Splicecom Maximiser PCS Desktop Platforms


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Splicecom Maximiser PCS Desktop Platforms

  1. 1. PCS Desktop Telephones SpliceComDefining next-generation communication
  2. 2. Business Telephony To Meet Every NeedFrom affordable entry-level phones to IP terminals that unify advancedtelephony and IT applications at the desktop, in SpliceCom’scomprehensive PCS telephony family you’ll find the product that’s theideal match for your specific business requirement - whatever it may be.Introducing PCS 560 & PCS 570GDesigned to complement other market leading and stylish IT equipmenton your desktop, SpliceCom’s PCS 560 & PCS 570G IP Phones combinelooks, intelligence and desirability in equal measure. The world’s slimmestdesktop IP phones provide easy access to the benefits delivered bymaximiser, SpliceCom’s range of innovative and award-winning UnifiedCommunications platforms.Designed to complement other market leading and stylishIT equipment on your desktop...Ultra sleek in styling, SpliceCom’s PCS 560 & PCS 570G IP Phones havebeen designed to look great from any angle – including the back.Utilising a totally sealed enclosure with not a screw in sight, SpliceComhave focused on delivering the same ease-of-use associated withmobile phones to business telephony users. A large full colour graphicsdisplay, nine or eighteen intuitive multi-functional context sensitive keys,and bold instantly recognisable icons combine to deliver the ultimateuser experience. The PCS 570G offers an integrated two-port, desktop1000/100/10 Mbps LAN switch with Quality of Service (QoS) allowing itto be run in serial with Gigabit Ethernet PCS, so negating the need for adedicated LAN socket.PCS 560 & PCS 570G, The Perfect IP Phones For…...just about everyone and for every role. SpliceCom’s PCS 560 & PCS 570Gwill save time and improve the performance of any business phone user.The wide range of productivity enhancing applications and servicesavailable through the PCS 560 & PCS 570G are all accessed via nine oreighteen intuitive multi-functional context sensitive keys grouped aroundthe large full colour graphics display. The stylish design of the PCS 560 & 570G looks good in any setting and from any angle
  3. 3. Favourites (Key & Lamp) & Call ParkingDesigned to streamline the everyday tasks associated with making andreceiving telephone calls, SpliceCom’s multi-functional Favourites iconsdeliver Virtual Key System functionality. Each individual Favourites entrydelivers ALL of the following features; Presence /User Availability (BLF) Internal & External Speed Dials (DSS) Line Appearance Ringing Status Call Pick-Up No. of Calls QueuedFavourites allow you to clearly identify calls ringing for Departments andColleagues and pick them up. Should another call be presented, pickingit up causes the first call to be automatically parked. Want to return tothe original call? You can toggle between the two by selecting the parkedcall. Clicking on a particular Favourite icon when it’s in a normal state -signifying that your colleague is available to take your call - causes a callto be automatically generated. And Favourites aren’t just for Groups orindividuals, you can set them up for other telephony tasks like paging,door entry release, panic alarms, etc. You can also choose to have yourFavourites as the default screen on the large PCS 560 or PCS 570G graphicsdisplay when you’re not engaged on calls.PCS 570G allows you to view eighteen Favourites entries at once, whilstnine can be viewed simultaneously on the PCS 560. However, unliketraditional Key Systems – or even other IP Phones - you’re not limited byphysical buttons to the overall number of Departments or colleagues thatcan be displayed. With PCS 560 & PCS 570G there’s actually no limit – justscroll up or down the pages of Favourite entries.MobilitySpliceCom’s Extension Anywhere feature set allows users of the maximiserUnified Communications system to access extended telephony facilitieswherever they may be; in the office, working from home or on the road.PCS 560 & PCS 570G allows those who are predominantly office basedto control where and how they take calls. Hot Desk Login/Out, Diverts,Whereabouts and Personal Telephone Numbers are all accessed andcontrolled directly via the PCS 560 or PCS 570G’s display.Unified DirectoriesThere are three separate system directories hosted by maximiser; Contacts,Users & Departments. These are unified into one for viewing and searchingvia the PCS 560 and PCS 570G graphics display and the alpha-numeric keypad. Most business telephone systems treat the telephone as its mostimportant component. maximiser is different, its been built with the waypeople work in mind and in today’s business most employees can becontacted on multiple numbers; DDI, mobile, home, etc. With ExtensionAnywhere, this is automatically managed for you and your colleagues,who are directly connected to maximiser – calls to your DDI number willfind you wherever you are; on your desktop phone, mobile or at home.For “external” contacts who won’t have this luxury, maximiser allows up tofive telephone numbers to be stored against directory entry, so searchingfor the right number and then making a call, using PCS 560 & PCS 570G,has never been simpler.
