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Mosaics & Mimosas


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Mosaics & Mimosas

  1. 1. “MOSAICS & MIMOSAS” Justin Kane, Lumary Velazquez, Ellen Schiffer, Laura Savage, Katlyn Lynch & Brett Comer
  2. 2. BACKGROUND: ULTIMATE MOSAIC  UltimateMosaic was founded by Wilson Lopez and his wife, Lili Desirèe Gequelin in 2012.  Through Lili’s father, Lopez started working for his tile and flooring company where he discovered his passion for mosaics.  Lopez took home leftover tiles from the flooring company and his talent for design and artwork led him to start his own gallery.  UltimateMosaic has been gaining recognition throughout the local and national community.
  3. 3. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS  One of the company’s major weaknesses is its visibilityto the community.  With UltimateMosaic being the only art business that solely focuses on mosaics in SWFL, there is room for expansion in that market.  The goal for UltimateMosaic would be to have mosaics as a primary form of artwork within the SWFL affluent community.  Just as other businesses have competitors,one main threat to UltimateMosaic would be that of other artists in SWFL.
  5. 5. RESEARCH
  6. 6. AUDIENCE  Partner with affluent homeowners residing in Lee and Collier counties with household earnings of 150k+  SWFL interior design center firms: Design West, Freestyle Interiors, Wegman Design Group, K2 Design Group, Beasley & Henley Interior Design, Wright Interior Group, Design of Naples, LittlePalm Design Group, Kahn Design Group and Kira Krumm International Design  General (local) public
  7. 7. KEY MESSAGES: “MOSAICS & MIMOSAS” Ultimate Mosaic exclusively invites prosperous Lee and Collier county homeowners, Southwest Florida interior designers/design firms, as well as the general public, to celebrate the unveiling of Ultimate Mosaic’s Ruby-Throated hummingbird and hibiscus flower at the realty office adjacent to the Sanibel Chamber of Commerce building.
  8. 8. GOALS  Increase public awareness for Ultimate Mosaic  Establish Ultimate Mosaic in local search / social media  High audience attendance for “Mimosas & Mosaics” unveiling event
  9. 9. OBJECTIVES  By April 2016, connect with the top ten SWFL interior design firms to establish a relationship and networking opportunitieswithin the community.  Increase our client’s studio/gallery traffic by 20% from the previous year.  By April 2016, increase targeted traffic visitors on UltimateMosaic’s website and social media sites by 30%. This objectiveis specifically targeted to Ultimate Mosaic’s target audiences - to increase the amount online visitors who are truly interestedin learning more and/or purchasing a mosaic.  Attendance at the “Mimosas & Mosaics” unveiling event to reach at least 3,620; 10% of affluent homeowners in Lee and Collier counties, and at least 30 interior designers; 20% of interior design firms within Southwest Florida.
  10. 10. BIG IDEA  Saturday, May 23, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the realty office adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce building on Sanibel Island, Florida.  (Pre-event) Gain public awareness by distributing flyers about “Mosaics & Mimosas” to Collier and Lee county housing communities where residents fit our target audience- household earnings of 150k+.  Flyers requested to be displayed in the community’s clubhouse, gym, dining rooms, and other large gathering areas.  Examples of housing communities where our target market resides:  Miromar Lakes, Gulf Harbor, Pelican Preserve, Coconut Creek, Port Royal  and Bonita Bay.  “Mosaics & Mimosas” will serve as a community gathering and networking prospect event  Check-in table at the entrance and sign the guest book; a potential mailing/emailing list  Drink tickets (limit 2 per guest at $5 each ticket), food tickets ($5 each) and raffle tickets ($10 each) benefiting the BIG ARTs Scholarship Program located on Sanibel Island  A white tent where a couple of Wilson’s mosaics will be displayed will be located in the center of the event space- “meet and greet”opportunity with client and potential customers  Speech by Sanibel’s mayor, Kevin Ruane and Wilson Lopez  Unveiling  Winner of “Name the Statue” contest  Raffle
  12. 12. STRATEGIES  Partner withaffluent homeowners residing in Lee and Collier counties with household earnings of 150k+ and SWFL interior design firms- Design West, Freestyle Interiors, Wegman Design Group, K2 Design Group, Beasley & Henley Interior Design, Wright Interior Group, Design of Naples, LittlePalm Design Group, Kahn Design Group and Kira Krumm International Design, as well as the general public in order to provide supplementalinformation about UltimateMosaic for their personal use or clientele base.  Build relationships with affluent homeowners and SWFL interior design center firms and promotethe benefits of attending “Mosaics&Mimosas” while bringing top- of-mind awareness to our client.  Stimulate interest and create positive awareness through our target audiences to build our client’s social media channels as well as clientele base.
  15. 15. TACTICS: FLYER
  17. 17. TACTIC: RAFFLE
  19. 19. EVALUATION  Focus groups  Post-event survey  Evaluate social media comments and discussions about the event  Word-of-mouth feedback
  20. 20. BUDGET Cocktail napkins and forks $7.16 Publix Pastries: •Mini Muffin Platter: 84 count (serves 26-30 people) • $27.99 •Mini Scones Platter: 64 count (serves 26-30 people) • $26.99 •Gourmet Cookie Platter: 96 count (serves 44-48 people) • $30.99 •Pastry Bites Platter: 72 count (serves 26-30 people) • $20.99 $106.96 Champagne: 10 bottles of champagne •Purchase from Total Wine: Jaillance Clairette de Die •$11.99 per bottle $119.90 Orange Juice: 15 bottles of orange juice •Purchase from Walmart: Simply Orange Original Pulp Free OJ •$3.98 per bottle $60.90 Fliers: 1000 fliers •Purchase from Staples $369.99 Table Rental: •Rent from Taylor Rental •(6) 30” round high top tables ($60.00) •(2) 6’ long banquet tables ($15.00) $75.00 Chair rental:30 chairs •Rent from Taylor Rental: Classy wooden white chairs $97.50 Canopy Tents: •Rent from Affordable Rentals SWFL •‘10 x ‘10 frame tent •$100 each •3 tents $300.00 Public Relations: Seal Team Six $500.00 Naples Daily News advertisment $168.75 The Banner advertisment $168.75 Disposal of garbage $100.00 Total Cost: $1,773.41
  21. 21. TIMELINE: MARCH 2015
  22. 22. TIMELINE: APRIL 2015
  23. 23. TIMELINE: MAY 2015
  24. 24. THANK YOU!