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How To Launch Or Re-launch A Brand Or Product Online Effectively


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From the reasons for a re-brand to the best way to establish a presence online, we cover everything you need to know.

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How To Launch Or Re-launch A Brand Or Product Online Effectively

  1. 1. (Re-) Launching a Brand or Product Online Effectively Samantha Noble 1
  2. 2. What is a Brand? “A brand is not what YOU say it is” “It’s what THEY say it is” “The Brand Gap” – Marty Neumeier @Koozai_Sam
  3. 3. @Koozai_Sam
  4. 4. Reasons for a Re-Brand Overcrowded market place Brand confusion Buy out or merger New product or service line Reinvent your business @Koozai_Sam
  5. 5. @Koozai_Sam
  6. 6. One Name Fits All Do you want one name across all products? Will your logo work visually? @Koozai_Sam
  7. 7. The Family of Brands Do you have a variety of brands to push? Do they need to link back to the main brand? @Koozai_Sam
  8. 8. The Unrelated Brands Do your products reach out to different audiences? Are your individual products strong enough to stand alone? @Koozai_Sam
  9. 9. Competitor ResearchThe first step in research should be your industryand competitors. Who do you like? What do they do well? What don’t you like? How could you do it differently? @Koozai_Sam
  10. 10. Branding Agency/SpecialistEngaging a specialist can be useful. Some thingsto consider: Credibility Location Price Time investment Ownership The WOW factor @Koozai_Sam
  11. 11. Your Brand Name What do /Brainstorm Easy to don’t you Ideas Spell like? Easy to Memorable DifferentiatePronounce Social TLDs Protectable ProfilesAvailable? ? Available? @Koozai_Sam
  12. 12. Trademarks Trademark specialist Trademark classes and locations Time scale Renewal date @Koozai_Sam
  13. 13. @Koozai_Sam
  14. 14. Planning Stage Secure the trademark Decide on a date to go live Register and redirect domains Claim all social profiles Update all company documentation Review your brand consistency Keep it on a ‘Need to know basis’ Inform rest of the team (close to launch date) @Koozai_Sam
  15. 15. Domination Dominate the SERPs Register Social Entities Update Profiles Link Building @Koozai_Sam
  16. 16. @Koozai_Sam
  17. 17. Go Live! Avoid Fridays for launch Get all the team involved Triple check everything has been updated Inform all active and prospective clients Press release Blog post Drip feed mentions throughout the day Monitor for positive/negative feedback Setup Google Alerts for your old brand name Use Google Images to search for your old logo and update Monitor old Twitter account for @ messages @Koozai_Sam
  18. 18. No Time toRelax! Keep Growing! @Koozai_Sam
  19. 19. @Koozai_Sam
  20. 20. Don’t keep checking your domain availability @Koozai_Sam
  21. 21. Register all the domain names you like (even if you don’t decide to use them) @Koozai_Sam
  22. 22. Use the IPO website to get a understanding of whichtrademark classes you want to be listed in ( @Koozai_Sam
  23. 23. Give a clear brief to anyone working on the project @Koozai_Sam
  24. 24. Keep the project on a‘need to know basis’ @Koozai_Sam
  25. 25. Monitor mentions of your brandname to keep up with positive and negative press @Koozai_Sam
  26. 26. Use a service like Knowem to register social profiles ( @Koozai_Sam
  27. 27. Put your Page 1 Domination into action NOW @Koozai_Sam
  28. 28. Think about how you want your brand to grow @Koozai_Sam
  29. 29. Samantha Noble @Koozai_Sam /Koozai /Koozai 30
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