  4. 4. Call Waiting Dial Ahead Call History & make knowledgeable improve customer Messages decisions and don’t service and speed know who called when miss important calls contact Unified Directories you were away and save find contact time returning the call numbers quickly Favourites & Call Parkingquick visibility of colleagues’phone status and one touch contactability wherever they are Caller Display don’t answer calls “blind” anymore, increase the value of your customers Message Retrieval Mobility Personal Settings & Playback change your availability easy to change settings to intuitive playback and sharing of to suit the circumstance. make the phone work the voicemail, improving business Always be available if you way you want to work collaboration want to be
  5. 5. Call History & MessagesPCS 560 & PCS 570 gives you a comprehensive and complete history ofyour telephony activities. Inbound and outbound calls, completed or un-answered, new and previously read voicemails and SMS messages; all aredisplayed on a single page where they can be clearly identified by the useof easy-to-identify icons. Missed a call from an important customer andwant to get back to them? Just press the key alongside the Missed Callentry icon.Message Retrieval & PlaybackThe large, clear, full colour graphics display of the PCS 560 & PCS 570Galso helps with the retrieval and playback of voicemail messages. You canclearly see the number and name (if its known by maximiser) of the personwho’s left you a voicemail. Choosing to playback the voicemail causesthe context sensitive icons to change, allowing you to skip forwards orbackwards – or to send the voicemail message as an email attachment. Ifyou want to call the person who left the voicemail back, you have instantaccess to all their associated telephone numbers – DDI, mobile, home,etc. – not just the number they called you on. In fact the maximiser,PCS 560 & PCS 570G combination is so flexible that you can choose tocall someone and then initiate voicemail playback over the phone whilstyou’re still talking to them.Call Recordingmaximiser provides integral Call Recording facilities. In addition toautomatic recording of calls to specific Groups and/or individuals, thereis also the ability to manually instigate personal call recording via the PCS560 & PCS 570G’s display. Any call recording made in this way can then beeither deposited in the User’s Personal Call History Log, or alternativelyrouted to a centralised Call Recording file. Call Recording has never beenmore cost-effective to implement, or simple to use.Personal SettingsIn addition to providing full Mobility control, Personal Settings, allows youto work effectively and efficiently through the ability to customise your PCS560 or PCS 570G to meet your exact needs. Logging in and out of multiplegroups, enabling & disabling Do Not Disturb and adding telephonenumbers to your exception list, setting up your personal Favouites andphone numbers, controlling your Extension Anywhere diverts and Out ofOffice greetings; all are controlled through Personal Settings.
