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Liberty County Planning Brief


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Installation Overview
Priorities and Schedules
Current Efforts
Wat Ahead and Opportunities

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Liberty County Planning Brief

  1. 1. UNCLASSIFIED Fort Stewart / Hunter Army Airfield Colonel Jason Wolter Garrison Commander
  2. 2. UNCLASSIFIED Agenda • Installation Overview • Priorities and Schedule • Current Efforts • Way Ahead and Opportunities • Questions
  3. 3. UNCLASSIFIED Overview ~20Miles Land Acres Total 284,621 Acres Acres Training 272,284 Acres Live Fire Ranges 111 Training Areas 132 Infrastructure Paved Road Lanes 922 Miles Railroads 23 Miles Utilities 959 Miles Electric 534 Miles Gas 60 Miles Water/Sewer 356 Miles Total Buildings 3,584 Building Space 22.5M SF United States Air Force United States Marine Corps United States Coast Guard United States Army 108,000 Supported -Service Members -Family Members -Retirees -DoD Civilians -Contractors
  4. 4. UNCLASSIFIED Senior Leadership and Priorities MG Leopoldo Quintas 3rd ID Commanding General CSM Michael J. Coffey 3rd ID Command Sergeant Major Get Ready for War Readiness is Job 1 Constant Personnel Readiness Constant Equipment Readiness Conduct Tough and Realistic Training Train for War Train to Deploy Develop Leaders A Premier Installation for our Army Enable Readiness A No-Notice Power Projection Platform Take Care of Soldiers and Families Continue to Strengthen Community Relations Soldier – Citizens Tell the 3ID and Army Story
  5. 5. UNCLASSIFIED Training Schedule 2QTR FY19 3QTR FY19 4QTR FY19 1QTR FY20 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Gunnery Combat Training Center Rotation Operational Mission Ready
  6. 6. UNCLASSIFIED Current Efforts • Housing Task Force • Mobilization Preparation / Power Projection • Conversion of 2 Brigade Combat Team to Infantry Brigade Combat Team • JLTV Fielding / Tank Upgrades • Change of Command Season • IMCOM now under AMC • Intergovernmental Support Agreements
  7. 7. UNCLASSIFIED Areas of Interest for Our Community
  8. 8. UNCLASSIFIED Financial Snapshot 44% 22% 10% 6% 8% 7% Base Operating Expenses: $123M Civilian Pay Utilities Service Contracts Environmental Programs Equipment & Supplies Municipal Svcs 7% 28% 6% 8%5.5% 44% Facility Sustainment, Restoration & Modernization: $54M Civilian Pay O&M Contract Natural Disaster Reserves Service Contracts Preventive Maintenance Reserves Discretionary Total Military FY18 Payroll: $1.27 Billion Total Civilian FY18 Payroll: $210 Million Area Army Retiree Annual Pay: $164 Million Federal School Impact Aid Funds: $9.1 Million ~ Garrison Total: $189M Executed in FY18 ~ $4.9B Economic Impact to the Local Area
  9. 9. UNCLASSIFIED Examples of Economic Impact: Total Military FY 17 Payroll $1.27 Billion Total Civilian FY 17 Payroll $210 Million Area Army Retiree Annual Pay $164 Million Federal School Impact Aid Funds $9.1 Million Estimated funds spent in the local economy (FY17) $1.8 Billion – • Military, civilian, retiree pay • Contracts • School Impact Funds Evans Screven Jenkins Candler Bulloch Bryan McIntosh Liberty Glynn Wayne Chatham Long Effingham Appling Toombs Emanuel Tattnall FSGA/Hinesville Military: 7,619 Retirees: 2,246 Students: 1,495 Military (on post): 11,239 Military (off post): 6,160 Retirees: 2,968 Students: 3,306 Military: 2,054 Retirees: 654 Students: 1,514 HAAF/Savannah Military: 725 Retirees: 308 Students: 622 Retirees: 170 Retirees: 310 Significant Military Population Areas (Military Personnel, Family Members and US Army Retirees) Retirees: 272 Retirees: 255 FS/HAAF Economic Impact
  10. 10. UNCLASSIFIED Where We Live Only 25% of our Soldiers live on Fort Stewart or Hunter
  11. 11. UNCLASSIFIED Students attending DODEA schools make up only 16% of all Active Duty Military Family students Our Retirees community members may be an untapped resource Our Shared Community
  12. 12. UNCLASSIFIED Where We Are Trending 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Liberty Bryan Long Chatham Federally Connected Students 2014 2016 2018
  13. 13. UNCLASSIFIED FY 19 Emplace Cipher Locks on Pedestrian Gates Repair Fire Suppression in Hangar 7704 Reroute Tank Trail 48 out of Clearzone Maintain Clearzones FY 20 Renovate Hangar 7733 Repair / Upgrade Signage & Lighting FY 21 Construct Ammunition Holding Area Construct Hot Refuel Pad Remove Interior Runways Repair Taxiways D & E FY 22 Covered Loading Dock Enhancing the deployment capabilities of WAAF as a secondary deployment site Sustaining the Future for Wright Army Airfield
