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STDC Assignment #4/Wendi Davies


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This is an assignment I did using the Business Canvas Model.

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STDC Assignment #4/Wendi Davies

  1. 1. Can we design our wayCan we design our wayout of Cancer?out of Cancer?Information Technology at the Canadian CancerSociety’s BC & Yukon DivisionCan a new model save an old cause?Assignment #4: Digital Strategy Canvas v1.0 / Wendi Davies
  2. 2. The Canadian CancerThe Canadian CancerSociety is Canada’s largestSociety is Canada’s largestCancer charity.Cancer charity.Mission The Canadian Cancer Society is a nationalcommunity-based organization of volunteers whosemission is the eradication of cancer and theenhancement of the quality of life of people livingwith cancer. Vision Creating a world where no Canadian fears cancer. 
  3. 3. Strategy and FocusStrategy and FocusEnd of LifeSurvivorship &ThrivershipSupportWorkingVolunteeringGivingHealthy LivingOccupational &EnvironmentalCarcinogensTobacco ControlDiagnosis &TreatmentEarly DetectionScreening
  4. 4. This year the CanadianThis year the CanadianCancer Society turns 75.Cancer Society turns 75.Amidst a changing landscape and increasedcompetition will we reach 100?Or, can we achieve our mission so we can retire early,with a Cancer-free Canada?
  5. 5. Like many non-profits,Like many non-profits,we face a number ofwe face a number ofchallenges.challenges.
  6. 6. ChallengesChallenges
  7. 7. Technology has not had an opportunity tomeet these challenges.
  8. 8. If the organization as aIf the organization as awhole is a “customer” of IT,whole is a “customer” of IT,what is the value?what is the value?
  9. 9. What is IT’s current valueWhat is IT’s current valueproposition?proposition?• Business Canvas Model by Alexander Osterwalder &Yves Pigneur. Capturing the current state.• The canvas creates questions and invites inquiry…• Instead of hard revenue, we aim for OrganizationalContribution
  10. 10. VALUEPROPOSITIONCHANNELSRELATIONSHIPS CUSTOMERSKEYPARTNERSKEYRESOURCESKEYACTIVITIESInformation TechnologyReliableTechnologyto enableworkTechnical Support& problem-solvingHardwareSuppliersPersonalAssistanceManagedIT ServicesRecruiters andConsultantsSoftwareCompaniesNational ITSoftwareinstallation &updatesTimely,effectivehelpLow costsupport forall staffTechnicalguidanceandtranslationPer-incidentbasisDefined termProjectsProjectExecutionCapitalInfrastructure IT is 2.5- 3% ofRevenueGeneralInternalStaffManagers &DirectorsVolunteersHelpdesk ticketingsystemEmail & IntranetannouncementsTelephone and in-person visitsDonors tothe SocietyBoardMembers &PartnersInfrastructure Platforms &SoftwareStaff, Volunteers,PartnersCapital andoperational fundsTacit knowledgeRiskManagement &InformationSecuritySoftware-as-a-ServiceOutsourced &Managed ServicesProjectCosts Some IT projectsenable MissionIT is Efficiencyfocussed
  11. 11. IT’s current valueIT’s current valuepropositionpropositionInformation technology provides high-touch, costeffective technical support and administrativesystems to a general, mass customer base.
  12. 12. It doesn’t seem likeIt doesn’t seem likeenough.enough.
  13. 13. VALUEPROPOSITIONCHANNELSRELATIONSHIPS CUSTOMERSKEYPARTNERSKEYRESOURCESKEYACTIVITIESInformation Technology: Questions & InquiriesReliableTechnology toenable work –but what more?Technical Support &problem-solving – weare good at this!Hardwarecosts will godown – but dowe need allthis stuff?Personal Assistance –what about self help andcommunity?Managed ITServices willbecome morecompetitivelypricedRecruiters andConsultants wantto work with usSoftwareCompanies willkeep offeringnon-profitdiscountsNational IT willallow us to leador divergeTime for R&D andnew products isscarceTimely, effectivehelp (through ahigh-cost method)Low cost support forall staff, how aboutsolutions for anentire organization?How aboutchangeleadership &innovation?Per-incident basis –can this beautomated?Is Program managementa better model?ConcurrentProjects hard toprioritize andmanageCapitalInfrastructure – $$forklift upgradesIT is 2.3- 3% ofRevenueGeneral staff –stressed,pressured,tryingManagers &Directors – no timeto learn orenvisionVolunteers &Donors– why isn’tthis experiencebetter? CCS isslow to evolveHelpdesk ticketingsystem – where arethe metrics?Email announcements– is there a moreengaging way?How can theexperience be instant& rich?Board Members &Partners – “Is itdone yet?”Technology– can itchange with us?Staff, Volunteers,Partners – how toengage them with thebusiness?Capital andoperational fundsthreatened withdeclining revenuesWhat about DATA?Customer SpecificValue Propositions?Software-as-a-Service; does thisconstrain or enableus?ProjectCostsSome projects enabMission – most keethe lights onWhat aboutDATA?Who is thepriority? Whohelps usinnovate andmeet ourchallenges??Clearer tie to anOrg Canvas!How do we focus onVALUE as well asefficiency?Gartner says 3.5% is average “steadystate” – what about $$ for R&D,innovation or growth?Outsourced Services – these are“administration costs” for a non-profit.Where arestrategicconversations??
  14. 14. What is the SWOT for thisWhat is the SWOT for thismodel?model?• Strengths and Weaknesses for IT today• Opportunities and Threats in the Organizationalcontext
  15. 15. Initial SWOTInitial SWOTInternalFactors(Departmental)ExternalFactors(OrganizationalEnvironmental)STRENGTHSWEAKNESSESOPPORTUNITIESTHREATS• Value Propositionachieved withconservative funds• Partners are diversified• Resources are in place• Channel works forcurrent service delivery• Costs are generally fixed• Customer relationshipsare established• High-touch support ismore costly per incident• Some internal knowledge“lost” to outsourcing• Capital costs amortizationaffects bottom line• Channels lack diversityand customer focus• Overall benefit to theorganization is limited• Commoditization of IT canfurther reduce costs• Co-creating technologysolutions with customerscould increase value• Untapped data potentialexists• Applying new technologiesto ‘old’ challenges• Value Proposition isundervalued vs.expectations• Declining revenues mayfurther limit ITinvestment• Customer needs intensifyor diversify, exceedingresource capability
  16. 16. Maybe a new design isMaybe a new design isneeded?needed?
  17. 17. We can harnessWe can harnesstechnology in the fighttechnology in the fightagainst cancer.against cancer.
  18. 18. Integrating technology more fullyIntegrating technology more fullyinto our mission.into our mission.Creating a world where noCreating a world where noCanadian fears cancer…Canadian fears cancer…Worth the effort.Worth the effort.
  19. 19. SourcesSources• Canadian Cancer Society BC & Yukon Division Strategic Plan 2010-2015 (May 2013 edition)• Ci_Cancer_Report_April_2011.pdfaccessed May 2013• Canadian Cancer Society BC & Yukon Division Financial Report 2006-2012, IT costs as % revenue.• Interviews with Cheryl Swallow, Director Finance and Administration,Canadian Cancer Society BC & Yukon Division• Business Model Canvas and SWOT by Wendi M. Davies, Manager,Information Technology, Canadian Cancer Society BC & YukonDivisionAssignment #4: Digital Strategy Canvas v1.0 / Wendi Davies