  6. 6. Caller DisplayAllows you to see who’s calling before you answer the phone. The CallerDisplay on the PCS 560 and PCS 570G shows you; the name of the caller(if recognised by the system), the caller’s number and whom the callis for. The latter could be your name, the name of the colleague whohas diverted their calls to you or a Department name. Once the call isanswered the Caller Display will also show the duration of the call.Call WaitingThis facility allows you to screen a second incoming call whilst handlinganother call.When a second call is received an intermittent beep will be heard in theearpiece of the handset - or the speaker if handsfree operation is beingused – whilst a call waiting message will appear on the display, showingthe name of the caller (if recognised by the system) and the caller’snumber. You can then make an informed decision on whether to take thenew call, or alternatively, to send it to your voicemail.Dial AheadThe Dial Ahead feature allows you to see a colleague’s availability beforemaking a call. By entering their extension number on the PCS 560 or PCS570G keypad before lifting the handset or pressing the Speaker buttonyou can see if they’re Available, Busy or have Do Not Disturb set. You canthen choose to complete the call, leave a voicemail message, choose tocall them on another of their listed numbers – such as their mobile orhome number or simply hang-up.Default ScreenBy default your PCS 570 or PCS 570G will display SpliceCom’s “cool wave”home page, or alternatively, your own company’s logo. However, you canalso choose to display Favourites, the Unified Directory, your Call History& Messages or the Caller Display screens whenever you’re not using yourphone. For example, if you regularly need to find a telephone numberquickly and prefer not to press the Contacts button each time, or youwish to constantly monitor voicemail messages without having to pressthe Messages button.
  7. 7. PCS 580G Touch Screen IP PhoneFor those seeking the real benefits that can be gained fromthe convergence of voice, video, IP TV and web IT enabledapplications, SpliceCom has designed a true 21st Centurybusiness telephony solution - the PCS 580G. Offering theintuitive use and operation expected from today’s mobilephones, the PCS 580G has been developed with today’sbusiness requirements in mind. Built around a large, fullcolour, touch screen, graphics display, the built-in webbrowser of the PCS 580G allows relevant informationfrom your core business applications to be “pushed” to thedesktop in a timely and controlled manner.The unique PCS 580G provides touch screen access todedicated, easy to use, icon driven, telephone systemfeatures and much, much more including; Web, Intranet, IPTV, IP Video/Web Cam and web-enabled content delivery.In common with the PCS 570G, the PCS 580G offers anintegrated, two-port, desktop 1000/100/10 Mbps LANswitch with Quality of Service (QoS) allowing it to be run ‘inserial’ with Gigabit Ethernet PCs, so negating the need fora dedicated LAN socket. Unified Directory – find contact numbers quickly Favourites & Call Parking – quick visibility of colleagues’ phone status and one touch Dial Pad – make telephone calls contactability wherever they are Web Browser – pushes content from Call History & Messages – know whothe world wide web, company intranet, called when you were away and save IP TV, IP Video/Web Cams or any web time returning the call enabled application to the desktop Personal Settings – easy to change settings to make the phone work the way you want to work
  8. 8. SpliceCom IP 530 Entry Level IP PhoneSpliceCom’s entry-level IP 530 is a cost-effective desktop phone,specifically designed to work with maximiser to address everydaybusiness telephony needs. The IP 530 is simple to use, providingfixed feature keys that offer one-touch access to handsfree operation,mute, redial, transfer, conference, and voicemail features. In addition,call history, personal phone directory, do-not-disturb status andphone settings can all be viewed and controlled via four context-sensitive “soft” keys, which are used in conjunction with the back-litgraphics display.In common with all SpliceCom 5 Series phones, the IP 530 supportsinline power, which allows the phone to be powered over the LAN.This capability allows network administrators to centralise powercontrol and reduce the overall power budget for the telephonesystem.The IP 530s blend of feature convenience and ease-of-use make itthe ideal choice for those who want to carry out everyday businesstelephony tasks, but don’t need the extended capabilities offered bySpliceCom’s advanced PCS 580G/570G/560 IP Phones. For those justwanting to make and receive phone calls, see who’s calling them,transfer calls, manage their voicemail and set up the occasionalthree-party conference, SpliceCom’s IP 530 is the obvious choice.For those wanting just a little bit more from their phone, the IP 530 canalso be used in conjunction with SpliceCom’s browser based, VisionMobility portal to access even more maximiser system features. Savetime by looking up and automatically dialing telephone numbersof contacts, colleagues and departments via the unified maximisersystem database. See at a glance if colleagues are available to takeyour call before you ring them. Visually manage your missed calls andvoicemails. Set up where and how you want to take your personaland Departmental calls when you’re away from your desk, or out ofthe office and change your “out of office” message so colleaguescan immediately see where you are. The combination of SpliceCom’sIP 530 IP Phone and the web-based Vision Mobility portal deliversfreedom, flexibility and control to the modern workforce.Whether it’s used on its own, or deployed in conjunction with theVision Mobility portal, SpliceCom’s IP 530 is the entry-level IP phonethat simplifies everyday business telephony.
