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Crossing the Higher Education Chasm - Russell Glass


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Originally presented during EducationConnect 2015 on 10/15/15 in NY, Russ Glass , Head of Products, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions discusses how LinkedIn is adapting its platform for higher education.

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Crossing the Higher Education Chasm - Russell Glass

  1. 1. How LinkedIn is Adapting its Platform for Higher Education Crossing the Higher Education Chasm Russell Glass Head of Products, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions @glassruss
  2. 2. Four Major Trends Shaping the Future of Education
  3. 3. Affordability is in the Spotlight#1
  4. 4. Measuring Outcomes Increasingly Important#2
  5. 5. Higher Ed Decisions Becoming More Social 45% of prospective MBA students say word of mouth recommendations are more important than rankings Carrington Crisp. Tomorrow’s MBA 2014 #1 Friends and family are the top non-school resource when researching b-schools 2014 GMAC Prospective Students Survey #3
  6. 6. Oracle, Social Media Today and Leader Networks, “The Social Enabled Enterprise: a 2013 research study”, Worldwide, Sep 2013 91% 81% Increased visibility with customers Increased loyalty Relationships Matter: Social Impacts your School’s Visibility #4
  7. 7. It’s a Challenging World for Education Marketers Declining interest in MBA Shrinking future audience Competition has increased Cost per inquiries rising
  8. 8. How Do We Successfully Cross The Chasm? Declining interest in MBA Shrinking future audience Competition has increased Cost per inquiries rising Great Student Outcomes University Success Sustained Innovation & Relevance
  9. 9. Three Trends Putting Wind in Our Sails
  10. 10. Online Learning is Proliferating Like Never Before TREND ONE
  11. 11. 270k+ Lynda Videos Supplement curricula Promote faculty and staff development Support classroom technologies Drive student engagement and success
  12. 12. TREND TWO Technology is Enabling Better Measurement of Student Success
  13. 13. Measurement & Adaptive Learning Are Progressing
  14. 14. Employers Increasingly Working with Education Providers to Develop Curricula TREND THREE
  15. 15. Partnering for Graduate Success & Employment
  16. 16. The LinkedIn Value Proposition: The most effective platform to impact the entire student-professional journey
  17. 17. 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015* 32M 380M+ Professionals join daily
  18. 18. SchoolsCompanies Knowledge SkillsMembers Jobs The Economic Graph 380M+ 4M+ 3M+ 25K+ 17M+ presentations 1M+ long-form posts 270K+ Lynda videos
  19. 19. Particularly on professional social networks Students Seek Educational Information Online LinkedIn survey – US April 2014 86% 54% 53% 49% 39% 38% 32% 22% 22% Institution Website Online News Publication Peers Professional Social… Brochures Friends / Family Email Trade Events / Open-days Personal Social Networks Professional networks used over 2x more than personal networks
  20. 20. Research Schools Acquire Knowledge Develop Profile Build Network Connect with Alumni Internship Job Upgrade Skills Develop Career Support Causes LinkedIn Products (Paid & Organic) Support the Entire Student-Professional Journey
  21. 21. LinkedIn Products Support All Major Educational Departments Admission Education Career ServicesDevelopment IP/Thought Leadership Marketing Educational Institution
  22. 22. How LinkedIn Helps Higher Education Today
  23. 23. Most Effective Platform to Engage with Professionals Onsite Display Network Display Sponsored Updates Sponsored InMail Lead Accelerator Full-funnel analytics & reporting products that impact every stage of your funnel and get results
  24. 24. Be Relevant Early InMail 2.0 + Sponsored Updates
  25. 25. Connections Company Industry Size Name GenderEducation Geo Groups Standardized job titles SeniorityFunction Occupation Target Only the Right Audience
  26. 26. Be Everywhere On and Off Desktop
  27. 27. Be Helpful Throughout Outcomes / School Finder
  28. 28. Be Helpful Throughout Alumni Tool
  29. 29. Measure It All
  30. 30. How LinkedIn Will Help Higher Education in the Future
  31. 31. Invest in Simplification University Page Company Page +
  32. 32. Drive Next Level Performance Programmatic Display 1-Click Lead Gen Customer Data Onboarding
  33. 33. We are Committed to Higher Education And Investing in its Future