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Amanda Rendle, Global Head of Marketing, HSBC Commercial Bank, originally shared this presentation at LinkedIn FinanceConnect:14 in New York City.

HSBC’s Commercial Bank is devoted to creating opportunity for international aspirant businesses through facilitating global connections. Learn how HSBC CMB built a global content ecosystem that helps customers and prospects grow their businesses through an intelligent integrated program. See how they leveraged their Global Connections portal, a Global Connections group on LinkedIn, content rich media, and "in-feed" snackable content – to better service their customers.

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  • HSBC was established in 1865 to finance trade between Asia and the WestToday is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisationsBorn from one simple idea – a local bank serving international needsDedicated Relationship Managers and Business Specialists in over 60 territories
  • Research indicates that that companies tend to go elsewhere for guidance on expanding internationally – and only contact the bank once all their key decisions have been madeOur Client Engagement Programme undertaken in 2013 demonstrates that while customer satisfaction scores for Relationship Managers are high, the focus of the relationship is on hygiene issues, rather than revenue-generating value add activities
  • In 2012 HSBC launched its “HSBC Global Connections” campaign to support businesses looking to expand internationallyThe campaign focuses on three key areas Positioning – useful and insightful content on our website Consideration – paid, owned and earned media directing target audience to the contentEngagement – live interaction at our International Exchange events
  • International trade insights, tools and data to help businesses identify new opportunities, exploit them – and growLocal editions covering 13 markets and four languages to support locally relevant campaigns and contentIt’s a soft entry to HSBC that supports the contact journey and bringing prospects closer to the bank and encourages them onwards towards HSBC public websites.It’s a showcase for HSBC's viewpoint and accumulated expertise reinforcing the bank’s business credentials with thoughtfully curated editorial and actionable, proprietary data.It offers up-to-date insight made locally relevant via local editions which combine local and global content, actively curated on the ground by regional marketing teams.It aims to spark ideas, inspire the readership and foster their entrepreneurial spirit for international growth that HSBC can support with their network of business connections.
  • Why LinkedIn?It allows HSBC to form partnerships with members of our key business audienceHSBC canbuild customer intimacythrough LinkedIn by being generous with its network and expertise in the support of customers’ aspirations for international growthThe bank can establish itself as an authority on topicsranging from countries to industriesIt can help connect like-minded individualsfor their benefit (and the bank’s)It represents a low-cost acquisition channelfor HSBC, providing a social entry-point to the bank.Opportunity to extend the reach & impact of HSBC content and messages to the news feeds of non followersWhy Sponsored Updates?Ability to target audience members based on a wide range of targeting criteria, including geography, seniority and business sizeAdvertising in the main news stream, rather than on the right hand side, catches the reader’s attentionFocus is on content, not product advertisingOpportunity to gain added benefit through viral impact
  • Over the 3 month period we tested the following to work out the most cost-effective and efficient way to reach our target audience:Pricing methodSeniorityMarket splitContent (type and day of the week)The four week testing periods allowed us to optimise at the end of each period in advance of launching the next wave of Sponsored UpdatesIn 2014, we will look to develop this further, continuously analysing and optimising to achieve better results The next step is to look at onsite behaviour once the LinkedIn user has reached the HSBC Global Connections website, and incorporate this into the success criteria
  • Posted on KEY DAYSDigestible Content: Interviews, Appealing Images, Graphs, Videographic.Hot TopicsOrganic caption ends with a question.Organic caption tells you why you should read that post (in a nutshell).
  • In October 2013, HSBC launched its Trade Forecast Tool to provide customers and prospects access to proprietary, trade flow data and HSBC’s privileged perspective on international tradeThe Tool offers both a short-term and long-term view of trade flows and confidence levels for 23 key markets
  • Results: Overall Engagement Rate 50% Higher than Average (BAU activity) ImpressionsPaid + Viral: 241,728ClicksPaid + Viral: 624Social actionsSocial actions + Viral: 174Followers gained: 126
  • In 2013 we ran a series of Sponsored Updates to promote proprietary content on RMB, focusing on its growing use across the world. The results have shown that there is a clear appetite for content on RMB, with the highest number of followers gained for this post. Users have also added interesting comments, showing they are keen to engage on the subject. We analysed the profiles of the 500+ followers gained which revealed that 40% came from companies of over 10,000 people and 22% came from Asia PacificThis data can now be used to help support the RMB campaign by helping Relationship Managers to identify companies/sectors interested in information around the RMBHelps us develop a content strategy around RMB
  •  In November, our North-American colleagues decided the sponsored updates campaign, encouraged by the success of the global campaignThey ran a series of updates over a 6 week trial period, achieving some excellent results – with an average 0.46% CTR in Canada (platform benchmark is 0.3%), and 838 Social Actions in the US – leading to added value gained from viral impact
  • HSBC Case Study

    1. 1. Case Study: HSBC Amanda Rendle Global Head of Marketing, HSBC Commercial Banking and Global Banking & Markets #inFC14
    2. 2. Sponsored Updates Case Study Finance Connect Amanda Rendle Global Head of Marketing, Commercial Banking and Global Banking and Markets February 2014
    3. 3. History of HSBC 1865 Over 80 territories 55 million customers 267,000 employees A local bank serving international needs
    4. 4. What does HSBC mean for businesses? HSBC is viewed as a transactional partner for businesses The challenge Become a strategic partner for International businesses 4
    5. 5. HSBC Global Connections enables the bank to move further upstream to support business decisionmaking, helping companies expand internationally
    6. 6. 6
    7. 7. HSBC Global Connections Website
    8. 8. The challenge… How can we engage with such a busy target audience? How can we share this content with them? How do we grab their attention? How do we make sure they come back and read more? 8
    9. 9. HSBC Commercial Banking LinkedIn company page 33,000 followers 9
    10. 10. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates… Activity Overview Flight Time: Sep 2013 – Dec 2013 (avg. 3 SUPs per week) Total Campaigns for the period: 43 Update Flight Time: 3 days Testing variables Pricing Seniority Market Split Content KPIs Impressions Clicks Engagement Rate Price Followers 10
    11. 11. Overview of results… GC content reached over 50 countries • • 100% of followers gained are manager and above vs. 40% of organic 3X increase in the rate of follower growth Top 10 Geo reached Top 5 Industries by engagement rate Import/export, Int trade, banking, machinery, mining 40,000+ Interactions with GC content 11
    12. 12. Content results: top three posts 0.76% ER 1 0.67% ER 2 0.64% ER 3 12
    13. 13. Why is this content engaging? 13
    14. 14. Engaging the audience… 14
    15. 15. Supporting campaigns… HSBC Trade Forecast Tool INTERNAL 15
    16. 16. Benefitting from geo-targeting… Traffic directed to country specific content Tailored Headline High Personal Relevancy 16
    17. 17. Supporting campaigns… RMB 17
    18. 18. Local markets leading the way… 18
    19. 19. Any questions…. 19