  9. 9. PCS 60 Phone Partner & IP SoftphoneSupplied as standard for every maximiser user, the PCS60 Phone Partner application for Windows and Mac OS Xcomputers can be used in conjunction with any SpliceComPCS phone or existing 3rd party analogue handset to deliverALL of the benefits associated with SpliceCom’s top of therange IP Phones. Calls can be dialed as normal from thephone’s keypad, or alternatively via your computer.Floating Caller Display text shows you who’s calling, withoutinterrupting any PC based application or task you’re workingon. You can also choose if PCS 60 will “pop” on incomingcall or when you answer the call, making it conform withthe way you want to work.Access to presence/speed dials/busy lamp field, systemdirectories, messaging, visual call pick-up and call progressare all provided through PCS 60. Even the “push” of webenabled information to the user desktop from the worldwide web, company Intranet, IP Video Servers and Web Camsand other web-enabled applications is easily achieved.With the appropriate Licence, PCS 60’s flexibility allows itto be used as an IP Softphone or Operators Console. Andthere’s a Phone Partner for Linux PCs too – PCS 50.
  10. 10. PCS 60 Operators ConsoleSpliceCom’s PCS 60 Operators Console has been specifically designed toelevate business productivity and enhance the overall company image atthe main point of customer contact by delivering an improved operatorservice. By utilising the standard PCS 60 application and expandingits capability through the addition of the Operators Console Licence,SpliceCom’s PCS 60 Operators Console has been specifically developedto partner any PCS phone, or existing analogue phones.The PCS 60 Operators Console can be deployed in single screen or dualscreen modes, runs under the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS Xoperating system and can be alternatively used with a USB/Bluetooth,handset/headset as an IP Softphone. The PCS 60 Operators Console canalso be deployed with a touch-screen monitor to deliver direct operatorcontrol.Vision MobilityIdeal for today’s mobile working practices, Vision Mobility is specificallyaimed at business users who want to use their notebook/laptop PCs togive them more freedom and greater flexibility and control over the waythey handle their telephone calls - both in and out of the office.Although similar to the PCS 60 Phone Partner, Vision Mobility is accessedthrough a standard web browser. This means that Vision Mobility doesn’trequire a PC application to be loaded on to each computer. Being web-based there’s also no requirement for complex routing or Virtual PrivateNetworks (VPNs), so it’s easy to set up, use and maintain, making it ex-tremely “IT Department Friendly”.Vision Mobility works in partnership with any maximiser PCS or IP 530desktop phone in the office, and GSM/3G mobile phones or home tele-phones away from it. Providing telephony information and control via astandard web browser, Caller Display, look-up and dial by Directory, Favou-rites - which combines Presence/Busy Lamp Field, Personal Speed Dials/Direct Station Select & Line Ringing facilities – and Mobility Control areall provided.
