happy to assist you. Red Hat Linux • Red Hat Linux Partner Agile Alliance • Agile Alliance Corporate Member Monitor Magazine Read this edition, and previous editions, at www.tango04.com/monitor To find out more about our solutions/products, don’t hesitate to call us at +1 800 304 6872 15
  16. 16. The latest trend in monitoring strategies All in one single easy-to-use solution made possible by Tango/04 1 Technology Manage your critical applications in real-time 2 Security Achieve audits in real-time and in a sustained way 3Business Visualize and improve your company’s critical processes Assure the availability of services Fulfill SOX, PCI, ISO, COBIT, central Increase your company’s business pro- provided by your IT department and bank regulations and even the most cess efficiency beyond the IT depart- reach a true alignment with business complex audits. Obtain accomplish- ment. Monitor your company’s activity objectives. Improve your services con- ment reports of both your current by modeling critical processes and ser- tinuously through a tool that provides and future requirements, automati- vices such as sales, logistic, production more visibility and controls your tech- cally execute predefined actions and and retail managing through alerts, nological infrastructure and critical ap- lower your operations risk through control dashboards and management plications centralizing them in an easy control panels, real-time alerts and reports (KPI’s, KRI’s, predictive analysis and agile way. forensic analysis. and performance) in real-time. www.tango04.com/123 info@tango04.net USA & Canada: +1 800 304 6872 EMEA: +34 932 740 051