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2012 NC Federal Environmental Symposium

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General Session

  1. 1. Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans and the Net Zero Hierarchy Diana Potts, G&E Advisor Introduction and Moderated by Scott Dorney, NCMBC
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• Purpose: To establish a common language• Strategic rationale and policy foundation• Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan• Net Zero Hierarchy• Questions
  3. 3. Sustainability Strategic Rationale• Vision: maintain ability to operate w/o decline• Sustainability as a means of: • Improving mission accomplishment • Reducing lifecycle costs• Linkages, mission accomplishment & sustainability: • Energy, reliance on fossil fuels • Chemicals of environmental concern • Water resource management • Climate change, impact on readiness• Systematic framework, continuous improvement
  4. 4. “Sustainability’’ and‘‘sustainable’’ mean tocreate and maintainconditions, under whichhumans and nature canexist in productive harmony,that permit fulfilling thesocial, economic, and otherrequirements of present andfuture generations ofAmericans”Executive Order 13514
  5. 5. Executive Order 13514 Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance• Instills sustainability into government operations• Requires a deliberative planning process and plan of action to meet eight specific reduction goals by year 2020• Improves federal government efficiency in key areas of priority: • GHG emission reductions • Increased energy efficiency • Minimization of chemicals/wastes of environmental concern • Improved water resources management • Advanced sustainable acquisition• Directs balancing of economic, environmental, and social considerations utilizing a Total System Approach Note: Builds on, but does not replace/revoke EO 13423
  6. 6. Embedding Sustainability Through Cross-Cutting Approaches DoD is Incorporating Sustainability into Day-to-Day Business (doctrine, policy, strategies, training, operations, acquisitions)• Across the military services… Organizational changes Example: Army “Senior Energy and Sustainability Council”• Incorporating into key strategies, policies, documents Examples: Navy Environmental Readiness Program Manual Army Campaign Plan strategy map• Military installation operations Example: Integrated NET ZERO approaches Energy – Water – Waste
  7. 7. DoD Quadrennial Defense Review (2010)DoD Energy Security“Energy security for the Department means having assured access toreliable supplies of energy and the ability to protect and deliversufficient energy to meet operational needs. Energy efficiency canserve as a force multiplier, because it increases the range andendurance of forces in the field and can reduce the number of combatforces diverted to protect energy supply lines, which are vulnerable toboth asymmetric and conventional attacks and disruptions.” —
  8. 8. Department of Defense Strategic Sustainability Performance PlanMission. The mission of the Department of Defense (DOD) is to provide the militaryforces needed to deter war and protect the security of our country.Resources. To successfully execute the DOD mission, our Military Departments musthave the energy, land, air, and water resources necessary to train and operate, todayand in the future, in a world where there is increasing competition for resources.Sustainability provides the framework necessary to ensure the longevity of theseresources, by attending to energy, environmental, safety, and occupational healthconsiderations. Incorporating sustainability into DoD planning and decision-makingenables us to address current and emerging mission needs and consider futurechallenges.
  9. 9. Net Zero Hierarchy
  10. 10. Net Zero Installation Pilot SitesNET-ZERO ENERGY PILOT SITES:Fort Detrick, Md.Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif.Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall IslandsParks Reserve Forces Training Area, Calif.Sierra Army Depot, Calif.West Point, N.Y.NET-ZERO WATER PILOT SITES: NET-ZERO WASTE PILOT SITES:Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. Fort Detrick, Md.Camp Rilea, Ore. Fort Hood, TexasFort Buchanan, P.R. Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif.Fort Riley, Kan. Fort Polk, La.Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.Tobyhanna Army Depot, Pa. U.S. Army Garrison, Grafenwoehr, Germany
  11. 11. Bridge Consisting of 95% Recycled Plastic,Camp Mackall, NC
  12. 12. Contact Information• Diana Potts, Owner, G&E Advisor, 910-354- 8037,• Anne Campbell, NCMBC Energy/Environmental Team Leader, 910-938-6785,• Scott Dorney, NCMBC Executive Director, 910- 678-0190,