  14. 14. UNCLASSIFIED Intergovernmental Support Agreements • Public – Public Partnership • Defined in the National Defense Authorization Act • Term Limits of 10 Years (renewable thereafter) • 30% Cost Saving to the Army • All service contracts are on the table – open for discussions • Limited restrictions • Ability to enhance existing operations or contract for new services unrestricted by the Federal Acquisition Regulation and federal wage rates Function Negotiation Deadline Start Date_____ Grounds Maintenance for Ranges March 15, 2019 July 1, 2019 Custodial Services April 15, 2019 September 1, 2019 Grounds Maintenance July 15, 2019 November 1, 2019 Grounds Maintenance for Warriors Walk August 15, 2019 October 1, 2019 Stray Animal Control Travis Mobley, Garrison Headquarters, 912.767.1394
  15. 15. UNCLASSIFIED Jeff Fortier, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, 912.767.7988 • Architects • Civil Engineer • Cooks • Diagnostic Radiation Techs • Electrical Engineers • Engineer Equipment Operators • Firefighters • Food Service Workers • Forestry Technicians • Forklift Operators • General Engineers • Guidance Counselors • Industrial Hygienists • Information Technology Hard to Fill Positions • Life Guards • Maintenance Workers (Motor Vehicle Operators) • Mechanical Engineers • Medical Instrument Techs (MRI) • Medical Technicians (Supply, Records) • Nurses (all specialties) • Optometrists • Paramedics • Physical Therapists • Physician Assistants • Physicians • Psychologists (Clinical and Research) • Security Guards • Social Workers
  16. 16. UNCLASSIFIED Natalie Boutte, Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare & Recreation, 912.767.5133 Community Partnerships—Better Together • Elimination of Subsidies to Entertainment Areas  Reviewing financial plans for future decisions  Leveraging all avenues for integration of programs  Possible closures of non-revenue generating activities • Hard look at Family Support  Community delivery  Synchronization of resources and events  Understanding the needs of the modern Family  Joint programs and access to assistance Bowling New Parent Support Prevention Efforts Golf Volunteer Coordination Relationship Building Clubs Pools Healthy Living Financial Planning Exceptional Family Members
  17. 17. UNCLASSIFIED Felix Marrero, Deputy Director Mission & Installation Contracting Command, 912.767.8422 Small Business Opportunities Getting into the Federal Acquisition Process Agency Links Department of the Army – Office of Small Business Programs Do-Business-with-the-Army Federal Business Opportunities (W9124M) MICC Fort Stewart email inbox (capability briefs) usarmy.stewart.acc-micc.mesg.small- Procurement Technical Assistance Centers Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center System for Award Management Introduction to Federal government Contracting for-beginners
  18. 18. UNCLASSIFIED Save the Date! April 15, 2019: Army Day July 4, 2019: Independence Day Featuring Lady Antebellum Come Join Us!
  19. 19. UNCLASSIFIED Questions? 912.435.9870/9874
  20. 20. UNCLASSIFIED 89 DoD installations have buffer programs established under the Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration Program • DoD, USDA, and US Dept of the Interior have recognized just 7 “Sentinel Landscapes” where the interests of all 3 agencies overlap – Defense, conservation, and working lands • Designation bodes well for future funding from DoD as well as USDA and US Dept of the Interior programs (Farm Bill, etc.) DoD Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration
  21. 21. UNCLASSIFIED • 9 DoD installations • 4 REPI programs • 4.5 million acres • 1.3M “critical” acres • 3 areas of emphasis • REPI buffers • Gopher tortoise • Savannah River • More than 20 partner organizations and growing Georgia Sentinel Landscape
  22. 22. UNCLASSIFIED Areas of Interest for Our Community
  23. 23. UNCLASSIFIED Energy Resiliency • Office of Energy Initiatives & National Energy Laboratory Assessment • Central Energy Plant Power Generation Assessment • Generators for Mission Critical Facilities • Installation of a Micro Grid at Division Headquarters • New Substation at Hunter Army Airfield • Improve Electrical Distribution Lines • Georgia Power Peaking Station • Tri-Generation through Utility Energy Service Contracts Goal: 40MW of Electrical Generation Present Status: 18MW of Electrical Distribution 30 Days off the Grid Will Ingram, Directorate of Public Works, 912.767.5499
  24. 24. UNCLASSIFIED • Soldiers provide exceptional talent pool for skilled labor in communities • Transitioning employment preferences: Federal Government, IT, Medical Tom Allmon, Directorate of Human Resources, 912.767.1394 Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 2016 2017 2018 Annual Transition Numbers Total Transition Remaining In Area 35% remain in the area • What can the community do to retain talent in the local area? 1. Connect on social media using #HireaSoldier 2. Employment information sharing and hiring fair participation 3. Provide designated focal points for data sharing 4. Increase knowledge of Veteran skill sets and current pay scales/benefits 5. Incentivize Soldiers to stay local