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The student's future of journalism


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The premise behind this little presentation was

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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The student's future of journalism

  1. 1. Kenny Smith @kennysmith
  2. 2. Ray Kurzweil Janet Murray Michael Rogers Gerd Leonhard Cynthia Wagner Edward Cornish
  3. 3. Economics Technological availability Research & Development Motility Personal Mobile Smaller Bigger again Semi-communal In the home Small group environs
  4. 4. Motility Immersion Today : Multimedia Multiple formats Multiple delivery vectors
  5. 5. Mobile consumption + Digital goods ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE growth story
  6. 11. Futurama
  7. 16. Content is: Service Experience Product
  8. 17. Technology changes storytelling
  9. 18. Kenny Smith @kennysmith