  11. 11. PCS 520 Display PhoneSpliceCom have developed PCS 520 to deliver cost effective displayphone functionality for those looking for a hard working businesstelephone, but who don’t need the extended functionality deliveredby PCS 560, PCS 570G and PCS 580G.Extremely easy to use thanks to its clear display, internal directoryand ten pre- programmed keys for the most commonly used businesstelephony functions, the PCS 520 also supports desktop paging andintercom. A dual purpose LED indicator identifies when the PCS520 is in Do Not Disturb mode or when a new voicemail has beenreceived, whilst integrated navigation keys assist with voicemailplayback and management. The PCS 520’s three-line display showsthe caller’s number & name (if known) along with status informationfor Message Waiting, Do Not Disturb & Paging.The stylish design of the PCS 520, combined with its reliability andversatility, make it the ideal choice for those companies lookingfor a cost-effective business phone to complement the enhancedfeatures and facilities delivered by SpliceCom’s range of IP phones.Offering hands free desktop operation and an integral headsetport, the PCS 520 is the answer to the large number of companieswho require an attractively priced well-featured business telephone.Unusually for a display/handsfree phone the PCS 520 is entirelyline powered.PCS 505 Entry-Level PhoneSpliceCom’s PCS 505 meets entry-level business telephony needsby providing the optimum balance between quality, features andprice. The smart yet rugged design means that the PCS 505 notonly looks good, but also stays that way, even in tough workingenvironments.Integrated maximiser voicemail management keys, system featureaccess guide, combined Message Waiting/Visual Call indicator andfour dedicated feature keys all help to make SpliceCom’s PCS 505simple to use. Like the PCS 520 Display Phone, the PCS 505 DesktopPhone is designed to be directly connected to SpliceCom’s 5100 &5108 Call Servers and 5315 & 5330 Phone Modules over structuredcabling systems or existing telephony wiring. In addition to oftenbeing deployed as a wall-mounted phone, the PCS 505 is perfectfor those who want a simple cost effective desktop phone to usewith maximiser.About SpliceComSpliceCom are the only British company to design, develop and manufacture Unified Communications systems, delivering tangiblebusinesses benefits for all types of company, irrespective of size. Founded by an experienced management team who provided the drivingforce behind the two most successful UK voice and data convergence companies of the 1990s, our maximiser product family combines thedelivery of voice, video, IP TV and web enabled IT applications at the desktop within a single, scalable system. Since maximiser’s launchin 2003 we’ve focused our resources on continuously enhancing our Pure IP Telephone system to meet our customers’ needs. This hasallowed us to grow our marketshare of Pure IP PBXs in the UK to an impressive 16%, according to respected industry analysts MZA.SpliceCom cares about our planet. maximiser based Unified Communications solutions help companies to reduce their carbon footprintby enabling daily communications, conferencing and collaboration without the need for travel. All SpliceCom products comply with thedirective for the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) and the regulationsfor the disposal and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
  12. 12. PCS 580G PCS 570G PCS 560 IP 530 PCS 520 PCS 505 PCS 60Device Type IP Phone IP Phone IP Phone IP Phone Analogue Phone Analogue Phone IP SoftphoneUnified maximiser System Directory Contact Directory User Directory & Busy State Departmental DirectoryPersonal Speed Dials/DSSFavourites/BLF/PresenceCaller Display Calling Name/Number Called NameMobility Control Extension Anywhere Divert Via Voicemail Find Me/Follow Me Via Voicemail Out of Office MessagesHot Desk SupportEnd Point RecordingTrunk Side RecordingDial Ahead3-Way Conferencing Via Dial Plan Via Dial PlanVisual Call PickupCall History & Messaging ListLast Number RedialPagingIntercomWorks with PCS 60 Phone PartnerWorks with Vision MobilityOptional Operator Feature SetMessage Waiting IndicatorDo Not Disturb IndicationGraphics Display Colour Touch Screen Colour Colour Monochrome Monochrome PC DependentFeature Keys Unlimited 18 Context Sensitive 9 Context Sensitive 4 Context Sensitive 10 Fixed Context Controlled IconsCall Park ButtonsHeadset Connector PC DependentWall Mountable Bracket Required Integral Feature Available when used in conjunction with PCS 60 Phone Partner Available when used in conjunction with Vision Mobility Available when used in conjunction with PCS 60 or Vision Mobility SpliceCom Defining next-generation communication The Hall Farm Business Centre, Berry Lane, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire WD3 5EX Tel: 01923 287700 Fax: 01923 287722 Email: info@splicecom.com Website: www.splicecom.com